The Drama Bingo! 🎱

I love this idea!


Credits to the people who did it.

Out of 24, I think I have light symptoms with 15! :grin:

:no_entry_sign: what dramas didn’t make me do:
I don’t have high expectations in love
No drinking more soju
No craving for kimchi
Not following actors on Insta

Does anyone know what SAT posts are? The exam?

Share your own bingo! You can circle in the first pic or use this (free Bingo Instagram Story):


I got 20/24 oops



uh… Double bingo!:rofl: I couldn’t get full bingo because…

I am not sure what,
“Uses Viki/Kiss Asian to watch” means.
Does SAT posts mean the Saturday neilsen ratings?
Have not started a skincare routine. lol
I don’t CRAVE Kimchi but I do have some instant Kimchee ramen. :grin:
What does Downloaded the “OST” mean?
and NO, I do not have high expectations about love after watching K-dramas! I Mean, guys treating me like crap and then giving me Dead fish kisses are SOOOOooooo NOT appealing! I would not like my hubby to kiss me like that. :laughing: (Though I did tease my hubby one time by singing, “Roll, roll, roll in the hay” (Young Frankenstein reference) He cracked up. :grin: (It almost killed the mood. )
and no. I have not followed the actors on instagram. I don’t have instagram. Instead I follow them on YouTube. :rofl:

So I can’t win a full page at bingo here. :rofl:


It’s using Viki website or Kiss Asian website to watch dramas :grinning:

OST = original soundtracks
Songs in the drama :musical_note:

We got the same score! :sunglasses:
Lol you’re too funny :laughing:


Yea, I got some some OST from Kanghchi. :sunglasses: Some of the scenes in that show were so beautiful. and I liked Choi Jin Hyuk as the dad gumiho.



It’s hard to draw on screen, lol.



  • I don’t have high expectations about love from Kdramas - they are often more dysfunctional than what I would want from an actual relationship.

  • I didn’t start a 10-step, but a 5 / 6 step skincare routine, unrelated to Kdramas haha

  • I do drink soju because I’ve seen it in Korean dramas, and I still drink it from time to time, but I don’t know if it counts (I drink it maybe once or twice a year? Especially when there is a new flavor I haven’t tried yet, but honestly, I prefer makgeolli).

  • I have subscribed to a few YT channels instead :laughing:

  • I’m also not sure what the last one means.


I first tried it out of interest in Korea in general, not particularly because of its dramas. And I can’t say I drink it regularly, cause it’s not even available in my town. In the closest bigger city there is an Asian supermarket who used to have it, until they didn’t anymore and from then on the Asian restaurant in the same city (not the only Asian restaurant, but most others don’t have Korean food) was the only place to occasionally drink soju … for 12,50 euros per bottle! And right now even that is not an option.
I like makgeolli too. At least the Asian supermarket still had that (last time I was there anyway).


Oh that sucks. I’m lucky that I have a Korean grocery in the city or that I can order it online. 12,50 is too expensive, especially considering it only costs 4.50 / 5.50 euros the last time I checked (makgeolli has become scarce though):cry: I have the same thing with sake ~ I’ve learned how to taste the different rankings of sake at a tasting workshop from an Japanese brewery and I know what it costs to buy it here. But when I see the prices at certain restaurants, and it’s not even the good sake, I refuse to buy it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’d rather buy it from the retailer itself, but then the higher quality ones :rofl:


@ mirjam_465 There’s no Bingo there! If you pick a kdrama lockscreen then you’d have it! :rofl:


makgeolli is a rice wine like sake? hmmmm I don’t drink at all. can’t stand the taste of most hooch, but I DO like sake. (cactus juice [tequila] and sake likes me a bit too much and will put me under the table fast so I have to tip toe around the stuff and say NO Thank you… ) :rofl:


Oops!!! :rofl:

Sort of yes. Makgeolli usually has a low alcohol percentage (the one is used to buy had 6%). It’s also claimed to be healthy, zie Wiki:
But of course the exported version gets pasteurized, which kills the microorganisms.


Like @mirjam_465 said, it is a rice wine, but the taste is different than sake. It’s also not clear like sake, but has a creamy consistency. The taste is definitely different than sake, and has this slight sourness to it. It’s the perfect combo with ‘jeon’ - Korean rösti’s or pancakes.

So I’m not sure if you’ll like it :sweat_smile:



Haha, first time I had it I didn’t shake it so it was clear until I got to the white sludge at the bottom.

Personally I would argue that sake is more like beer (though tastier) and makgeolli more like wine.

I used to eat kimchi jeon as “banchan” at that restaurant I talked about earlier, but they don’t serve makgeolli, so I drank either soju or sake with it.

I suspect she’ll like it. :wink:


Don’t you mean the opposite? :laughing: makgeolli is fizzy, although less than beer.

At the workshop I heard the phrase that sake was like wine and should actually be evaluated as if you were evaluating wine, because of the different layers of flavor.

I forget what it’s called, but if you only drink the clear part of the makgeolli (because the sludge has been filtered out) it has a different name. They sell it like that as well, although, not here.


I’m now trying to remember whether my makgeolli was fizzy … God, it’s way too long ago, hahaha! But I do think it tasted like wine. More or less.

Must have been such a cool workshop!

I think I would prefer it with the sludge. :slight_smile:

Apparently they even make it at home:


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: That’s one LIVELY hooch! Made a MESS outta his kitchen! :hugs: :rofl:

That’s a really interesting process. Makes me wonder how the first moonshiners figured out how to make it.

Excellent tutorial! 감사합니다!


Yeah, I tried to make the nuruk (the “starter”) at home, since I can’t buy it anywhere here. But till now I have failed :cry: Ah, humid house.

I was saving up for some fermentation equipment, so I could have a more controlled environment to do my fermentation experiments in, but had to use that money when multiple appliances broke :sweat_smile:.

Time to save up and try again.


Where are you? If your place is too humid, could you try in a less humid season?
OH! OH! OH! Put the hootch in a small room with a dehumidifier!


I haven’t even gotten to the part of making the makgeolli :rofl:

The nuruk is the dried starter that you pour into your rice mix and let pre-ferment before you start making the actual makgeolli. It’s a culture of different bacteria that gets attracted to a “ball” of either broken wheat or rice made with very little moisture. You can make this starter from scratch, but depending on your climate / location / etc., you might not attract the right type of bacteria, which is happening in my house.

I’ve already tried different methods and different times of the year and I know from experience that it’s difficult to make ferments in my house if I don’t use a starter, which is why I prefer to buy them if they are available :wink: It’s okay though. If I ever find the starter or get the right equipment, I can start those projects again. No hurry and plenty of other things to try making from scratch :smile: