The highlight of your day


:star_struck: I should try going by train next time!

Oh yeah, you could go there and stay longer.


Today was a person!

We had our second lesson of crochet together.
I find that a session of crochet with her is really relaxing after a long day at work.
I think it’s perfect if you want to chill, learn something new while chatting and having fun.
It also makes you focus.
You also learn faster with her.
Irmar is a patient teacher. She will repeat if we ask questions or don’t understand and will correct your hands position. She also has a lot of crochet books with schematic drawings or patterns ideas she shares with us to explain what we can make from the stitches we have just learnt.

She gave me homework which is reviewing the old and new stitches we saw today to show her next time.

I will book another lesson with her! Eager to have another zen session with her, I feel refreshed and peaceful!

This is a review if anyone wants to learn crochet with Irmar.


that’s so nice!:heart_eyes: are they online classes? do you already know irmar from before or did you meet on Viki??


Yes, online! It’s really relaxing so no feeling of taking a formal class. I learn stitches while laughing!

We’ve met each other on this forum like 4 years ago! Helped each other in some dramas or giving tips on subbing academies and now I’m learning crochet with her :smile:

It’s great to be able to meet here and then forge deeper bonds out of the context “contributing or watching on Viki.” It would have been a pity to stop where Viki stops. She’s really nice in life as a person and as a whole and not just a helpful contributor on Viki.


aww that’s such a cool story! It’s fun to hear about real friendships forged out of a drama-lovers’ discussion platform! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
btw isn’t October @angelight313_168 's month? Have an amazing rest of the year, and stay safe, blessed and happy!! Hope we all keep discussing and chatting around for a long time to come! :blush:


Oh yes! Dramas will stay fictive! Connecting with real people is the best :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


that does sound like a fantastic teacher, keep it up!!


So the other day my co-worker and i were conducting a zoom meeting with some clients. We were both in the same room so we would take turns and mute ourselves when we werent talking. Anyways, i was talking to the clients and she forgot to mute herself, and she straight up said, " eww i smell", on the mic. I finished my part quickly after that, muted my mic, and lmfao!! I kid you not i was crying from laughing so hard. The clients never brought it up but we still bring it up when we want to laugh about something.


I don’t know where else to put this but here goes;

short & sweet lost my cat, of 15 years , I know he was in pain yesterday, did call a vet, they said there wasn’t much they could do except put him down. course I didn’t do that. so this morning haven’t seen him, so I am presuming he is gone to kitty heaven,

so I used to say something about people losing their pets, they are a cat or dog for goodness sake, but now it has hit home. wow that does hurt, yeah I am a bit teary too. so y’all said to reach out if I needed y’all well today I do. so I vented, thanks for listening, gotta get busy too. got some crocheting to do have a great day! I do plan to.


awww, that’s so sad! somewhere along the way, pets manage to wiggle their way into our hearts, till they become like family. my dog died too, recently, so I know what it feels like, knowing I’ll never see her wagging tail and smiley face again :persevere: :disappointed_relieved:


Hope your cat can rest in peace and you will get better.

That might help you.
I was watching a girl on Youtube I find her videos really relaxing, no ad, just about her.
She had this box of “Open if…”

Open if stressed
Open if sick
Open if sad
Open if broke
Open if tired

Inside, you can put things like:

  • heating pad if you’re sick, she had a Sephora eye mask
  • money if you’re broke
  • a letter to yourself if you’re sad

Big or little things when you need some help.

There are “Open when” letters too:


:heart: I feel with you @frustratedwriter :heart:
They creep into your heart, And when the time comes…
Do you realize how big her place was in your heart :cry: :broken_heart:


thanks y’all.
yeah a big piece in my heart. pirannaI will check that one out loved the kitty, mine was the black & white tuxeodo thanks for the uplifts y’all


someone did this to kind of lift me up, I could have taken it the wrong way But I didn’t.


Tonight, we made this with Irmar! Yaaay, my first piece :confetti_ball: She’s really a great teacher!


keep it up, you are doing good!!

m,y highlight for this day, a lot of people comforted me in the loss of the fur baby, that was really nice.


what does a mermaid look like?

I wrote this in a link today and I was surprised at the replies. so I am sharing this with y’all

so the “frustrated writer” emerges, she has long flowing hair, not a fish face, but the most beautiful face, her voice is like a rippling brook, yes like the sirens of old, she entices people be it men or women, her body is very curvy(?) she has to swim , her tail is like a fishes tail, it has to be strong for her to glide in the water . she has to have the body to do so. she is another creature that protects the ancient cities, she can be vicious but also gentle, she can swim , sorry I dont know the knots , but like 20 -30 miles an hour. her species is very secretive, they don’t want anyone to see them, but when you see one its awesome! she will look at you with those blue green eyes, do her song softly, like a greeting then slowly emerge into the sea. she is not an ugly creature, but something to behold, once in a lifetime, one will catch a glimpse of the creature we call mermaid. and I haven’t started with mermen, thats for another time.


maybe legend of the blue sea??? naaawwwww Atlantis!!!

for piranna & irmar
here is a tip for you and I will explain it at the is a tip for you and I will explain it at the end.

new beginners have a problem,is it good or, good enough, I made mistakes and so on. I learned this many years ago, do a 10-foot rule , this means you get away at least 10 foot to look at what you have done. you are the only one that sees your mistakes so get on with it, do more, practice, practice, practice, did I say that enough?? that’s how you learn, and that’s in anything… and have fun with it.



Thank you, Mary!
Irmar doesn’t demotivate me, on the contrary, it’s reassuring to learn crochet with her! It comes with practice, yup!


The highlight of my day right now is when the next episodes of Dating in the Kitchen are released. I am really loving this series. I love playing Minecraft when I get the chance. I heard on the recent Minecraft Live event that it is now in China! :smile: My kids worked on me for years and finally got me hooked. It is like having endless Legos and no pickup. Fighting off zombies can be fun too if you need to hit something. :wink: