The highlight of your day


Radishes, frustratedwriter, when do I see that they are ripe? :face_with_monocle: I just don’t know :woman_shrugging:


where is the rest of the crew :sob:


I’m here.My highlight for the past couple of days, I was able to plant some seeds, course afterward, it rained a lot! hope it helped iunstead of hurt, had my son come over Saturday, He stayed a bit longer, I had blood sugar issues. so glad he did stay, all is well now. Had a couple of good sermons I watched on Facebook, was really gopod and did uplift me. yesterday I rested & relaxed, binged on dramas and a couple of movies and cleaned my freezer out too. today I plan to walk and need to go to a car store to get fuses for car. And to crochet the mats for the homeless, I can do that while watching dramas and all. I plan to order groceries today too so they can be delivered to me.

ok here it for today!I finally broke down and made cupcakes, the first one is delicious! also I am here by myself and I got to lick the bowl!! what a treat! and don’t reply about the dangers and all about bowl licking, I do know, but oh so good!!!


dug a hole today :slight_smile: :grin:That sounds just like … I was wearing a bowler hat :joy:
1.50m long, 1, 00m wide and about 1.00 m deep :slight_smile: I am not ready yet, But most of it is done…
Everything hurts but I’m proud like Oscar :sweat_smile:


My highlight of the day: finally I was able to visit my mom, she’s living in a retirement home, which was locked down for the last months and I had to wait three weeks for an appointment… She’s 90 years old with dementia, but she could recognize me and my eldest daughter immediately. I was so glad, that I was wearing a mask, because I had to swallow my tears. I’m so relieved, that she’s doing well.


It must have been so hard for you. I’m glad you where able to visit your mom again and that she still recognized the both of you. I still remember the time when my grandma suddenly didn’t remember me. And the time when she didn’t even recognize my mom was heartbreaking.


Likewise so glad you could visit her! an appointment? welol guess better safe than sorry, right? is she well?


but doggone it, why do they have to look so sexy? and when the girls play with their long hair flowing. awesome! I am listening & watching while I an typing, sorry I don’t know them. but he has a fine voice!

this senior says cool! Now I must watch oh my venus again!

that little girl is awesome! wow!!(well he is to)


my hioghlight for the day(yesterday) I had a surprtise bisit, the people next door are ministers, they have a spaninsh church, well the pastor came over with a huge box of food@ not tiby stuff, turkey breaszt, grilled chicken, two bagd of fish pollock, and much more! a blessing from God! I will take it that way!!


I never use to be a fan, but after watching him week after week on Home Alone and other videos, he really is a warm, nice guy, and an incredibly talented musician. This was lovely.


My mom was in a home for about 6 mos. and passed away last year. I can’t imagine the fear she would be going through today if I could not visit her each day. The place broke out with several cases recently. God bless those nursing home caretakers…they must be going through hell trying to keep the elders calm and safe. So happy for you both that you got to visit. My cousin’s mother-in-law had her 90th birthday. The family gathered on the lawn out side the nursing home with balloons, signs and flowers…social distancing, of course…and the nurses wheeled her out to the front porch and gave her a birthday cake while the family sang to her. Little things count.


My mom left me 10 MASSIVE photo albums with pics going back to the 1800’s. I’ve worked in Photoshop ever since it was developed, so I’ve been scanning and restoring the old discolored and cracked photos. I’ve been working on our family ancestry for some time now. It has now gotten to the point where it is like a really good book you can’t put down. Spending HOURS AND HOURS on the internet. Found that my ancestors “founded” Canada…Hebert, Boucher, Couillard, etc. Have a couple murderers, an infamous “loose woman”, several killed by Iroquois, many Fille du Roi (young girls given clothing and a dowry from King Louis XIV to move to Quebec to marry pionneers…many orphaned at a young age). I’ve also been able to find maps of landowners in the 1600’s with their names on them. The records there from this period are incredible! This was ok during cold months, but now I’m trying to get out at least every other day for sun and fresh air!


That’s really cool! It’s always nice when people have photos or documents about their family/ancestors. So now you can make your own family tree book with pictures that is amazing!


Usually I visit her twice a week and my both sisters, too. But due to the lock down it was impossible and my greatest fear was, that she won’t recognize us anymore. I tried to talk with her via phone, but she can’t reach the phone anytime and I always had to ask the nurses before, who are all so busy. It’s hard for her to adapt and she always cried on the phone, because she missed us so much and felt so alone. So I tried to explain her the situation and that I make a new appointment as soon as possible, but I don’t know, how long she will remember this.

The retirement home only accepts visits for 2 residents at the same time and only for 2 hours in the morning and in the afternoon, so we all have to wait for free appointments


Henry (full name: Henry Lau) is a born and raised Canadian with a mom from Taiwan and a dad from HongKong. So his mothertongue is English. He initially moved to South-Korea to become a member of Super Junior-M, a subgroup from the Korean band Super Junior, created for the Chinese market.

Later, in 2013, Henry when solo. Trap, the song from my other post, has, apart from the Korean version, also an English, Chinese and Japanese version. Kyuhyun from Super Junior and Taemin from Shinee sing along on Trap.

He sings, plays piano, violin and guitar, and dances. And he’s an actor too.

Oh, and this is so cute:

And an interview (in two parts), skip to 7:50

Again, skip to 7:50


Do you sometimes have the feeling…
That runs a little differently than expected, but will probably not find out the reason… :thinking:
Had an appointment when I came 2 days early, even called in the morning, but then hung up because it was taking too long…
If something had happened, would I have driven at the right time?
Probably not :neutral_face:
It gives me goose bumps…
I just missed the chance to live a carefree life, How stupid now :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


Isn’t he the one that played in Panda & Hedgehog? and talking about a song that will keep in your head for a while! that bug song. well didn’t know he was a singer. I love to learn stuff like that! I was wondering where he disappeared, haven’t seen him for quite some time. that’s a nice-sounding song!

its thw second picture isnt that Dounghae? yes it is him! I googled it , and he did p-lay in Panda & hedgehog. and did a fantastic job, wonder if he sang that bug song, now gotta find out!


Not as far as I know, but I haven’t seen it.

He did play in this movie:

And this one:

And this one:

And a bunch of series and other shows too, see also:


mirjam, thats not the one I saw in the #2 picture. yes he played in panda & hedgehog!


I don’t think he plays in Panda and Hedgehog.