The highlight of your day


I am honest, I have not read all you were writing, but I want to remind you that I created “The highlight of your day” to uplift everyone’s mood in sharing positive moments they encountered in these days.

Please refrain from going into detail about politics, the pandemic, religion, … You should know since this came up: Viki Community Guidelines - New Discussions forum rules

Thank you!


ok… I’ll remove my posts


It’s not that I wouldn’t like discussions about politics, religion, … I really miss the opportunity, I just don’t want to see anyone getting in trouble, because most of the time the discussions started to turn into a heated debate and then Viki jumps in, and I don’t like to see that.


That’s ok. I removed them anyway. At least the ones I can find. I’ll delete the other stuff when I run across them. I don’t want to upset people and some of my comments can trigger people even though that is unintentional. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t speak for anyone else, so I’ll speak for myself only. The clock is atm 09:51 in the morning, so far discussing this has been my highlight and I’m in a better mood bc of it. Tbh, I find the opposite depressing since it usually tends to be shallow fluff, generally speaking, avoiding problems gives me more anxiety than confronting and talking about them. Not everyone is the same and thus the same things doesn’t make everyone equally happy.

I pointed out the rules first and have tried to follow them to the best of my ability, so I don’t consider that I’ve done something wrong. If I get banned, then I do, I have no power over that. I have the same right as anyone else here, the right to be one-self. My comments stay until the hammer falls, after which I stop funding the community, which is something I can do :wink:

Your welcome. :slight_smile:


If you want to talk about it try to open a topic yourself, I didn’t mean to stop you in general. I just know, when discussions like these go out of hand, people will start to take things personal and feelings get hurt and at one point there is no more communication possible. So many left this discussion forum already and that’s just a sad thing. I miss the exchange on different views, but I don’t miss not reading peoples angry comments because they thought truths were lies and someone wanted to personally attack them, and it got ugly, really ugly.


SO to bring back the discussion to the most precious snow. Here’s a pic from my window. A bit grey today.


My highlight yesterday was that I went to town the old fashion way, well not exactly, but I bought a dvd-set with Audrey Hepburn movies and my mom and I watched Roman Holidays together, I don’t know why but this old black and white movie always puts me in a better mood.


Oh. I thought you did mean everywhere, which is why you pointed out the guidelines, so I removed the comments I could find.


I bring out the guidelines for awareness and to state that it wasn’t my idea. I care for this topic, since I started it and hope it will bring some warmth, comfort and smiles.


I hold there times against :joy:

This is how it looks with us :sweat_smile:, Our bog is flooded :upside_down_face:


Grey as well I see :slight_smile:


When I was a pre-teen we lived (for a while) in the country side in a huge ‘‘finca’’ and my grandpa would give us ‘‘machetes,’’ and we would make these ‘‘sanjas’’ (a straight hole in the dirt as far as we had to so the water would drain) or more like the water ‘‘would flow’’ and not stay in a puddle? stagnant? Anyway, this brings great memories for me bc we played with this mud and try to swim in this dirty water and ironically we never got sick, and ever since we came to live in the city, we were/are always getting sick lol. I have to be honest; I hated the country, but now I find myself yearning to go there, and smell the orange trees lined up in the roads, and the wood burning: that wonderful smell of wood burning sigh well, nature in its whole beauty that I never as a child wanted to appreciate but long for as an adult.


thanks Lutra!!


… that reminds me of when we were kids always in the mud but we lived in the east bay area which still had quite a few open areas at that time back in the 60’s. Our little neighborhood, kinda squeezed in between the freeway, Dodge plant and other factories wasn’t even noticed unless you happened to turn the wrong way. There was lead gas fumes and noise from the freeway but it was not really polluted otherwise. The curbs were rounded into side dip barrow type pits rather that squared curbs. So in winter when the rains came to California, it would rain for days. We’d dike up the gutters and make a swimming hole, :smirk::roll_eyes: :joy: Of course, the teenagers would see or pool and run over the dike with their hotrods and ruin our pool! It had such pretty rainbow water. I told my husband that and he said, “You know what rainbow water is, don’t you? It’s oil!” I’d reply with, “At least we didn’t have pesticide ridden irrigation ditches.” and he’d respond with, “So petrochemical carcinogens are better? We didn’t swim in the ditches.” I’d just laugh and tell him I’m gonna die someday because of that but at least we had fun.

When we’d get cold, it was like winter after all and around 45 to 55 degrees F, we’d run to the back of the house where he had a hose hooked up to the sink and warm up with warm water, then we’d run back to our ‘pool’. Yea. hardy kids. :grin:


Heh, didn’t se the F so my first thought was ‘J* C* that’s, how can you call that cold… Oh! Ah, snap.’ x). A small mistake that brightened my day a tiny bit. Cultural difference isn’t allways bad. :smiley:


That is what we expect today, 2 digit °C, after weeks of +/- 0 °C, hurray, but it rains, rains, rains. Still not as cold. :wink:


p/s so much better than it snowing. ok snow lovers don’t attack


Haha, yes, don’t like snow that much either. (The pedestrian way around my house seems longer every time, I don’t know about the U.S., but in Germany every town is making their own rules, in mine you need to clean the way from snow weekdays from 7 am to 8 pm, Sundays 8 am and about 1,2 meters width or the width of the pedestrian way if it is smaller.)
Isn’t it nice to have rules for almost everything, cough, cough …

Actually, when your comment came up the rain stopped and the sun came out. Nice!


and yeah I am the “snow witch?”