The English language lacks


So do you turn the sound of for those parts?


I skip her parts so much…but is like a nightmare I can’t forget so I remember I saw it somewhere and found it but like I said she has some that are worse (especially when she’s eating) and I’m eating too. I get nauseous (it turns my stomach) when she speaks like that and eats at the same time (she always eat this dry string thing ( let me stop I’m getting nauseous) no kidding aside. I’m dead serious.


I totally understand. I usually turn off the sound when I sense toilet humour coming.


I wonder if it’s part of their language though? I think I know what you’re talking about , it sounds like they’re trying to hock a loogie :sweat_smile:, I don’t know any better but perhaps they use it for emphasis?

Like how Achmed (the dead terrorist) spells his name here?


That is so true lol I just didn’t wanted to mention it here. It sounds like they gonna make their insides come out and a gooey bad cold is on the rise ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh minute 1:05 to be exact.


Like in Vincent Van Gogh?


I don’t KNOW, but I think its a way of speaking rather than a dialect…because it sounds like they’re stressing the ‘ah’ sound


Hi, just finished translating the final episode of Zombie. @angelight313_168, I just went back to check on Episode 7 and I think I know what you are referring to. The sister, played by Hwang Bora, is saying something like “확~” and “어지간~ 히”. It’s not a dialect. It is just her character.


Good to know ppl won’t talk like that on a daily basis. hahahaha

Thank you so much for a wonderful job subbing the drama so fast. Your team did an awesome job. I’m finishing episode 10 (of ZD) bc today I was busy watching the end of [Record of Youth] which was such a tasteless, bland, boring ending.

I hope [Zombie Detective] doesn’t disappoint me.


It’s too bad about Record of Youth. I was going to watch it tonight. Now that Zombie is done I can finally catch up on some of my shows. Our English team was for most part only 2 subbers per each episode and there were a couple episodes where I did it as a solo translator so I think I am going to take a little break now to enjoy some dramas I had to put on hold. I am actually waiting for 18 Again to start.


Congratulations on finishing!! Thanks for all the hard work, I wanted to check it out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Does it end well??
I’m also waitinggg for 18 Again


Thank you! I am not going to give away the ending but based on the reviews and comments it seems that the viewers are satisfied. Many are asking for a second season.

I keep checking on 18 Again but nothing yet. I wonder what the hold up is. At least, it will give me some time to catch up on my other projects.


Yes, “Gogh” has it both at the beginning and at the end.

And here you can learn to pronounce our g (and ch). It worked for my Korean friend, he says it perfectly now:


I enjoyed ZD so much that I was in denial when I saw that ep 12 was the last ep. Thank you again.


It seems that many people feel the same way. I saw that some viewers are asking for a second season. It definitely was very different from the usual K-dramas and I think we can all use some laugh, especially now. I am so glad you are watching Tunnel, another CJH piece I really enjoyed.


I think that this drama was so fake when it came to chemicals induce ‘‘zombie’’ guy part, but the fact that it was so funny and entertaining, during a time that we need so much to be able to laugh bc this days is so hard to laugh when so many bad things are going around in the world, it’s a lifesaving experience. This drama can be a lifesaver for ppl who feel depressed, confused, bored etc…You will definitely laugh, and the most wonderful part was that the work from the time it began was really decent (good) and fast.

I always said this drama could have season 2 and 3 bc they are a detective agency and so many cases can be managed by that wonderful main ‘‘couple’’ The girl is naturally funny and zombie guy too. This drama wasn’t revolving around romance which was a plus. They kept their focus on the main theme, which was seeking justice through their hilarious detective work :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: . :+1::+1::+1::+1:



Don’t get me wrong the drama is different and really GOOD and I know you will love it too. The ending episode pissed me off bc it could have been so much better but it has a happy ending just not enough passion was put in it. That’s why I keep away from young kids dramas.but I DON’T REGRET watching it. I just wanted to see more loveeeeee :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Get it?


I will finish Record of Youth tonight. I think for this drama I enjoyed the family dynamic more than the romance anyway. As to ZD, I think enough people are asking for season 2 that it might happen. As a translator, it was really fun and challenging at the same time so this is a project I would definitely be willing to volunteer again if there’s a second season.


I am a member of the National Language Service Corps. and this morning while I was browsing its Facebook group thread I found this topic and a fun response I thought you all might appreciate:

“Do you speak a tonal language? If so, share your language and a word that can have multiple meanings with a change in tone!”

‘Thai: mai mai mai mai. Translation: " Does new wood burn?" (each has a different tone)’


In Mandarin, there’s this pretty well-known one:
(sì shì sì, shí shì shí, shí sì shì shí sì, sì shí shì sì shí.)

It basically means: 4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40.

In the Chongqing dialect, which my maternal family speaks, they don’t pronounce the “sh” sound and it all just becomes “s”.

Ex: si si si, si si si, si si si si si, si si si si si.