The highlight of your day


So they pronounce two separate syllables? :thinking:
In Dutch it’s just one syllable with a long o in it.


Not really they tend to stretch the o - probably like the dutch and then it will only get longer, or stretch the o while going up in the tune
Like this


In Dutch it’s more flat:

If we call a vowel “long” it doesn’t mean we take extra time to say it (like in Finnish for example), but it’s more an actual difference in the pronunciation.

Here’s an example of our short o:

We actually have two short o’s. This one sounds different:

Btw, Korean has both short versions as well. :slight_smile:


Ithink I said something sometime ago, to call someone, visit or just give a smile. look I am not preaching, just get people to pay attention, could be someone you know. yes this was a highlight for me today
he little boy put on his clothes for the cold and then told his father:

“Ok dad I’m ready”

His Dad, the pastor, said: “Ready for what?”

“Dad, it’s time to go outside and distribute our flyers.”

Dad replied: “Son, it’s very cold outside and it’s drizzling.”

The child looked surprised at his father and said: “But dad, people need to know about God even on rainy days.”

Dad replied, “Son, I’m not going outside in this weather.”

With despair, the child said: “Dad, can I go alone? Please!”

His father waited for a moment and then said: “Son, you can go. Here’s the flyers, be careful.”

“Thank you dad!”

And with this, the son went out into the rain. The 11-Year-old walked all the streets of the village, handing out the flyers to the people he saw.

After 2 hours walking in the rain and in the cold and with his last flyer in his hand, he stopped in a corner to see if he saw someone to give the flyer too, but the streets were totally deserted. Then he turned to the first house he saw, walked to the front door, touched the bell several times and waited, but no one came out.

Finally the boy turned to leave, but something stopped him. The child turned back to the door and began to touch the bell and pound the door strongly with his knuckles. He kept waiting. Finally the door was opened gently.

A lady came out with a very sad look and gently asked:

"What can I do for you, son?

With radiant eyes and a bright smile the child said:

"Lady, I’m sorry if I upset you, but I just want to tell you that God really loves you and that I came to give you my last flyer, which talks about God and His great love

The boy then gave her the flyer.

She just said, “Thank you, son, God bless you!”

Well, next Sunday morning, the pastor was in the pulpit and when the service began he asked:

“Someone has a testimony or something they want to share?”

Gently, in the back row of the church, an older lady stood up. When she started talking, a radiant and glorious look sprouted from her eyes:

"Nobody in this church knows me. I have never been here, even last Sunday I was not Christian.

My husband died a while ago leaving me totally alone in this world. Last Sunday was a particularly cold and rainy day, and it was also in my heart; that on that day I came to the end of the road, since I had no hope and didn’t want to live anymore.

Then I took a chair and a rope and went up to the attic of my house. I tied and one end of the rope to the rafters of the roof; then I climbed onto the chair and put the other end of the rope around my neck.

I then stood on the chair, so alone and heartbroken, I was about to throw myself off the chair, when suddenly I heard the loud sound of the door being knocked.

So I thought: “I’ll wait for a minute and whoever it is will go”

I waited and waited, but the door knocking was getting louder and louder every time. It got so loud that I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

So I wondered, who could it be?

No one ever comes close to my door or come to visit me!

I released the rope from my neck and went to the door, while the bell was still ringing and the door was still being knocked on.

When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw, in front of my door was the most radiant and angelic child I’ve ever seen.

He’s smile, ohhh, I can never describe it! The words that came out of his mouth made my heart, dead so long ago, come back to life, when he said with the VOICE OF CHERUB: “Lady, I just want to tell you that God really loves you”

"When the little angel disappeared between the cold and the rain, I closed my door and read every word of the flyer.

Then I went to the attic to remove the chair and rope.

I didn’t need them anymore. As you see. Now I am a happy daughter of the King.

As the direction of the boy, when he left, was to this church, I came personally say thank you to that little angel of God who came just in time and, in fact, to rescue my life from an eternity in hell. And replaced it with an eternity in God’s presence. "

Everyone cried in the church.

The Pastor came down from the pulpit to the first bench of the front, where the little angel was sitting; he took his son in his arms and cried uncontrollably.

