The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


He was already added above, but additional pictures are never a bad thing.


Oh, probably I forgot it! :see_no_evil:


It’s okay. It’s easy to lose track when our baby bird university is so full. :smile:


I vote that he get a full scholarship.



He’s too sweet to be hot. But it’s the quiet ones that surprise people. Still waters run deep, as the saying goes!


He surprised me! I posted this before I watched Episode 2 :see_no_evil: He’s training to be a police officer, and they make them do really rigorous exercises… there as one scene where he jogs at midnight with a sleeveless shirt… and we got to see just how fit he was :sweat_smile: I take back “just too cute to be hot” now! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Oh reeeaaalllllyyyy?!? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


OH - Is this a shirtless scene - what am I missing - who did I miss - I missed something. hahahahaha


No, no, it’s my cutie posse university level of shirtless— a guy in a SLEEVELESS shirt :joy:


I had this experience with Im Si Wan when I watched ‘Run On’. He plays a national track athlete, so you can tell he’s in shape, but then he has an after-shower scene in the locker room. Oh My!!!


Welcome to Lin Yi to the baby bird factor!!
He’s really cute!


Ha HyunSang: Singer/songwriter. Has written and/or sang numerous OSTs for numerous different dramas, among other musical accomplishments. He’s 22.


Love his hair. If my ears were not so big (I definitely have “Buddha ears”), I would wear my hair that short.


I’ve wanted to try my hair that short, but I’ve never been brave enough.


Our Cutie Posse U member Bae In Hyuk is in my letter X drama. XX It’s a slow moving drama about love & betrayal & alcohol, can’t forget the alcohol, XX is the name of the bar where the FL works. Sometimes I really like these slow dramas. :heart:


I’m used to have really long hair so I’m not brave enough to try it.


Baby Birds Dancing






So I find him VERY Handsome - Not just Baby Bird Cute!!!



Kenya BTS

He is just “HOW OLD”??? 23 little BTS Baby Bird

That White Shirt is the Bomb with the big Cuffs!