The highlight of your day


good idea! to create your own business. what do you like doing then go from there!!


Haha not yet, freedom has a price :slightly_smiling_face:

Does Viki recruit?? :joy: Let’s go to Singapore! I will learn to speak Mandarin faster!


Have you ever wanted to open a crochet store or give crochet courses?


Hmm … any of the current Viki staff going to retire anytime soon? :stuck_out_tongue:


sure why not?


Lol I’ll be the worst community staff ever. Not a good idea :joy::joy::joy:

Like if I answer, I will take the gloves off.
The only exception will be with Mary. She’s too much kind.


I bet Mary is already on the phone with Singapore to put in a good word for you! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be waiting for your Youtube crochet videos! Next star of Youtube.


gotta find that number again!!


Love your humor :joy:



If I have offended someone here I really apologize, that was not my intention


the highlight of my day–finding this song! It’s Better Days by the kpop band SuperM sung on World Mental Health Day for the WHO (the lyrics are in English). I really needed that today!
I know that it feels like the world is falling down
And you can’t make it through
There’s gon’ be better days, better days, better days
Better days, better days, better days
Just gotta hold on
Yeah, I know that it hurts, but the sun will shine through
There’s gon’ be better days, better days, better days
Around the corner, it’s true


i got my klander _


and I am attempting putting a 1000 piece puzzle of santas village, all that snow, the green trees, the red suits, um wanna come over and help me put it together?? serving hot chocolate! reason why I put this here your santa village reminded me of what I am trying to do.


I got me some crocheted cookies today, they are awesome, I can look and not eat, what a way to stay on this diet,change of eating habits, whatever you want to call it. they are so cute, and realistic!!
thatsd my highlight of the day


For when you feel like having something “healthy”:

Or when you’re hungry:

And have some tea!



Go ahead, help yourself:

Oh, wait! You spilled some!

Let’s watch a K-drama!

We can eat this while watching:


oh my goodness! what a treat! more to do, thank you mirjam_465


ahhh I really want to come over now!! @mirjam_465 is making me wayyyyy too hungry :grimacing:
how far have you gotten on the puzzle?


For those who’d be interested, this is the Viki Careers page, it seems none jobs are available, but you could still download your resume in your profile for future opportunities :wink:

Bonne Chance Piranna with your future working opportunities, whether your own business or
a great position. You can do, you are persistent! :four_leaf_clover::beetle:

You could perhaps open a yarn and supplies store and provide course along and/or sell your own crochet things… and even your soaps etc. We don’t find anymore hand knit hats or sweaters, they are rare and very expensive in stores, yet they are much liked, also a lots or knitted things are made with acrylic yarn which I really hate and it fuzzes after few washes.

I don’t know your neighborhood but you’d need to make a checklist and search other stores to get more ideas, also how much rent you’d pay and you’d need a part timer perhaps a college student, if you need to step out or so… just thinking. I have seen in US and in Prague a yarn store. You’d need to find wool/yarn suppliers.

I went once to a sheep and wool festival in New Hampshire and they had lots of homespun wool yarn from sheep and alpaca, I bought many skeins for projects which are still waiting, lol.