[Taiwanese Drama] "KO One": Recruiting ENG - GER subbers

Hello there my name is Anna,

I became the German moderator of the Taiwanese show “KO One”. KO One - 終極一班 and are now looking for german subtitler who want to be part of the Party Time Team @Viki

The show aired already 26.11.2005 - 15.04.2006. It’s a fantasy / martial arts genre / highschool drama with some romantic love quarrel aspects.


You can find a german info paper here:KO One german information

Please contact me if you want to be part of the Party Time Team @Viki

I’ld prefer a message directly via my profil @spacekitten thanks

Since this show has a sequel of more shows you’re welcome to join the team as a German subtitler on the show KO One 2 “Return” and the show KO One 3 “Re-act” as well as the 4th show that will air in end of 2016 KO One “Re-task”