The highlight of your day


You have a Korean restaurant nearby? I’m so envious! :star_struck:



@mirjam_465 Yes. I actually have two options. “Kimchi Boulevard” which is AYCE (went there today) and “Inza’s Seoul Kitchen” (also goes to events, gives work shops and sometimes a pop up restaurant) has a booth at a shop kind of thing. To be honest I only went to her booth twice because all the other times I wanted to go she had an event or there where other things going on.


Sounds great. Here there are no exclusively Korean restaurants in the wide area. For an Asian restaurant with some Korean options I still need to go to another town. And I haven’t left town yet this year cause of you-know-what …


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I sit outside in the garden with my eyes closed and listen to nature. Listen to the birds singing or scolding - even in nature not everything is rosy :sweat_smile:


I am getting ready to do that very thing!


I hope you enjoy listening :blush::heart:


per yesterday, I did till the ants and all started to “visit” me. so went back in, was very lovely and soothing, don’t think I will be able to do it today

, y’knoiw we all say something about the heat and all, but what did our grandparents & and the rest do with or about the heat, they didn’t have ac or maybe not even fans, so how and what did they do? they worked in the fields too


I don’t have those either …


Find air conditioners terrible, I think they really make you sick :confounded:
However, it is not really warm with us either, Just 18 degrees today :roll_eyes: A fireplace would be more worthwhile :grin:


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Why you don’t have an A/C or fan? Excuse me for asking…


I grew up without them, cause they used to give my mom a headache. So I’m not used to it anyway.


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discovering a guy using a military guys info for scamming, and me finding it out by googling the guy!
and super gullible me I am pleased to find it out before I got myself into trouble!!


I do remember that one! I wanted to but I couldn’t at that time!


Germany, near the North Sea…
Our summer is really not that great this year, But I think I remember that it was already colder… :cold_face:
In southern Germany you are more lucky :blush:
Unfortunately, some overdo it here with air conditioning systems and set them to too cold…


Living in the south-west of Germany today we had sunny weather and at 6.30 pm it still had 26°C. I’ll send some sun rays your way :sunny:


You happy :slight_smile:
We have now 17 °C :neutral_face:
But I count myself among the tougher ones :sweat_smile::joy:
And run around with shorts :grin:
The proverb:
Only the tough get into the garden :laughing::joy::joy:


It’s 18 degrees here too right now.

@angelight313_168 don’t forget we’re talking 18 degrees Celsius, so 65 Fahrenheit.

We also have been having days/hours in which we were melting, so I’m not complaining …