The highlight of your day


Idon’t know if it work :slight_smile:


Wow, what a beauty! :heart_eyes:


That is tadaaaaa Sandera :heart::heart::heart: my Star :smiley::smiley:


She’s gorgeous may she be blessed with good health and live many many more years to come. You mentioned she’s 20. How long do horses last? I’m too lazy to get the info lol


I was afraid that this would work, brought to a standstill :joy:

It’s different, but I think a lot will be between 20 and 30, Then there are fewer that reach the 40, And recently I heard that a little pony turned 50… But this is not recorded anywhere, so “only” from hearsay… :slight_smile:

I hope my sweetie can do it too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:
Thank you for your wish :kissing_heart:


Thank you Mirjam :slight_smile:
I don’t ride, but I walk a lot with her,
And floor work, But most of the time, we’re silly


Sounds amazing. :slight_smile:


ok people, here a laugh for the day. a friend at church requested prayer for her granddaughter. her father passed away same name as my son, note here I haven’t heard from son in 2 years, so hearing that name was a shock, then a niece messaged me, that (same name) died, and contact her asap, noow look! two in one day~ same names, so I discovered the names and person were same, the ladies grand daughter is my g g niece, that guy was my gnephew! talking about being in shock for a bit! you bet.
its a small world after all! highlight of my day, at least from yesterday to today!
y’all have a great day!


Could work for an hour in the garden - heartbeat normal - hurray - my mom was with me we were chatting and watching the birds and butterflies … And made a dessert out of quark/curd, a bit of cream cheese, mix it until it has a creamy texture (you only need a spoon or a fork no mixer or anything like that needed) if needed add a little sip of milk, if the cream is too dry. Now add chocolate marshmallows break the chocolate and mix it under the cream not for too long the chocolate should not melt, you can use the waffle base either as decoration on top or cut them smaller and mix it under (if you do the latter eating it right away would be best, since the waffle will lose its crunch). You are free to eat it in combination with fruit or just like that.


The highlight of my day? WONDERFUL! Talking on the phone to my 8 year old granddaughter from Florida, as we watch her favorite anime ‘‘The Witches’’ so far just finished episode 1. It makes the day get shorter since lately they have become longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and boringggggggggggggg want to go to a mall and shop, shop!


This is really scary with your son, i just imagine that We have a daily newspaper here with us, There are death notices on the last page… I would go crazy to discover a very well-known name there…
That would be a real shock :flushed::flushed:
Good thing it wasn’t her son :slight_smile: But sad at the same time for the other :confused:

Gnephew, Do you have another paraphrase for that word :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Something like a foster father…
I don’t understand it, sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth::slight_smile:


I think she means grand nephew (Großneffe).


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know words make little sense, And I don’t know either, Whether you accept that,
Sometimes it’s just cruel…
I take you in my arms and feel mega depressed by me :heart::heart:Life can be really cruel​:disappointed_relieved:


so sorry for confusion! yes grand nephew.


I just hope I didn’t get too close to you, Then I’m really sorry :pray::heart:


gaby_heitmann_975, of course you didn’t! I do need to explain stuff a bit better. My apologies again for the confusion! not to worry,ok?


This is great :slight_smile:


the highlight of my day, grocery shopping and not step out of the door, which means ordered from wall mart 3 days ago and received today!


Highlight of today, mowing - I do not have golf lawn more like mixed weed, so at one side it 15 cm high, at the other 8 cm, finally the first cut this year. Weather forecast said it will rain either tonight or tomorrow. That would be good, since the woods are all dry, there is a high danger of forest fires, there were already two the past days, small ones at least.