The highlight of your day


I wish you all a wonderful day! :blush:

My highlight is that I got a steady customer as a freelancer where I do the graphic work for him and now I can earn some pocket money with it and solve also a insurance problem which I had since I finished my study. It’s really a chaos in Germany to be a graduate and if you don’t have any job. :sweat:

But now it’s getting better and I can say that the start of 2021 was a good one for me (at least). :relieved: I guess I am finally releaved to be in the current situation where I do my works 100% at home because I am also a introvert. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think the highlight of my day was that I persuaded our math teacher to cancel the lesson and let us play snowball outside . It was hard a bit but I did it! hehe :fist::dancing_women::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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How has that affected you? Or do you feel it is positive/neutral? :slight_smile:


If I thought I had to live in Hamburg or Berlin now… I would simply enter… Everything is flat with us… The only negative thing with us are the windmills :pensive:

And the picture still looks harmless,
Well, you can not have everything :blush:


Well checkout NH and Vermont state or even Maine. These states have what you might be looking for. I know NH well and the neighboring states a bit. NH offers lakes, rivers, mountains and forests. There is still lots of wildlife so folks hunt. There is 13 miles coast line and you can drink raw milk and buy local farming produce. Four seasons and yes there are sometimes snowstorms, folk is a bit puritan but that’s ok. - There isn’t really one 100% perfect place, you’ll find everywhere some type of dislikes or deficit, but if you overall know what you want and enjoy you can find that place which could cover your likes

Many Canadians spend summers there, there is no state tax but property tax depending on town could be higher than in MA. Every season is enjoyable outdoor, there are parks and many hiking trails and camping sites that would connect you with nature. - No really big cities either.
General Starks motto was: Live Free or Die and it’s on the car plates written :wink:
6 hours to Canada and 6 hours to NYC and 1 hour to Boston.


I remember driving there in early spring days, it looked surreal with the sun light hitting the street shining like diamonds from the salt. I think it was from Bredstedt to Niebüll but I could be wrong.


Here you go. The view outside my old house. :smiley: It can really drift over in winter. Yea. we lived way out there in the backside of the rez.


Thank you for the wise words, dear! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@all: Thank you for sharing those great pictures because I don’t see anything special in my everyday life :zipper_mouth_face:


as for moving and all, I moved so much as a child, from Kansas, the plains state, hot summer cold winter, moved to colorado, mountains were beautiful, moved to Idaho, hey we visited indian reservations! that was awesome, then the beautiful state of Washington, could always see mount Rainere, the hills.

like me and porkypine were discussing elsewhere, those were MOUNTAINS in those streets, then back to colorado for a time, then Kansas for a few months! we were snowed in! after the thaw we moved to NC stayed a few years, then to Georgia, then back to NC, talking about a ride???

Dad was not military, ever hear of willowisp?? and as a child with no roots, that isn’t really fun. sure I saw different things, met different people and all, but roots I really do believe what matters. this “kid” was lonely, no one wanted to be friends with her cause she spoke differently H try the western speach to the southern, yeah always “damn Yankee” and I am not yankee, but misd western. anyway, sorry y’all I guess y’all kinda touched me this morning, and recalling the stuff I went through while younger. so move , to wherever you want to go…

this is an old memory to me, I remember it someone showing it to me as a little girl. I hope this makes sense to you’all. and do enjoy.


@lutra It is also nice, To have such wonderful memories of this park near Husum :blush: There they started at that time
Meanwhile they can be seen everywhere,
And it has so nothing more :pensive:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This landscape is really very beautiful :blush:


We all have our lot to bear :blush:
And we all need to learn, Making the best of it…
Every day and anew.
And maybe, we all have at some point,
A perfect smile in the Heart :heart:


I have pictures somewhere on cd, if I ever get to find them. I will post some. I have no pictures of the glittering street as I was driving and that nice little “camera to go” was standing, and it didn’t matter driving in another direction, that camera followed me, luckily I didn’t get a picture taken from me.


@porkypine90_261 That’s some beautiful views. I would probably drink my morning coffee on the front door steps enjoying the view :slight_smile:

@simi11 Yeah probably, though the US has a bad reputation these days when it comes to social services. When I get older I want to have access to healthcare and if I get kids, for them to have a good education (which high tuition fees might hinder). Plus, currently I like paying tax, I get more in return and it enables me to use a bigger portion of my income for other things, like travel.

@angelight313_168 Yeah, those things are horrible, that’s why I probably migrate to Canada or Norway rather than the US tbh, I hear too much bad stuff. Canada could be worse, but nobady just ain’t telling me. :smiley:
What you describe would be highly illegal over here, the constitution demands the government guarantee a minimum living standard to all, incl. non-citizens. Though some in the states would consider that the govt messing with ppls freedoms, so think what you want of it. Though I don’t pray I try to think about things I can do to help others.
@gaby_heitmann_975 Good views, feels little bit like home, those turbines are found here as well :slight_smile:


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Hmm, I didn’t intend to get some political discussion going :smiley: , but I really want to jump in with my thoughts, agree with most. The community rules ban that, which sucks and is plain dumb, since most things are political in this world, since most things are part of society. (I guess talking politics in group pm’s would not be banned)
Everything started from that pesky snow, it should probably be banned as well now, I guess. My precious snow… x) Though this is a thread about ones highlights of the day, though talking politics for me is often the daily highlight actually :slight_smile:, nothing like a good stimulating discussion.

Objectively speaking, things like homelessness can be eliminated, because most people don’t want to be homeless, just has economically fallen on their faces. So providing money for housing, utilities and food tends to spur people to get back on their feet faster than if they had to do it on their own. Usually people want more out of their lives than the basics, maybe one wants the new iPhone/buy a house/travel/etc, so most people prefer to get off any support and look for work, in order to get those things. It is just a question of want, does a society want to do the things required to achieve it. :slight_smile:


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Not only that, you can shower and dress up in your own home, before the coming job interview. Basic dignity.

Yeah, something similar has happened here with alcohol, the country used to be so drunk that when the russians invaded we threw burning bottles of alcohol at them :D. Here where I live there is a history of poverty, with working poor and unemployment. Up until recently, within my memory, there where widespread alcoholism and domestic violence problems. Those things are connected, but not necessarily logical to someone in a good life situation. Poverty increases desperation and hopelessness, which increases peoples willingness to find a (temporary) reprieve from a substance. It also makes it harder form people to fix their life on their own. This substance abuse problems then has domino effects into other problems, like domestic violence etc.
In Finland there is a term called “yhteiskuntarauha”, which lit. means societal peace, but refers to this. When you eliminate the root causes of these problems you get societal peace, meaning you stop the dominos from falling. By paying a decent (minimum) wage and providing support to those that need it you eliminate desperation and hopelessness that then reduces substance abuse and so forth.
So I think it is important to take care of those who need it, because it helps me indirectly, so they can rise up and return the favour when someone else needs help. I have had to rely on the state a few times myself when I lost a job or similar.