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He is VERY handsome!!!

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It’s Sports time at Cutie Posse University! Time for some foot volleyball! :joy:


I love the Dreamies soo much, they’re such a chaotic mess.


The Dreamies may be chaotic themselves, but holy cow there were so many jump cuts in the editing of that video that it triggered my motion sickness. I’m down for the count. :confounded::crazy_face::nauseated_face::see_no_evil:




That’s the way most fan edits are edited :sweat_smile: they just cut everything so that only the hilarious parts are highlighted. Lots of fans use these edits to find videos to watch. If we find an interesting clip, we go and watch the whole video. The video I posted is from their variety show “7llin’ in the Dream

In contrast to the fan edit, this one is made to let you get that relaxing feeling of a vacation. The videography and editing is professional :smile:


NCT Johnny
26 years old
I guess we are going to the Fireworks show together! :wink:
Ok - By Me


What a difference a little professional editing makes.

But these days, since everybody has a cellphone and a selfie stick (well, I lost mine four years ago), and access to some kind of video editing suite somewhere online, you would think that clever fans could edit their stuff just a TINY bit better to promote their faves.

I have a friend at church whose two kids (son 16, daughter 12) attend our local school of the arts, and they can both handle all that editing stuff in their sleep. Mom studied photography as an undergrad; dad is a musician.

But I get it. You see a dream, you get distracted, and you start screaming. Thinking logically goes right out the window.

Not that I would ever start screaming mysel–





You are providing me with so much laughter today. I love it!


We Heart It

So HOTTIE posse Collection got a new Wallpaper! Yesterday!


Trying to keep the endorphins up. I dropped a bookcase on my foot a couple of days ago (Ayurvedic herbal salve and a soak in ice water took care of that), and I keep hearing snarky lines from Modern Magazine Home.

Yes, I should have been wearing shoes. And yes, I should have turned on the light in the room where I was working. And yes, I should have checked if there were no cats around to trip on. And yes, I should have cleared extraneous items out first . . .


(Viki screen cap)


Oh no! That sounds painful, but it sounds like there are no lasting effects, so that’s good.


Obvs herbal salve and “chillin” are not for every . . . first aid occasion? But I really am amazed EVERY TIME I use two products: comfrey leaf in olive oil (or in alcohol) and tea tree oil in any form.

I am a pasty-faced, thin-skinned sort who has always taken a long time to heal from cuts and bruises. Like weeks.

But thanks to what I had in my medicine cabinet, I am three days past my bookcase event, and the swelling is down to “normal”, bruising is reduced by half, and I’m going to say that I’ll be substantially healed by Monday of this coming week.

If I had had a big tub of kimchi on hand, who knows? Wrap a boo-boo in kimchi, and hey, presto, I can tap dance like a professional! (Don’t I wish!)


Joseph Zeng 23 years old



Taiwanese? Millennial Chinese? Nice suit and umbrella action!


I believe he is Chinese singer! and Actor




O Dean of Advanced Cuteness, has he been registered for advanced classes? Gotta work fast before other professors try to claim him!


It’s the white shirt/blazer - the white shirt does it everytime! :smile: