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Very thought provoking just like the “butterfly” effect!

If you change one thing about your past, What would be Your Future or the Future of others?


They literally put Viki credits as an example for usage of Moderators



I have always heard just one thing that has been changed in the past will change the future, remember “back to the future?”

its been a very long time since I have watched the butterfly effect, that was a spooky drama, but gets one to thinking!!


He heard me! My favorite ahjussi heard me! :sob::sob: Lee Joon Gi has chosen his next project!!

My day suddenly got brighter! :partying_face::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t wait to see him on screen again! And the description says:
“it took him three tries to enter law school. After enlisting in the military, he lived as a martial arts athlete and passed the bar exam”
He’s going to dabble in martial arts, law AND military?! What else could I possibly ask for? :sob::sob: I am sO excited!


Ashes of Love seems to have a sequel

What are you currently watching?

Ohhhh I nearly had a heart attack :joy::joy: Then I remembered that it IS a trilogy, but the stories aren’t really connected. No handsome Phoenix :disappointed_relieved:
Skate into Love is the second part and When the Stars Fall is the upcoming third part.


You crack me up, :laughing::smile::laughing::joy: especially your MDL comment :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I was looking at Fly Again’s poster here and thought there were two guys before and now there’s a girl. I looked at her a little more and went ‘어?’ I’ve seen her somewhere but where? At the same time, “Alive” OST was playing on my Spotify, I was inside A-Teen’s sub editor a few seconds before that and was subbing some teacher’s dialogues. I just had “어… 어? 어!” in my mind. What would I call it fate? All the things happening around me at that time pointed to Mr. Temporary :joy::joy: A K-Drama moment? It is nothing special but I just went through a K-Drama “signs” trope :rofl:


I’m watching my weekend k-drama almost sub-free! I’m so proud of myself! I think weekend dramas may have a slightly easier level of Korean, but I’m still so excited because I’m able to understand almost everything without English subs! :smile:
It’s nice to see some real progress :sweat_smile:


My son and I got to witness the northern lights, even though very faint. This is pretty rare because even though we live in the northwest of the US, we are not in Alaska - we are in the lower 48. I never thought I would get to experience that.


another badge without trying!! awesome. thanks everyone

Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

Congratulations!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: You’re awesome!

woww that must have been a beautiful experience! I just learned the entire science behind them, but us Tropic-of-Cancer folks don’t have a chance :disappointed_relieved:


I remember seeing them when I was in Washington state, 8-10 years old then, it was one of those Anomolies??? a happenchance or whatever, and I remember the sight was beautiful, had to stay up real late to see that. but beautiful


Because I couldn’t go to a musem, I decided to turn my house into one… :art: :stars:


It is FALL Ya’ll! My mum that I have managed to keep for over 5 years! I’m good with flowers but me and mums don’t get along - but this one likes me!


I went with visiting daughter horse back riding for 2 hours in the countryside, weather was perfect and ride too. I was just a bit upset that the owner extended our stirrups I kept coming out of it, so I wasn’t that happy and it made my sitting somewhat uncomfortable…

We rode Iceland horses and experienced the different trot called tölt.


Goodness… I almost forgot that getting badges was a thing. The more you’ve volunteered, the lesser your chances of getting badges as you move forward.


wowwww congratulations!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you for all your hard work and efforts! and shut your eyes to the “ONLY 100000 more” :roll_eyes::joy: You’re awesome!


Channel Page Designs are finally getting attention! @k_pop_hal_abeoji your design is awesome. Congratulations on getting featured in the QC newsletter! :partying_face::partying_face: