The highlight of your day


my highlight of the day, my son came over, he needed to borrow my printer and that was great. then he wanted me to go somewhere with him, he needed some legal papers signed & noterized,

which we did that. then he surprised me in wanting to get lunch, a neat surprise to be sure! we always bring ours home to eat. Before that he took me sightseeing a , around where he lives, they are tearing down the trees all over the place! been a long time since I have been the area.

so came backl to my place to eat, then he wanted to scan stuff, and my scanner didn’t want to cooperate, so he went back to where we was for his legal documents so the person could scan them… anyway the General tso was delicious, haven’t had anything that good in some time.

and yes fell off the proverbial diet wagon!! so this was a “cheat day?”

I didn’t pig out, thats a good thing, and I will put the rest in freezer for much later!. an awesome day for sure!!


My highlight of the day is that Jung Il Woo (Sweet Munchies, Haechi, Iljimae, High Kick etc.) gave my reaction on one of his Youtube video’s a :heart: . Most likely it’s just his management team who does manage his channel but who cares :rofl:


:fireworks: Who cares indeed? :laughing:


I was always wondering if any of the stars replied to our messages. even if its management


True. I don’t really follow any stars, but I do appreciate it when some accounts on social media that I follow take the time to reply to your personal messages, especially if they have more than 10K followers. Some never do, but some do reply and are very nice :blush:


Probably my highlight of the year, after some dire weeks my Mom called me by my name. :joy:

Don’t stop believin’!
Wish you all a wonderful week.


I am really happy for you @lutra :heart:
A wish comes true after all :slight_smile::hugs:


there was a time when EXO’s Sehun didn’t know how to use Instagram and would reply to
private messages! EXO’s Baekhyun regularly replies and chats with fans on Twitter. The best chance you have of getting a reply is on their V-Lives, though.
Of course, all that happens only if you’re really, REALLY lucky :wink: @Dudie wow that’s you!
highlight of my day: finally done with my exams, now I can enjoy my stay at my beachside home-town, catch up on all those old Readers’ Digests from the 1980s! No dramas though, there’s no WiFi here


look, I really don’t knoe where to put this so I am going to do this here,

ok we all have the virus thing around the world, so should we travwel or not. I really don’t want to go to my brothers for christmas, just went for thanksgiving, only 66 miles away, but still I am not afraid of this virus, but didnt we say something like God gave us commonsense, use it? wouldn’t it better to be safe than sorry? and all the rest. and with me being in that group. so can you guys help with a solution? something?


Well? For me Christmas is almost the same as last year. My Mom and I, that’s it. This year I am even more thankful to have her in the best health we can possibly ask for. She even made it through being hospitalized, she doesn’t like the phones in the hospital and I could never make her use a cell phone. So more than 10 days we couldn’t talk nor see each other, she was in such a bad state when she was taken with the ambulance, that she couldn’t even recognize me. The first doctor I talked to even said, that she might not make it home, and if she would get stable, that maybe she needed to be taken to an “elderly home”. You never know the decisions in your life are right or wrong. I was just grateful she came back home and that she is okay, when she came home she held on to me, and wouldn’t let me go.
So yes, better safe than sorry, it’s how I made it through this year somehow, always thinking - do I need this, do I really need this? Where to go and how to go?
We could meet up for a bit in discussions, if that could be an option for you. I probably could be around European/Berlin 10 pm.


ok my choice, I discovered a friend from church is going to spend Christmas alone, well the conversation spoke about all this, we have decided to spend Christmas together, she’s lonely and so am I, hey maybe a new tradition!!

and y’know what’s so funny, hopefully, y’all know what secret sisters secret Santa etc. well we discovered she is my secret sister, and I am her secret sister, we did have a laugh about that one. so we will be spending Christmas together


looks like p;lans are changed, I have decided to go to my brother who is in Clinton NC, the lady was so negative about everything, don’t need to be around negativity! so if y’all dont hear from me for a few days, theres no connection to wqifi or cable, cant even use my phone,


oh that’s nice!
my family decided to make the trip, and so did my grandparents. We prayed about it a lot, I feel like there’s no standard answer of yes or no. Each person will have to decide for their own. So far, we’ve finished our 14-day quarantine and everything is going on as usual, not all the family is coming, only a few.
However, the place we’re in is pretty remote and hardly any cases, my grandparents and all other old people came in private cars.
I don’t know how busy your place is, I heard the cases is the US are rising…


The cases in the US are definitely on the rise. I live in southern California, one of the worst areas. I get updates from the local hospital I used to volunteer at and it’s pretty depressing. Stay safe everyone!


and we don’t hear anything about peop;le dying with the flu or heart or other things. but this virus is killing everyone,


Christmas? Well, don’t really know what to say about it, can’t really empathize with all the church, praying etc. ppl are talking about. It’s an excuse to get together with family, and this will be done this year as well, though not everyone is coming, due to them living in other places in the country with more of the bannedvirus. Could change the date and name of the event imo to something less religious. :slight_smile:


aaahhhhhh chocolate

For thousands of years, Central and South American civilizations prepared a chocolaty drink that the Mayans called ka’kao - the drink of the Gods. As shown in this Mayan artwork, brewed cacao was served to kings in golden cups and was prized for its restorative and energizing properties. It was passed down from generation to generation until the tradition was lost.


On a brighter note, my daughter live streams her ukulele and guitar playing on Reddit Sessions and Reddit has chosen her along with few other musicians to team up with charities for a holiday fundraiser. She is teamed up with the Red Cross.:blush:


Just a reminder before this conversation goes even deeper into detail.

I made this topic initially to remind us of the good and nice things happening even in times of the pandemic.

Thanks! :wink:


That’s so noble on her part, and I’m happy she will be part of this wonderful event bc although we might not be able to give much like we used to, any little bit adds up for the greater good. It breaks my heart when I can’t donate as much as I used to, but not giving (unless we are starving) is more unforgivable to me. ‘‘It is by giving that we should receive.’’

PS. I almost died recently bc I wasn’t getting treatment for my Lupus, and they were not giving me my much needed pills since at that time they were using it on covid patients. I don’t blame anyone bc at that time it was so chaotic but I’m angry now that ppl can do so much more and they are not and that’s the reason a virus managed to mutate itself and who knows where this will all end.

On that note, I am happy to be alive and my highlight of the day is that hopefully 2021 will be the rainbow year that we all be living in health and happiness. Enjoy your Holidays and Happy New coming year!