Tagalog Subbers Needed!

I really need tagalog subbers for these asian dramas
Five Children (2016) - Tagalog Moderator
Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds - Tagalog Moderator.
Scarlet Heart: Goryeo aka Moon Lovers - Tagalog Moderator
Marriage Contract - Tagalog Moderator
Dramaworld (Coming Soon) - Tagalog Moderator

Message me if you want to join. ty :smile: https://www.viki.com/messages/new?username=jamly_29

I thought someone is subbing tagalog for dramaworld? if you are still looking I can help since i’m done with the japanese sub for dramaworld


Are you still needing some help?
I would like to a Tagalog Moderator and I can sub English to Tagalog.

hi, this topic was open four years ago, so I think they might be done…if you haven’t already, you can offer help on other projects over here :grin: