The highlight of your day


Went to the market got some fresh vegetables and strawberries.

Bought some plants as I didn’t put too many seeds out some yellow zucchini and a tomato. An eggplant and some herbs - now I need the dictionary - basil (I know without looking but then), thyme, bee bread, dill, parsley, apple mint, … I am sure there was more but would have to look …
And I bought a hanging basket with a huge strawberry, I am curious how well that one will be doing.

Today was a bit chilly, windy but sunny, I took my winter jacket to go out and that was my luck, as I was on my way home, got off the bus … I saw this big black cloud in the sky, waiting for me … I made it half-way from the bus stop to my home and then it poured. Luckily I had my old thick waterproof jacket on, so only my jeans were soaking wet below the knee. Anyway I got all the things on the market I wanted and more, so it’s okay.

The best thing - I just took of most of the water on my jacket with a towel and hung it up to dry, the sun came out again. This is not April but June, even if the weather reminds me more of early spring.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Sorry I wasn’t around, but you know life happens while we are busy making plans …


Nice cover of the Abba song


I just thought aboout it as image like a plant that produces eggs :rofl: (I know which plant you mean but the name is just too funny. Would be cool if we had such plants for fresh eggs every day :smiley: in one of the Sims games was once a special plant that could produce - almost - any other food (okay even money :sweat_smile:) So you only need that plant and then you could almost have any kind of food you wanted :smiley:


You make me recall that there was a replicator in Star Trek, if I am not wrong, you could get almost everything out of that machine.
What we call Borretsch - the name in English as Bee Bread is really self explaining and has a pretty ring to it.


Back when I was living in Finland I was one day unpacking my groceries when my Canadian flatmate enthusiastically exclamated: “Oh, you bought an eggplant!” I was like: “I bought a WHAT?!!!” :rofl:

At least after that I never forgot that word again …


:thinking: Did I mention that I picked some of my radishes, and that they are delicious :yum: :grin:


yes he does, an awesome actor!


Yes, that item was so cool! I didn’t think about it although the Sims 3 did have it too :rofl: but only tech sims liked it all others good a negative moodlet from artificial food :sweat_smile:

Funny moment. I think I usually wouldn’t call it like that also not in English :slight_smile:

Some beans are called Kidney Beans here too… I didn’t heard another term for it but as a kid I didn’t think about the meaning of ‘kidney’ so I just thought: okay that is their name.


They’re mostly called kidneybonen here too, but once in a while you might come across the Dutch version: nierbonen. It means the same, but still the English version sounds more “normal” to me. :sweat_smile:


When I opened my new tin foil I noticed the foil had some kind of pattern on it. So I was thinking it was looking more like wrapping paper or even origami paper … which inspired me to use a piece of it to fold a flying crane for old time’s sake. :bird: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:


I always get excited when I see patterns on random objects for some reason. :grin: Yesterday I was looking at a baby wipe, and I noticed there was some sort of cloud imprint on it… I guess I’m off to find more random things with more random patterns. Just a weird hobby of mine.:joy:


The highlight of my day; going out with a haircut I did all by myself, and it came out just perfect!

I found out that we won’t be able to visit a beauty salon until after the 21st. and that is…by appointment only, and we been having 90 degree weather for the past few days, so I went to a store got me a 12 piece hair cutter, looked at some YT videos,and amazing work I did!

Then, I bought a hot reddish hair dye with highlights and when the sun hit my hair it looked so beautiful everyone was complimenting my hair, and where I was able to find a place to cut and dye my hair. Well. I think I’m going into the hair cutting business hahahaha.


Before you know it there will be a queue in front of your house with people who want you to do their hair! :wink:


My mom sent me a video of my 1.5 year old nephew, who’s walking around the garden like he owns the place (this is the first time I’ve seen him walk outside, without any help or holding onto anything).

The face he made in the video is so funny :rofl:


I like that too. Some time ago I noticed that on transparent sticky tape now is some kind of print after you opened it, it was somehow cool because it slowly appeared (of course it is just another security reason when they want to sell items with guarantee of being unopened but I still found it cool :D)

Sometimes there are not only patterns but also low reliefs e.g. on chocolate boxes or so).


That’s the part I don’t like too much bc my neighbors are free loaders and want everything for free :roll_eyes:


ok heres mine for the day, I have been putting off doing some crafts lately. but Monday something “triggered” my interest again. I do like making things and give as gifts. one was a pin cushion frame, small one, and a teapot pincushion. so I have got stuff out to make these things and give as gifts!
easy toi make, good ole glue gun!!
next project is finish the plastic mat for the homeless.


Highlight of the day:
Last year I bought really cheap capri pants at Lidl for only 4,99 euro’s. They where so comfy, don’t care if it’s not the most fashionable thing. 2 weeks ago I saw they would sell them again so I asked my mom to check for me when she did groceries there. No pants. Today I went there and they almost ran out of stock but they had all 3 colors in my size. So who cares let’s buy them all!:laughing: So now I have 5 of them. Great! I needed some more summer pants and I didn’t want to spent much on them as I’m hoping I can buy at least 2 sizes smaller next year :slight_smile:


I have a couple and they are comfy!


My highlight today was a chat with my Korean friend. :slight_smile: