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Yes, it’s relatively cold here too for the time of year. Temperatures over 30 C are common in summer time.
What? @gaby_heitmann_975 had snow? :open_mouth:


We haven’t had snow in years, so really snow :persevere:


I must have missed that … :thinking:


She is getting more of the weather from the North Sea and UK, Scandinavia. While I live about 700 km into the land getting most of the time the weather from France, when the air will heat up moving over the complete country coming from the Atlantic Ocean, or from further south France/Italy. It can even happen that we will get so-called “Sahara weather”, and that pushes hot air from Africa over the Mediterranean Sea Italy/Swiss/Austria and you can see layers of red sand in the air and everywhere.
So yes, the last summers could have weeks of 35-39°C and no AC, but therefore tropical nights. AC in most Europe are not the usual thing in a private home. Shops, malls, discounters, hospitals (some or parts of it), … But everyone else just sweats, what else? Fans well, I prefer to sleep without them, I have no trouble when a train passes by the house or a plane flies over it, but a fan is driving me crazy. But I do like a nice hand fan.


OMG who was it then? @porkypine90_261?

@mirjam_465 you are good at that can you find who told @frustratedwriter it was snowing about a few weeks ago? OMG am I going crazy? I thought I saw the horse with a snowy background.


Here the one with snow


It started snowing today😍Then it went over to rain and suddenly it was 19 ° Celsius outside a few hours after it stopped snowing.


Lutra already found it. :slight_smile:
And now I’m less surprised, since Edvarda lives in Norway. :cloud_with_snow:


I lived in Finland for a year and for 7 months of that year we had snow. Still, I was only in the south (Helsinki), further north it’s usually worse. Though I’d have to add that that particular winter was severe in the rest of Europe as well.


That’s all of the snow we have in winter
:joy: The picture can also be 2 years old, I’m not sure, But I don’t think we had that much snow last winter



I was wondering if @hersel98_948 has a horse. That wasn’t the picture I saw of the horse and it wasn’t that much snow either. Let me let it go already.

You know how it is when you try to remember something, and all you think about that, and I can easily go into the night thinking about that, and I won’t be able to sleep thinking and thinking hahaahahahaha


Thank you Lutra :slight_smile:
I was beginning to doubt myself a little…
Sometimes it’s a mess with translating, And when I’m still tired, Can the best sentences come out :joy::joy:


Last winter I had to remove the snow from the pavement on 3-4 days, luckily it wasn’t more. If it snows I like the air to be dry, then the snow is less heavy, last winter it wasn’t that dry, so I had a workout early morning, we need to clear the way until 7am, Sundays 8am. If the snow is about 3cm high I will get about 2m³ snow at the end.

@angelight313_168 Years ago we had a X-mas party from the company, no snow in the weather forecast, but when the first person left, he came right back, because it had 20 cm of snow. So we gradually ended the party, Everyone was thinking hard were his/her car was parked, as we were working at a car dealer, you can imagine many had an equal type so some were digging out the car of someone else. Traffic was bad too at that night. I probably won’t ever forget it.


:joy: I know, I know @angelight313_168
You can go to sleep with peace of mind :slight_smile:
It has cleared up :slight_smile:


The weather I do not like is thunderstorms, heavy rain and black ice.

Edit for all the AC lovers from the US - here a US citizen living in Germany having a question


It’s incredible, How different the weather can be…
That it shows up delayed, But so permanently on the spot is… Fortunately, we have no constant heavy rain :slight_smile:
You have to see it positively :grin:


I wish I had an horse it was always my childhood dream to have one.


Remember me wondering about that Korean show with that Chinese doctor where some French was spoken as well? :rofl:


LOL Not at that time, yt (?) I don’t know, smartphones definitely not back then, alarm on cars only if you added it later on. We were starting with the license plates. Did you see the video I added in the other comment?


Mine too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes! I searched through all the K-dramas on Viki and eventually found it. And at the same time @lutra found it as well.

Seems like we’re more and more on our own these days … :disappointed_relieved: