The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


What’s funny is that, until she was like eight, my daughter consistently mixed up horses and cows. So apparently she comes by it honest. :cow2::racehorse:


I was wondering where you were… I even searched under all the beds and inside all the closets in the Hottie Posse Penthouse and you were nowhere to be found!

Hope you’re able to get all your Viki powers back soon!!


aww Seungkwannie…
another baby bird who tried his hardest not to be a baby bird or Seungkwan’s favorite(but he likes it underneath lol)


Our ATEEZ babies looking WAY too tasty for their age … :yum:

(Yes, there are two of YeoSang … I couldn’t choose between the color and the B/W and really does anyone blame me for that? :hot_face: )


My BOYS!!! By BABIES who don’t look like BABIES and were so cute on POSHMARK LIVE!


I feel like all I do lately is drool over ATEEZ pictures but how can you not when they do things like THIS


That is so incredibly SEXY - Sannie’s eyes and WooYoungie’s mouth! I die


Now that he is older he looks more manly but in Dr. Romantic he is such a cutie!!


I don’t know how I’ve never seen this but I am in LOVE with this cover.

ATEEZ HongJoong covering Linkin Park’s “Numb”


that is so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - My brother worked for Linkin Park - so sad that the lead singer took his own life - so hard - you never know what is going on in people’s lives.


Korean Mag

Amino Apps

**Zihao **
Boy Story




oh my goodness and he has DIMPLES! ON BOTH CHEEKS! IN DIFFERENT PLACES! AND THE CUTEST SMILE! AND GLASSES! And he’s funny and no-nonsense and a smartass… ITS LIKE THE WRITERS PICKED MY IDEAL MAN FROM MY HEAD AND MADE HIM REALITY(well, not really reality, but kdramaland reality… you get it lol)

This is the shallowest of loves because I haven’t seen him for more than ten minutes, but I am head over heels in loooooove


I was thinking the same thing, OMG!!!
What’s the name of the show?


I knew it was worth the wait! Its the first episode of A Business Proposal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: We’re watch partying it on Sunday but I just wanted to “feel” the drama first before committing to watching it because of all my recent disappointments. I’m happy to report that it is a romcom COMPLETELY on kdrama crack, filled with everything that makes it an outrageous, quirky piece of fluff. The main characters are so WONDERFULLY cliche, I hope they keep being this adorable because this is exactly what I hoped for. The ML is cold and narcissistic, the FL is crazy and clumsy, the second main lead(not a love triangle thank goodness) is the most ideal guy I have ever laid my eyes on(the same guy I posted above :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: sorry, previous instant-crush Miles Wei, but you really cant expect me to wait indefinitely for you, can you? Come get me quick or i am LEAVING with this guy :heart_eyes::crazy_face:) and the second female lead is the successful, quirky but sweet CEO who won’t let go once she decides she likes someone.

Hopefully, this will be a worthy successor of the other classics like Suspicious Partner and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim! Fighting!


OMG! I think that I’m going to love it! :heart_eyes:


He’s cute and has some of the deepest dimples in dramaland. However, he is not a baby bird. He is 27.


I know… i was going to put him in the Hottie Posse but those pictures just do not belong there :sweat_smile: Honorary member of the Cutie Posse, whatever his age lol


works for me. :blush:


the Hottie Posse has honorary members so why not the Cutie Posse. lol. You could also make him a guest lecturer. :slight_smile:


How can he be a baby bird?