The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I’m on it!! We will be converting to a new student database and will be shutting down our current database at the end of the workday on October 7th for data migration. Please be sure to have all your recommended students who are advancing into HPU to me prior to that date. We will be going ‘live’ with our new database at 8 am on October 21st. Please excuse me if I am a bit occupied/cranky during that timeframe. :wink::joy:



U have caused a “ruckus!” hahahahahahaha!



They are a little upset that they have to finish their finals!!! hahahahahahahaha! :bird:





amino apps

This is Hungwon from MonstaX he is 27 - but DOESN’T he look like a BABY :bird:
He reminds me a little of Channie from 2pm


Seventeen’s getting ready for a comeback! Official holiday at Cutie Posse U on the 22nd of October :partying_face:

The boys looks so good!


My latest obsession, thanks to ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’.



Even though they debuted 6 years ago, they are all officially still baby birds except for their leader Jay (the red-haired one in the middle)
Left to right: Song - 26; Chan - 23; DK - 24; Jay (Jinhwan) - 27; Bobby (a new daddy) - 25; Ju-Ne - 24

I’m super proud of myself for already having learned all their names and can even recognize them by sight. I love their cool and smooth vibe, both in their songs and their choreography.

There was a seventh member who left the group after getting involved in a drug scandal. Unfortunately he is in most of their videos.


Kingdom introduced me to Rhythm Ta, like every other Kpop fan, I already knew Love Scenario, but there’s something about Rhythm Ta that I LOVE.


Interestingly, that’s probably my least favorite of their famous songs. I like the groovy beat but not really the lyrics.


you’re officially a baby iKonic! :smile:


When EXO were baby birds… this stage is so cute! :heart_eyes:

One more Dr. Sweet Cheeks :joy:




It’s a great song. I also love their debut single.


I’ve been re-watching ‘Run On’ lately, and I realized I needed to put this precious cupcake in the Baby Bird University. The mama bear in me really wants to give his character a hug.

Lee Jung Ha - 23


Reminder: Our student data system goes down tomorrow night (October 7th) at 6 pm central time. It will be down for two weeks for data migration, etc. to our new student data system. Please have all your potential graduates’ names to me prior to that time so I can get them moved over. :wink: We are scheduled to ‘go live’ with the new data system at 8 am central time on October 22nd. Should be a good time! If I seem a little cranky for the next two weeks, my apologies. :slight_smile:


You know I wanna move over Sannie and Kai and Kwak Dong Yeon and and and…but they are still baby birds :bird: They can float…I need to check out my Almost 27 guys!!! :blush:



We’re playing kickball at the Cutie Posse Uni today! :soccer:
I had so much fun watching the game that I didn’t realize it was a little over an hour long! And the twist they gave the classic game was hilarious!


I’ve been watching Intense Love the last few days and the ML is just too cute, let’s see how many of your alls likes I can fit in. lol
Ding Yu X (26)
Twitter (glasses)
image (uniform? Dr.)

Tumblr (historical?)
Pintrest (watch, sorry no white shirt with it, but at least it’s in profile)


I really love him as Han Shuo in The Romance of tiger and rose

China Entertainment

He really fits as a writer in Moonlight

C-Drama love

k-drama diary



OOPPS baby bird :bird:


First saw him in ‘The Romance of Tiger and Rose’ and became an instant fan.