The highlight of your day


with your cupp this morning!


The highlight of my day; HEY GUYS I’m still alive. Just came out of the hospital after 8 days in 2 different hospitals, 2 lifesaving pints of blood, 2 lifesaving venofer, an angiogram of the heart, and some stems I feel and am like new (although I have not one part of my body that is not black and blue from collapsed veins).

Was too sick to miss my k dramas but gonna catch up with my dramas… I know your prayers brought me back home. Happy to be back…:firecracker::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball::boom::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Welcome back! :bouquet:


Best wishes for the recovery! Hope you are well now.


That sounds cruel, I hope you survived everything well…
I wish you all the best and much strength :blush::hugs:


hope you the best, glad you are back,and back to recovery!


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Thank you so much I can’t write too much bc they did the angiogram in my right hand wrist and is swollen bc I’m not supposed to use it until saturday but I broke the rule and paid the consequences. Maybe by Sunday I’ll be well enough to chat some more.

Be safe, healthy and above all very Happy. You are here today but tomorrow is not guaranteed. The stories I heard in the Hospital made me realize we should not take life for granted and we should smell the flowers, enjoy our life and above all NEVER/EVER take anything for granted.


You’re reminding me of a song. :slight_smile:


you are so right, take nothing for granted, appreciate what you have, even thank the good Lord what you do have.



Beautiful song, and I love the acting from Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford (my crush) ‘‘The Way We Were’’ I was only 14 back then, but was already a romantic fool. Thanks for bringing back good memories.


My mom usually gets two painkillers a day, she was some time ago on three a day and when she broke two of her lumbar vertebrae she had to additionally use another stronger pain medicine.
Well yesterday and today we tried over 24 hrs without any painkillers and she didn’t need them, she had no pain at all. So now we are trying to reduce to one painkiller and maybe after some weeks we can forget about them.
I am thankful for the option of having painkillers, but I am even more grateful if we can do without.
On this note I wish you all a time without pain have a wonderful Sunday everyone.



Thank God so far I don’t need any pain killers, it’s just an small incision in the wrist but they left a hole that can open and bleed, and it could be dangerous because I was very anemic since my hemoglobin level was just 6.8. My heart was hurting bc I had no oxygen in the body, and my heart was struggling to beat and that caused me extreme chest pain, and that’s why they did the angioplasty procedure.

I thank God I have high tolerance to pain so I avoid pain medicine at all cost. The Doctors were shocked when I refused pain medicine since ppl jump at the chance to get pain medication. I am also allergic to most pain medicines so avoid them at all cost. I almost died after taking codeine after oral surgery.

I was just watching a Forensic Medicine show is called Mrs. G Forensic Medicine, and a lady died after taking 2 different pain medicines at once; she was only 52 years old. I’m glad your mother has you watching over her since pain medication are the biggest cause of death lately here in U.S. It seems pain medication causes confusion and the person thinks they didn’t drink the pain killer and double dose causes the heart to slow down to the point the person stops breathing and dies.

I am so glad your mom is stopping them, and I suggest she drinks lots of cleansing teas to detoxify the body of those harmful chemicals. Thank you so much for your well wishes.

PS> I heard from other ppl with this same procedure that it takes a while but the pain eventually goes away. It’s just swollen and black and blue for now so when the swelling goes down and the color turns back to normal I know it won’t hurt anymore, and I can clean to my heart’s content…(I have to admit I was using the hand when I was told not to) lol…:sweat_smile:


Tomorrow for you, for me already it’s Sunday so give that poor hand some rest. LOL

In Germany it’s different you don’t get those huge bottles and not for that small amount. However the stronger painkillers are normally avoided by most doctors here, they try to go with the minimum dosis that can handle the pain and try to get you off the “hook” as soon as possible, rather one pill more of the less harmful medicine than only one or two of the heavy stuff.

I know about problems with combination of pain medicine in the US through famous victims of either wrong prescriptions or no communication on what medicine is or was prescribed by a different doctor, but wasn’t it the case with Michael Jackson and Prince at least I remember it that way. Heavy pain medicine falls under the so-called narcotics law (Betäubungsmittelgesetz). Certain pain medicine can only be given in hospitals under “watch”, so if there is a sudden reaction the patient can expect the help needed.

Going to get some sleep now. Good night from my side of the world.


So I finally found a nice fresh Kombucha Scoby and even for free… As you know when you brew Kombucha you end up with a lots of mushrooms (scobies), I used to collect them which is called a scoby hotel, lol, and give them to friends when they needed one. Now someone shared a scoby with me :star_struck:


2nd highlight is that I finally bought an e-bike… an electrical bike with a tiny sort of mechanical engine that can run on a battery and helps you to push pedaling, you still need to pedal, but it’s helpful when you go longer distances and some uphill. :biking_man: I just got one at the lower end cost and it still has the bells and whistles for me, but it’s not the latest high tech model which are really very expensive. :moneybag:


I had no idea … :wink:
But that mushroom talk reminded me of a Japanese drama! :joy:


aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh cool weather, windows open fresh, crisp air, felt so good!!


Guess what it is today? :grin:


happy birthday!!


found this and thought I would share it

Lord, make me a channel of your peace.

That where there is hatred, I may bring love.

That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness,

That where there is discord, I may bring harmony,

That where there is error, I may bring truth,

That where there is doubt, I may bring faith,

That where there is despair, I may bring hope,

That where there are shadows, I may bring light,

That where there is sadness, I may bring joy.



This is the Dutch way of wishing you a happy birthday.
Litterally it says: Cordial congratulations on your birthday! :birthday::clinking_glasses::chocolate_bar::coffee: