The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


Oh gosh! I NEED that!!! :laughing: :rainbow:


He reminds me a bit of Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan, in A Tale of A Thousand

Who reminds me a bit of Ten from NCT

Not that they actually look alike though.


I know you’re posting for the comparison but my attention is totally taken by the guy in the black top photobombing the selfie. :laughing:
He looks like he’s doing that disembodied head floating on his top thing?


I’m going to add these baby birds from 18 Again!
Ryeo Un (23)



Choi Bo Min (21)



foolish Asian drama
Kim Min Jae

Ready for School in the Crisp Cool September Air in Seoul

Segue Cafe - meet up with friends to chat about whatever strikes your fancy

Kim Min Jae’s upcoming drama looks really good.


I thought y’all was showing baby birds, huumm go figure, you"kids" do it to me again, heheheheh, ok ok, I will get some of my fave “birds” on here as well



Baby Birds are our 26 and under - some are hotties - but CUTIE University Sweethearts :bird:


Oh, come on. You know all those Asian people look alike.


Except for those who don’t.

But when they are all so pretty and shiny, and the light is blinding . . .



Astro Baby Birds are Dancing today :bird:

Another of my favorite baby birds - I feel bad I have had such a crush on Cha!!! But I do love Rocky (I like Rocky with his dark hair) (21) and Jin Jin



Jin JIn
Astro! More Later


LOVE that style!


They scare me dancing on roof tops! Do we have insurance??? @stardust2466_546
Oh get their transcripts together - They can pretty much move to Hottie Posse most of them are 27!
hahahahaha! :bird:


They can sign up for parcour classes with no problem, don’t you think?


Maybe as the COACHES and I can keep them around a little longer at the GYM!!! :blush:


Baby Cha, always!!



This is what made me fall in LOVE -

Pastry Chef Cha will be doing classes in the arboretum! Today when he wakes up!!!
I love his sound effects and he loves his momma and daddy!

Cha is a good driver! 4:28 min in to deliver his cake


How can I be out of hearts already when there is so much new to love at Baby Bird University?!


I want to share a new baby bird!!
Evan Lin, from Crush (26), he’s gorgeous!!

Drama Wiki


We heart it



Um Yes Please!!! He is gorgeous! Another pretty boy
Seriously @stardust2466_546

He’s 26 - but didn’t he get all A’s in his extracurricular activities??