The highlight of your day


Congratulations and all the best in your job :blush::blush:


Good morning all together :slight_smile:
I do not know, maybe someone still remembers :grimacing:
That it no longer snows like this in Germany on one half of the country

It has snowed :hugs::hugs::hugs:

But it should all be gone again in the afternoon
:pensive: Because of rain

Who knows what else is coming :slight_smile:


looks really nice, the horse and the snow


:slight_smile: I will tell my big one, That you find them good :smile:
She will certainly be very proud, thank you Mary :heart:


Congratulations @rose_shn. I’m so happy for you; may it bring you abundant happiness and a lot of $$$$!

So I went Christmas shopping for SALES and stores were empty and I was pissed! If the weather had not been so cold these past few days, I would have been able to get more stuff. Just got a blender, hamper, stuff I needed, and the fun of seeing ppl like chickens without a head running through the aisle. It was fun.








Happy new year y’all


reading a good book then you come to this



Well so I’m guessing I’m a Southerner too hahahaha. My kids when I stop to talk to my neighbors scream: I’m going ahead! Then half an hour later they call to check up on me; Are you still talking??? I said I’m just saying good bye I’ll be right up. Yeah right! Click…(hang up phone) god knows how much later I walk through the door and face the long faces of my worried son and daughter (since is cold they think I got hypothermia). When are they going to get use to my southern goodbyes? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


and yes I do the same thing




:notes:Weekend and suunshiiiine :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:and then with Gaby :thinking:all alone :musical_note::notes:
:notes:Weeekend and sunshiiine​:sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

If only I could sing :dancer::microphone::notes::notes::notes::musical_score:

I would have sung now sooooo full of joy :dancer::microphone:
But I rather hold back again :upside_down_face::sweat_smile:


Waking up to this stuff. Makes the day for me! :slight_smile:


Gorgeous, make you feel like on cloud 9 :heart_eyes: Enjoy the fresh cleaner air, inhale deeply :wink:


Cute but

FAKE! :rofl:


whats fake about it? Its a rock that looks like a dolphin with a rock ball on its nose


That round rock perched precariously isn’t photoshopped?


where I got it from didn’t say so


Wonderful pictures, so beautiful clear, cold and you can see sooo beautiful in the distance :heart_eyes::heart:

      Simply wonderful❤️


I saw a similar image in Taiwan but the picture above seems to be photoshopped.


Yeah, I’ve been playing with the idea on/off for awhile and even talked half seriously about migrating to somewhere else. Think the topic last was Seoul, which is 4/5 the size of my “City”, but instead of 10 million ppl, it has 0,015 million ppl. :smiley: I try to imagine places others live in and enjoy, seeing endless amounts of skyscrapers instead of trees. I could probably live in Seoul for 1-2 years, but would probably become gradually more and more depressed after that. Seeing, smelling, hearing, experiencing etc. those pictures irl is sort of my tether to the earth and I lack the words to properly describe it. It’s energizing and restores ones will to live. I think places like Canada or Norway would work for me and I could feel at home there and the worst place for me would probably be a barren desert :smiley: .

Those anyone else have a ‘tether’, and those seeing it make your day?