The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I saw a preview for that drama and wanted to watch it so bad simply because of him.

OMGosh, I see a dimple. Did you send him to dimple club too?


OOOOH I see it - He needs to go in DIMPLES! :blush:

Where can you watch CRUSH?


Hard work, great results!


I love this song! One of my 1st favorites and I love the choreography! The actual MV is good too.


Noo, I forgot it! But I’ll post it!!


you can watch it at IQIYI.


It’s on iQiyi, but I believe it’s VIP access, which means you have to have a subscription. Sadly, just like here, I’m building up quite a library of things I want to watch for which I need a subscription.


But the VIP access in IQIYI works differently, the thing is that they start giving you access to the episodes slowly than with the subscription.
In this moment, all episodes are free (I don´t have subscription)


Really? I thought it was similar to here where they have shows that can only be accessed with a pass, some that have a few free eps with the rest requiring a pass, and then the all free ones. ‘Crush’ never shows up in the search for free shows, so that’s interesting. I’m happy if it’s free, though. It will be next up on my list, or maybe I’ll drop everything and rush to watch it.

Edit: I just went to iQiyi and started it, and it is currently showing that eps 1-7 are free but 8 and up need VIP access. Does that mean more will be released as free over time?


Exactly, once you started the show, they told you when the new episodes will be released (two per week). That’s how I watched a couple of shows in there.
And for example, at this moment Crush is completely available.


Chen Zhe Yuan (24)

I discovered him in Twelve Legends


But there are quite a lot of shows that started out as Viki Pass dramas and then became free :smile:


For that reason, I have a collection for on-air shows just so I can go back and check if they end up being free, but nowadays almost all of the new Kdramas end up being pass shows after the first couple episodes. Cdramas usually tend to be free content in the end.


hello pop


Mingi ATEEZ :bird:






fine art america

JHottie of the Week

Welcome to Baby Bird U - Jun Shison - from Japan 26




Please welcome Huang Junjie to BBU! 23 yr-old Chinese actor :fire::fire:. He’s got a few years to go before he can move to Hottie Posse. :wink:


A worthy candidate for HU admisison. Your H-radar is in great shape!


@vivi_1485 You were talking about noses in the Hottie Posse I was watching a BL the other day and every time Dun Romchumpa turned I couldn’t help but marvel at his profile

My Drama List

This was the only side profile pic I could find with his shirt on, he is a Baby Bird after all, Dun Romchumpa (23) is on the right, Bas Suradej Pinnirat (22) is on the left



ooh that’s a lovely side profile! :heart_eyes:


Kim Min Jae :bird:
New drama is here @stardust2466_546
He needs a pass so that he can make up his work after filming! :wink: