The highlight of your day


Congratulations on the amazing promotion, sunbae-nim!!!:joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


you keep it right where you are!! yeah its beautiful


My highlight? Early decoration for christmas since ‘‘the days are passing by like water’’ (my spanish saying). It feels so weird how fast the week is over and the weekends too!!!:cry:


this week has surely gone by fast!! as for Christmas decorations, the people across the street have gotten theirs out, and a star too, its so beautiful! I love looking at it, and I really need to go there and thank them for the decorations

, I just don’t do them anymore, I will be lucky to put up a tree and decorations, theres a neighborhood not far from me, they go way out with their decorations, and I do plan to go there when they get them up. yes childhood memories galore,


I found this and thought I would put it on here letting y’all know I do appreciate you


my highlight for the day!

here’s one for me, some of you know , and I have discussed it a bit on the different links and so on, about me being on this diet,

I went to the dr today finally, for a check-up here is some results.
1 a1c , 6.2
2blod pressure 120/70
the weight, have lost 10 lbs,
those numbers are the lowest in over a year! and really believe its being on this diet,


:muscle: Congratulations, Mary!


:heart_eyes: Such serene pictures, Gaby!! I took last week some colorful sunsets but with iphone it’s not the best camera lens, I never understand that such expensive gadget and compared to the cost it has a not up to par camera lense(s) (me currently 6s in possession).

I find watching a moon :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:in all stages very magical and indeed moon has impact on many things like our behavior, water (tides) and animals… it is an important planet for everyone :wink:


Wow that’s great Mary!:clap: I wished I could loose weight, what diet are you on? I just fluctuate between 2 to 4 pounds in a week… I don’t understand I have never a constant same weight, whether I eat or not… whether I exercise or not no true loss… it’s a mystery to me I need at least 10 to 20 lbs less to get rid of fat… I feel sometimes like in a “fat suit” not that Im overly fat looking just don’t feel it’s me LOL :rofl:

Your hard work paid off! Keep on doing what ever you are doing :muscle::+1:


I love watching the moon and it feels really mystical. Full moon has that special force of attraction which even a thousand stars lack.

You might find these images really astonishing and breathtaking!

I find night skies really cozy and many poets might not agree but for me winter nights are more prepossessing than a summer night with echoing melodies of crickets.


Thank you, I am glad that you also like the pictures :slight_smile::slight_smile:
I totally understand you, I have 2 cameras that are really good, but rarely take pictures with them… When you get a camera ready to take pictures… Do you have to take pictures :thinking:

But the spontaneity lies in the smartphone :grin:
Only which Smartphone has a good camera?
It has taken, Until I found the right smartphone for myself :smiley:

It is not a moon


:open_mouth::open_mouth: @gaby_heitmann_975 you live at such a great location!


We all live there, It just depends on the point of view “perspective” :blush::heart:


I put the list somewhere,on one if these pages, you just find it, no sugar, no bread, no pasta and theres more, but the bread & sugar was my culprit. and have lost it, also don’t miss it. now for thanks giving sorry but I am going to have a piece of pecan pie and pumpkin pie!! so thats that!!

piranna thank you!

ok y’all time for tea!!!

ok y’all time for tea!

What a charming tea-themed birthday cake!

Auntie Anne’s Corner of Life


I will be gone for a couple of days, celebrating thanksgiving with family


Me too! I think it’s normal to fluctuate between 500 g to 2 kg every day, because:

  • it depends when you weigh yourself.
    I heard it was recommended to do it at the same hour in the morning before eating, because during the day you eat and drink. Even water counts.

  • it depends on your clothes (shirt, big sweater…).
    Last time I went to the doctor, he deduced 1 kg from the scale because of clothes.

Maybe look for what part of your body you want to lose weight and find exercises for this part specifically.

I found that the diet is really important.

  • If we eat too salty or too sugary, the body will retain more water (homeostasis) and so + kg.

  • If we eat late at night and soon after we sleep, our body doesn’t have time to release the energy we just eat and will store it. So don’t eat dinner late at night.

  • Then, the type of food and the type of activity.
    If there are too many carbs (pasta, rice, bread, potato…) and not enough physical activity, the body will store the excess. If I eat pasta at noon, I try to limit carbs I will eat at diner, but I still eat carbs because of the aftereffects from excluding carbs.
    If we don’t do much physical activity, less carbs we eat. If we’re still hungry, we can eat more ingredients with fibers or proteins.

  • Prefer something freshly cooked vs. Restaurants or frozen food, because for the taste, they add oil, sugar, salt, sauce, additives that make us fatter. When you cook, you can control the quantity of butter, sugar, salt you put inside your food.

Ex: Mcdonald’s sauce and their big mac lol
Limit the consumption of sauce in your salad.


  • there are ingredients that will lessen the hungriness feeling during the day like oatmeal, apples, water… list on the internet.

  • What you wear: not too hot, not too cold. Don’t put heating system too high, so the body will spend more energy to maintain the body’s temp at 37°C.
    I read that cold showers could help a little bit with weight loss and skincare lol
    But don’t fall sick!

Maybe you can also ask advice from your doctor or do a check-up or blood test when the situation will be less dangerous.

Planets turn around a star like the sun whereas satellites like our moon turn around planets.

Callisto is one of the satellites of Jupiter that has around 80 satellites or moons, it’s also beautiful:

From our planet, we see a dot lol


I am back nice to visit but no place like home!


WELCOME BACK!!! Discussions just isn’t the same without you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
on a side note: highlight of my day-- i was watching Shopaholic Louis and in one scene they were sitting in a bar and EXO’s Lotto was playing! I almost fell off my bunk bed in surprise, it’s so awesome to hear my favourite band just randomly play in restaurants and bars in kdramas (this happened in Descendants of the Sun and another i can’t remember rn)!!!


and in some of those dramas if you listen closley they sometimes play old some songs in the background, course so softly you have to strain to listen, I have heard a lot of them !

sso good to be back home, nice to visit but home sweet home!!

ok here we go!!




my highlight of the day? me coming back home and uplifting y’all, and know some of you like what I do for you.




when the day is over, its all quiet and I am ready tol gol to bed!