The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


Kim Dong Hee





Um - Um - He’s very Pretty!
Age 22
Kamio Fuju


Chani (21)


Ok, you already posted a lot, but here is my contribution for today hehe



Han Cinema

Han Cinema
Mun Sang Min


Park Tae In

Mermaid Prince

20 years old


For real, I cannot believe the endless supply of attractive people these ‘hottie factories’ pump out. Look at all these baby birds.


I am currently being mesmerized by this ‘cutie’ in the Filipino version of ‘My Love From the Star’. It feels a bit weird calling him a cutie because he oozes sex appeal sometimes, but that’s also weird because he was only about 21 or 22 when he filmed this. I don’t usually find long hair on guys attractive at all, but he is working it hard in this drama.


Ok you are going to shoot me but he looks like Jacob from Twilight - His hair is gorgeous though


He totally does, but I’m okay with that. I was team Jacob, for what little I was an actual Twilight fan, haha.


I actually went “HEYY THAT’S JAACOB!!!” I’m sorry, @my_happy_place, I was Team Edward and didn’t really like Jacob at alllll :sweat_smile: I was also creeped out over his ending with Renesmee.
Long hair will always remind me of him!


I’m okay with that too. To each their own. I never actually finished the series, either in book form or movie form, so I really don’t even know what happens. :woman_shrugging: Jacob just fits my physical ‘type’ much better than Edward.


ohhh in that way…

I remember how crazy we used to be over Twilight :see_no_evil: I hated the movies, though. I liked imagining the characters exactly how I liked them and hated how they were portrayed in the movies. Bella and Edward were wayyyyyyyy too old for the roles. Bella was a complete doormat of a character in the movies. She was better in the book.

Just in case you want to know… Edward marries Bella, Bella gives birth to a half-human, half-vampire (I hated this whole part), baby girl Renesmee is born and Bella becomes a vampire. Jacob imprints on BABY Renesmee and the book ends with him taking care of her like a brother and later will marry her when she grows up :flushed:


I have had to avoid some book adaptations for that exact reason - when the person cast does not fit your ‘imaginary’ image of the character. It’s so disappointing when that happens.

Well that was unexpected!


I was TEAM Edward to just so everyone knows! And I LOVED the books!

& DOOM of course


I know!! Till date, only The Hunger Games fit perfectly to the books.


I didn’t know that there are a Filipino version of “My love from the star” Wow


I was team Edward too


I don’t think anyone’s added the Thai actor God Itthipat Thanit (Seriously, that’s his nickname) so I will, He’s 26 so I’m adding him here.



Oh my that 2nd photo! What a cutie - He can graduate to Hottie Posse soon! When is his birthday! bahahahaha! :birthday: