The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


Chen Jing Ke (24) (Hello Mr Gu)



I have heard good things about Mr. Gu - Did you watch it??


No, but I’m going to start it once I finish Mysterious Love and Tomorrow with you.
It’s the next show I want to watch.
It looks good!!


exCUSE mE… this is the CUTIE POSSE UNIVERSITY and that dress code is OFF LIMITS! :rage:

doesn’t have a very good rating but I might try it


I dropped Mr. Gu halfway through, but it wasn’t because of the cutie ML.


I was wondering but couldn’t quite remember, I thought Cutie U was a shirts on campus.


IT IS! We have to deal with some people bringing in the wrong guys now and then :flushed: One more time and @misswillowinlove’s campus pass will be revoked!


Yes we need somewhere you don’t have to cover your eyes for half (or more) of the thread. And not to objectify the youngins


Bye byeeee!!! I’ll be going on a sightseeing date with Junho, then… @my_happy_place, wanna join?


Of course! Let’s go.


Did I implement a DRESS CODE!?? :crazy_face: Um - I think Sans is a baby bird and he just does whatever he wants! And I think I’m OK with it!!!..




@misswillowinlove thought you guys would get a laugh :smile:


It seems @vivi_1485 and I just did, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I somehow thought since they cuties were being separated it was so we don’t ogle them :slight_smile:
We just ignore you posting SANS he goes back and forth between the Hottie Posse & Cutie U. :rofl:


Ok since I’m the DEAN - I suggest that - Peek-a-boo shirts are permitted in Baby Bird!!!

SANS is my inspiration - :laughing:

The Dean - Chancellor - All Supreme Leader of Baby Bird University :bird:


(ok that GIF is GOOD)





Watch OUT :boom:

New Dress Code Standards to Include - Shirts - Skins while playing basketball will all so be implemented as OK in my book!!! During university pick up games :basketball: :basketball_man:

My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?

Supreme What of What? And now there’s a Baby Bird University? These things are springing up faster than 7Eleven franchises. All y’all can go baby bird watching, but I am going to sit in my lawn chair under a tree, sip tea, and watch the Classic Hotties who have gathered across the street in the parking lot of the convenience store to wash and polish their vintage cars . . .



Yep :arrow_double_up:
It has always been “Cutie” Posse University! :smile:

Although Sans moves back and forth from Hottie Posse!


How old is considered classic? Does Gong Yoo qualify?


Anyone over the age of 27 - bahahahahahaha goes into Hottie Posse!

It’s Sans DAY


Classic Cars - Gong Yoo - Kim Jae Wook and the Like


He’s the among the first to be admitted to the Class of Mature Hotness by Her Highn-- I mean our esteemed Supreme Chancellor @kdrama2020ali. A reminder that the fan crazies and Koreaboos gotta back off and let the proven Hotties have their space.