The highlight of your day


course this morning blood sugar was up, but thats ok, that strawberry smoothie was delicious!

its raining where I am and my shoulder hurts, course "uncle arthur"visiting big time. and y’know we used to laugh at granny when she used to say its gonna rain, hmmmm and not scientific either.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


my “project” for today is do some sewingf, go through my patterns I do have and find a mugrug pattern and pin cushion pattern. making things for christmas, early start!




I graduated today😍I can admit that I cried a lot today and I really got the feeling that im not a kid anymore.


Congratulations and all the best for you :bouquet::bouquet::tada::confetti_ball::champagne::champagne::clinking_glasses: Have fun, and enjoy this time… :slight_smile::grin::slight_smile:


Congratulations! All the best for your future!



Tusen hjertelig takk❤️


Than you so much❤️ I gonna enjoy this time


Congratulations :sparkler::confetti_ball::balloon:


‘Highlight’ of the day although not really a highlight for myself:

:airplane: noise again ~ I almost forgot I’m not living far away in the countryside :sweat_smile: (but somehow I wish I would now… since after all these weeks I got used to the silence; at first it was so strange to have days when it was as if ‘no one’ lives here but now it is almost back to previous daily noise :confused: )


congrats kiddo, enjoy !


Everyday life resumes its usual course, It was nice and just too short :pensive:
With you it’s the planes, and with me the tourists
We have Summer solstice, From tomorrow the days will be shorter again.
I hope for us that the trips will be less in the darker days :blush:


Here the noise never stopped in the first place. Even though a lot of people have been more homebound the last few months, the local government just went on with building new houses in our street (still going on) and as soon as the weather got more bright, people got active in their gardens with loud electric equipment, kids are bouncing balls against the walls each day for hours in a row, neighbours are bumping up and down the stairs, slamming doors, or doing some handywork now and then, and we sometimes have some planes and helicopters as well.


Okra! My favorite to eat right off the stalk.


one of my new languages I asm learning, and I don’t have either one

“Ich hab en Gaul un Dachweggeli” = I have a horse and buggy.



I feel so sorry for your place that will be probably get a flood of tourists this year because they’re all travelling to these coast areas now (I read an article few days ago about it).


The music & handworkmen never stopped, same with helicopters (couple of nights had some) but compared to the daily airplance noise it is silent when the neighbours are silent - for once :rofl:

Sadly since a week they suddenly think hardcore techno is the best music instead of the music they listened to before (but when it is warm and sunny they go to a park or so and make noise there so it is sometimes silent again).


I wish you sunny days, then … :sun_with_face:


It started snowing today😍Then it went over to rain and suddenly it was 19 ° Celsius outside a few hours after it stopped snowing.


Really? :open_mouth: Here it’s been far too hot these days! Well, we had some rain too, but it didn’t help much.