The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


He isn’t a Cutie Posse Uni student… I mentioned above that he came as a special guest to give us a lecture on Duality 101 :smile:


I was just wondering if we should include him, mmm he’s cute but I’m not sure


He was just a guest - someone needs to post him in Hottie Posse!

That baby face is 29 - Seriously

I seriously LOVE this!


He looks like he could be Ji Chang Wook’s little brother.


His “lipstick chateau wine red color” will always be iconic

How on earth are the two the same person? :scream:


I love that SONG!

D.O.-zie Lovefest 2021 Continues


I don’t know, but it makes me grumpy when a guy looks better in lipstick than I do. At least MY hair is naturally platinum white while also being incredibly fashion-forward. (Snark, snark.)

(Below is what I am aiming for as autumn approaches. Must protect my neck from New York chills.)


(Emmy Lou Harris, Walmart)


I still haven’t found my right shade of lipstick. I’ve only worn full makeup during festive events, especially school events, and I always hated my pictures :flushed: It kinda bugs me that everyone is able to pull it off all the time.

And wow, I love platinum blonde hair! :heart_eyes:


Lip Gloss - Lip gloss with tint is the best especially when you are young. What coloring are you? I used to do makeup and color analysis for years! PM me and maybe I can help.




A cutie I met when I started ‘Prodigy Healer’ last night. (Or I should say was re-introduced to, because I’ve seen him in something a long time ago but didn’t realize it was the same person)
Le Hong Yi - 23


OHHHH he’s handsome! Very handsome! He reminds me of someone!


Wu Nien Hsuan VIKI

from Love Is Science is who he reminds me of they could be twins


Wow, they are very similar, at least in those photos. Can’t wait to watch Love is Science once it has concluded.


When he washes her hair is worth the price of ADMISSION :haircut_woman:


@vivi_1485 . . .

This concept is about thirty years old. Where I used to work years ago, my boss (a cool lady) gave us half a day off and invited someone to come in and “do” our colors. It was fun and has saved me a lot of time and money over the years.


Although I am a dirty blonde I am actually a Winter! My eyebrows are very dark. I do have red in my hair but the colors that look best on me are jewel tones! It does save a lot of time when you know what you should wear. Not everyone should be out there wearing yellow near their face. It can bring out your freckles. If I wear yellow, I wear it is a cardigan with a white shirt instead so that it is not near my face! Now we know why :purple_heart: is my COLOR!


The dividing line between “types” seems to be having either a warm (yellow) undertone or a cool (blue) undertone. Then those two are divided into strong or delicate colors in hair and eyes and face . . . which are complemented by strong or delicate colors in clothing, makeup, etc.

The key, I have been told is that, when a person is wearing the right colors, the comment from others is, “You look good.” Wearing the wrong colors results in, “Those clothes look good on you.”


Yep - I am very cool. However - Not a Summer as some would think I don’t look good in baby pastel colors AT ALL. And I have blue eyes! I also use color in decorating a lot from the stuff I learned. Fun Stuff. I did makeup for years - I was a clown for a while and did actual clown makeup -

On the VIKI Original you guys can make me the MakeUp Artist and Stylist along with the “Fetch the Hottie” Casting Director


I think there is overlap there that makes sense. It’s all about having an eye for natural beauty.

Though the hair fixation is problematic . . .