Don’t let this message die of cold; after reading it, pass it on to others.

Remember, God’s message can make a big difference in someone’s life, never be afraid to spread it.



and just 18, wow!


did “mom” do a bit of dancing?? lutra? and yes good night

now being its turning a bit cooler , wonder how many people are going to say oh its soooo cold?


Thanks, I heard your singing across the oceans.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Were you guys quiet here all these days?


Unfortunately we do not always seem to have highlights :slightly_frowning_face: twinkling :slight_smile:
But maybe you?


high lights for Friday, yesterday
I have a clear and sound mind, saome of my friends don’t, I can walk, slowly of course but I can walk, I woke up this morning refreshed ready to start my day, I can talk, no slurred voice here, course not able to sing well, but thats ok too, says to make a joyful noise not in tune!, I can see, course got the beginning of , but don’t claim it, I have food to eat, got water, and other parts of the world don;t, got clothes, not name brand but thats ok too, It rained most of the day, and yes was kinda depressing, but I got busy and did some of my crafts, cleaned my house,some of it that is, did get good news my son is going to come to see me and stay with me a couple of days!
Yeaaa!, and learning new stitches in crochet, so highlights galore!! oh onde more, I do have money to pay my bills


i’m not kidding the highlight of most of days is coming here after online classes and reading all theses conversations :grin:
I had an assignment to deliver a speech on any topic and I chose ‘Gratitude’ because I’m feeling it a lot lately. I don’t care how old any of you are, drama lovers live in NeverLand. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
other highlights…the sky is turning pink today, so it’s fun to watch it change colour…@frustratedwriter 's post on the ‘Your Laugh For the Day’ topic made me laugh my head off :joy: it stopped raining and the world looks pretty and green, even though I can’t step out of the house


good for you!, keep up the good work of “laughing” spread it around too… we all need it!


my highlights for the day, my middle son came from Maryland to visit me for a day, we went places today, really enjoyed him being with me, hate to see him go tomorrow


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I was waiting in line to pay for my groceries while maintaining my 6ft distance. When this man cut in front of me. He didn’t appear to notice me. I didn’t say anything maintained my distance. When it was time for him to pay he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a small note pad. He forget his wallet. He looked a bit disappointed and embarrassed. I stepped up and told the cashier I would take care of his groceries. (Which consisted of Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies) He was more then grateful. He thanked me and off he went. The cashier tells me. “He cut you off and you paid for his groceries… Why??”

“I said, I hope that if one day my Dad forgets his wallet someone will step up and buy his Milk and Cookies” 🥛🍪

With all the negativity going on in the world…I thought it would be nice to share this moment.


You had a nice day!
Invite him over again and why not doing video calls? :smile:


My highlight of yesterday comes from a video call.

Yesterday, called my nephew and discovered him in the dark playing outside.
He had an umbrella and was dancing in an imaginery rain.

Why?? He watched this movie:

His father was singing the song (he had to LOL) while he was dancing.
He was waiting for rain.

Today’s highlight, learnt he was giving up on diapers!
What made me laugh: he still pees in his pants, half poops in his pants, running to the potty and half poops in the potty :joy:

What I appreciate the most in life: little things! :grinning:


over 500 or so miles for one thing, and we do face book, he knows he has a place here, his wife too


that is a childhood memory, loved the movie and the song!!, yes its the little things


That’s far! I’ve always wondered, do you have trains where you are? I only know people travel by planes or cars, but never heard of trains for this continent.
In Europe, we have trains to travel from one region to another one or in another European country (but given the current situation…). It’s common for us to use trains.

Loved the movie, too!
Do you like Fred Astaire?
Have you watched movies with Fred Astaire or Audrey Hepburn?
My fav was My Fair Lady!

When I was a child, my brother liked to watch this kind of movie (musical, dancing, singing), I got to watch with him and now, it’s his son’s turn :stuck_out_tongue:


yes we do have trains here, hmmm interesting you didn’t know, but thats ok, have busses, but takes almost 6 hours maybe to ride it from here to there, and as for planews I could do that maybe.

as for Fred astair, loved his movies, his dancing too Ginger Rodgers, yeah Audrey Hepburn. loved them !