The highlight of your day


love to look, but it can stay right there!!


I’m so used to the Peter, Paul & Mary version that I couldn’t listen to this all the way through. The original is much slower but really beautiful. I found it on YouTube.


I had never heard it and didn’t even know it was a cover.


My oldest sister had Peter, Paul and Mary albums and I’d listen to them with her. :slight_smile: As the youngest I listened to my siblings music preferences and learned to love a wide variety. Now I’m learning to love the soundtracks to my favorite C-dramas and anything Spotify suggests from that jumping off point.


I understand you, I miss the snow days and the frost with Sun…
It is sad even today we are lying around at 0°
And everything is so gray…
I miss him, the snow :pensive: Not much snow has been coming for years, And as a child we always had snow, it was so warm around the heart when it was snowing :snowflake::cloud_with_snow::snowflake::snowflake::snowman::snowman:
Which does not mean that it should snow for weeks :smirk: A little bit more would be nice


I feel you @mattlock, anyone remembers “Snowtober” on Halloween in the Northeast? There was this huge snowstorm that knocked several trees down also mine’s, we lost power for 4 days others even longer and again on Turkey Day. But lately it’s not as much anymore, which is obviously good if you hate snowplowing and clearing your driveway that was again filled from the city plowers!

But winter is winter and there should be snow to play and do sports… children should be making snowmans and angels… we can only hope and pray that those days will come back or you just have to visit places where snow still “lives”. :snowman::snowflake::snowboarder:


I haven’t posted in a while …
In times when you look at the big picture and the small one, you tend to have no time to look beside you, or take a breather …
When I finally have some time to take a look at my garden this morning, there is one Calendula left blooming like there is no tomorrow, even we had snow this week and there were minus degrees, there are no more bees to come either this little flower just opens its petals in bright orange.

And I had the pleasure to see a flock of birds, taking care of the seeds of an evening primrose, that makes me think, eventhough those kind of flowers are not liked by many I will try to have some more in the garden.


So I’m not alone with the blooming calendula (Marigold), I can’t believe they are so hardy and carry on to bloom even with snow; it’s kinda a miracle and inexplicable to me :sunflower:


The highlight of my day.
Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of PMs from viewers. Just now, I got a PM from a person and she said her mom watches the shows we’ve translated to Hindi so far! I am really happy to get an indirect thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
She even asked to get some more dramas translated. I feel sooooooo gooood.


Congratulations your hard work is paying off. Very rarely you see nice ppl. praising the hard work of the volunteers here. You must be doing an awesome job and although my language is not Hindi I appreciate the hard work you are doing for the enjoyment of viewers.


Thank you so much! Even if a viewer’s message is short or long, I really like it when they say thank you. The number of messages that I get isn’t that big but still, till the time there is at least one person who watches a show I translate, it’s enough to boost my energy.:grin:


That is so nice!! It’s your break after that sad experience with your ex-modeator, and you totally deserve it!:star_struck: Thanks for all your amazing efforts, I really look forward to working with you someday!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
highlight of my day: finally got time to go through @irmar 's Korean Culture tutorial-document, and wow I learnt a lot, Korea isn’t all fun and games :flushed:. It will be nice to visit someday, armed with all this knowledge I’ve gained. As piranna once said(I think about the knitting classes you were taking?), you’re the best teacher ever!! Thanks for all that effort, I really did enjoy learning!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much Vivi, this is definitely a new start.

I wish you’ll be able to survive without subtitles :smile:
Even I agree that Irmar’s lessons are just amazing. A few days back, I asked her some tips on making a perfect spreadsheet and whatever she taught was something I never even thought of. She is an amazing teacher.

  1. People who laugh a lot are healthier than those who don’t. PLEASE NOTE!!


Thank you for your kind words!
But please don’t forget to testify that I wrote to you that the idea of how to keep the subs on the spreadsheet is by Piranna. She gave me hell last time for not crediting her as the author of the method each single time this subject is brought up. So if you ever speak about this method to anybody else, make sure to mention her as well, as for her this seems to be extremely important.


Yes, sure. I know getting a revolutionary idea isn’t that simple. So, thank you @piranna for this idea to make our lives much simpler and saving us a lot of time. :grin::smile:


my thing about spreadsheets, I want to learn how to use them for Genealogy! and haven’t found , well relly haven’t searched for a link to help me in this. and I think it would be a good thing to keep stuff straight


well you can ask anything you need help with to us young uns here, I’d be happy to help! :grin:
also there are a lot of good tutorials available on the internet, so you definitely can do it!
there’s even an entire site dedicated to that--


I got the link you mentioned, better believe I am going to do my “Lessons” and learn them well, thank you Vivi_1485


got one down, and plan to do another today, isn’t as hard as I thought.(spreadsheet lessons)