The highlight of your day


hehe my brother got me hooked onto this minecraft-looking shooting game, and oh my WHAT a stress-buster! :joy: that ‘need to hit something’ is totally satisfied :laughing:


yeah that and those virtual reality goggles, sorry don’t know what they are called, you go somewhere in your living room(with those goggles)and check out the site. maybe the shoot em up bang bang would be better.




I don’t really know where to put this but thought y’all might like this

Young sculptor and his magnificent work!


That reminds me of a song! :microphone::guitar::drum::saxophone:


yeah!!! wow thats an old one! even listened to it just now, wow memories! ok thats a bit different too. still a good one


oh my! we had to learn this song in seventh grade for music class! :sweat_smile:


Cool! It was on the radio a lot when I was living in Finland. :relaxed:


I got to see them live in 2009 and yeah, even then we would already say it’s a classic. Aaaah, the memories, so true!


wowww how was the concert?? Ive never been to one


Great it took place in the city of Mannheim in Germany in front of their castle and a radio broadcaster. 125.000 people, we didn’t get to see all the line-up of the bands all in all it had 9 hrs of live music to offer. We missed the first 2 or 3 bands, but had to leave when the last one started and the firework began, because we needed to get our train home, and we thought it would be better to avoid taking the last one.
I found a promotion video of the radio station, to give you a feel of the atmosphere.


y’all may not relate, but since I have been on this keto for 2 months, well since last of August, no weight loss, But the blood sugar way down. before I started it was in and over 200, now its 135-125, so thats my highlight, and the energy!! and this is an old lady of going on 74! Ido feel good!
and I do plan to lose the weight too


all righty now Scorpio rising!!


:sunny: A negative test result for Covid


that is great to hear!


:smiley: Take care of yourself, body and mind! You deserve it!


Quitting my job.


Making a fresh start?


Working = modern slaving.

Just slaving for someone else until I win the independance to become my own boss :slight_smile:

It is like jumping somewhere you don’t know where you will fall, but it feels exhilarating and so good!!!

PS: never put you contribute on Viki when you apply to a job. It gives them the impression you can work for free (which for them = prostituting oneself LOL).


So is this the moment you will start your own company?