The English language lacks


idk exactly about the different Korean dialects, but when I hear them, I think “This is not the Korean I know?” specially in DOTS(North Korean) and Oh My Venus(the school days flashbacks they spoke a different dialect i THINK)



@vivi_1485 I don’t pick up on it often but there are times when I can tell something was different in the way they speak. Like one of the characters in “Witch’s Romance” - one of the (male) office workers. Also on “Kill me, Heal me” one of the personalities.In “Fated to love you” I noticed the female lead “switch dialects” or was it accents?

@mirjam_465 - I have yet to learn the Korean alphabet but I thought I heard them saying what sounded like “ka” which I think means “go”? Either way, it’s fascinating. When I think of Busan, I think of Gong Yoo and Jang Hyuk who are from there :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@twinkling - re: baba - I remember a scene from “Bend it like Beckham” where the Mom asked the female lead “Do you swear by Baba-gee?” (sorry if I mispelled) and she gestured towards a portrait on the wall of a (possible) male ancestor?

@angelight313_168 - baba is drool in Spanish? Cool. I learned a new Spanish word.

I think it’s great that there are regional accents and dialects in pretty much all countries.

Found this video - I think I’m liking “Disbundar” and “Mbuki-mvuki” a lot :sweat_smile:

5 Foreign words that don’t have an English equivalent


Lol, kvell is also the Norwegian word for evening!

가 (Ga) does mean go, but it can also be a particle, indicating the subject.
Another person from Busan:

“Bah!” (sounds like ba) is what Dutch people might say when they think something is dirty or disgusting.


thank you! I have some nice language videos to watch now! :grin:


You’re welcome! Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Schnapsidee in German is actually not really an idea you come up with while being drunk and is assumed brilliant. Actually it is more used when a sober person comes up with a stupid idea, more like how could one come up with such an idea unless he/she is drunk. So at the end having a Schnapsidee won’t get you too much praise, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes a Schnapsidee can’t actually be brilliant but it is really a rare thing.


Thank you all for these fun and informative videos! I didn’t get to watch all of them but I am going to come back to watch them for sure. :blush:


There’s one ‘‘dialect?’’ in SK I hate so much. The one where they ‘‘scratch’’ their throats. Is totally disgusting and uncomfortable for me to hear. I can’t stand that noise. In the zombie drama, one of the actress does it all the time, and I honestly have to skip those parts bc I can’t deal with that noise. Doesn’t they get a sore throat?


Is that a dialect or just a bad habit? :thinking:


That’s why I put a question mark. Is a bad habit of part of the dialect way they talk? I’m dying to know if that’s a normal way to talk to ppl. bc it sounds very country like, and then the annoying scratching in the throat with each sentence. Ugh!

I hate that so much bc it reminds me that in my island ppl from the ‘‘campo’’ (countryside) speak/talk/sound different from the ppl from the city. They make this double rr disgusting sound like ‘‘they are gagging’’ and I tried to correct my family so much that it wasn’t right, and even screamed at them to stop that lmao bc it annoyed the hell out of me. If you hear it personally, you’ll understand what I’m saying/coming from (different from Korean’s sound but something like it).


I guess I know what you’re addressing about. Is it that voice that they produce generally during speaking 가? I heard that a lot from Lee Joon Ki in Waikiki. It sounds like they are gargling and speaking at the same time.


Maybe one the things mentioned here:



No that’s nothing compared to this actress. This actress does that in many of her dramas (she’s good at it) In Vagabond I had to endure it too.

EPISODE 7 FROM AROUND MINUTE 9:00 ON… she has many parts in the drama I skipped. but I found this one faster.

Btw I can’t picture LJK talking that way. Gonna check waikiki to see… lol


I appreciate the depth you go to for details :smiley:
I haven’t watched Zombie Detective yet but I will have a look at the timestamp you gave.


Aaa, no, no, no, it isn’t LJK, the actor, but Lee Yi Kyung whose character’s name is Lee Joon Ki in Waikiki. I like to address him as LJK.


I’m hoping you can give me the right answer that I’m looking for; if that’s a korean dialect or a bad habit way of talking like it happened in my Island with the older generation (the new generation in my countryside no longer speaks gagging the rr’s) only the older genearation like my uncles etc…


I am afraid I do not know the answer. I guess @choitrio might have the answer to your question.


I just listened. It sounds a bit like the Dutch g-sound, but extremely exaggerated.


May I say… grossly exaggerated hahahaha sorry but is a bit too much some parts are unbearable and that actress broke the mold. But older/seniors actors do it too.