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Happy Belated Birthday, vivi. So glad you had a wonderful time! Hopefully next year will be different and you will see them in person but you are truly blessed to have so many who love you and remember such a special day: The day of your birth.



No problem, I understand :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A beautiful day :heart::heart::slight_smile: for all wish you
Sandera and Gaby :slight_smile:


A few years ago I bought a new wintercoat while I was in the progress of loosing weight but since I bought it I gained weight and as a result that coat has been in my closet for years. Hoping one day I could finally wear it because I didn’t want to sell it. Today I tried it on and it fits although it’s a bit tight in some area’s. If everything goes well I can finally wear it in a month or 2 I guess. I’m so happy :slight_smile:


UUU, you got snow, very beautiful! :smiley:

I actually came here again to shout out of the roof top how happy I am about the earth being pure white and how I’m going to make meself a Cardamom coffee and enjoy the view. If I could I would give you a coffee atm, so hopefully this virtual :coffee: will do, cheers! Enjoy the the weather while it lasts, there might not be many more white winters. :slight_smile:


What a gorgeous sight! Thank you for sharing!


@mattlock, nice :slight_smile: Coffee always goes :grin: thank you :coffee: so much…
It is so cold and yet so wonderful, I love this weather so much, I hope so much that there will be many more white winters with this sun for all of us… But unfortunately I know how you mean it :pensive::pensive:

I am glad that you like it :slight_smile::heart:
The golden ending for all of you :wink:


@Dudie Unfortunately I know that too
I like to buy summer clothes for winter :roll_eyes:
And when winter is over, Is the winter fat but still there :weary: Not good for the things bought last year :confounded: so stupid :woozy_face: At the end of the summer it will certainly fit again :joy:


OMG! I love it! You should think about submitting some of these pictures for a photo contest.


Just found this;
I think I’ve been used to cold most my life. Atm, there’s -6,5 outside and inside +14,5 degrees. Personally that’s close to my preference. So when you guys talk wintercoat, I think you wierd and go out in an autum or summer jacket depending on the wind. Or is it me who is wierd? xD


I think half the college kids (guys) at ISU must be Finns. In blizzards, they are walking from building to building wearing summer shorts, a hoodie and sneakers, sometimes flip flops. That seems to be the official school uniform. :snowman: (It’s really because they didn’t do their laundry.) :womans_clothes: :laughing:


@choitrio I’m really happy that you find the pictures so good thank you :slight_smile::kissing_heart:
Send to a photo contest, I would not dare then but… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I am not good enough for that :grin:
But it makes me happy when I can make someone happy now and then, And maybe even can bring a little light into the darkness :slight_smile::hugs::heart:
And Sometimes I just hope too much :grin:


You are one of those who freeze me to ice :cold_face::cold_face: :joy:
Because it seems that you have nothing to wear in winter,
Or you always have summer :grin:
I am also not a cap guy, But it should already be warm around me :coffee::coffee: with coffee


Went out into the snowy forest and into the “city” to take some pics.

@porkypine90_261 Yeah I do that nowadays as well, though staying for longer periods with only shorts isn’t that good for your body temp. Though your body is pretty adaptable, in the article I linked they showed that one can essentially prep once body for colder weather. I have just done that since I was a baby and I enjoy it, since it’s normal for me. Someone from a hotter climate might have more issues, similar to how I would struggle in hotter climates.
@gaby_heitmann_975 Lithuania a few summers back was too far south, It was only a few degrees warmer, but it had no wind or movement in the air at all and the sun felt hotter. Before I went I kept complaining about the damn hot summer, when I came back I was thankful. Warmer weather affects my sleep patterns very negatively, no sleep means I’m in a bad mood and cranky xD. I suspect traveling to the equator would be like traveling to hell for me xS, 0h sleep and I would go up the walls and out of my mind.


aaw y’all thanks for the snowy pictures, I enjoy them, here is a cold rain(USA,NC) might turn into something else later. a big maybe

from yesterday, my “frost”

compared to some of you guys!!


lucky me got minus 14 dagrees today -.-
but without a crash i arrived at work and safely again at home.
than coffee and Schweinsohren <3

image image




Well, your photos certainly bring smile to my face.:blush: And, yes, you are more than good enough to enter a photo contest.

Thank you all for those lovely pictures of snow. Meanwhile, this California girl is enjoying 70 degree weather. I will be dining al fresco with my family a little later.:grin:


Oh yea. I much prefer cold to hot weather. I get very indolent when it’s hot. You’ll find me in a hammock in the shade. :sunglasses:

I grew up in foggy San Francisco weather so to me. at the beach, fully clothed but not coats, just a sweater and I’m fine. Just my ears get cold from the wind. And out of state visitors are FREEZING :laughing: It’s not even freezing just maybe 45 F but damp, blowing wind. It must go right through them. (And these are guys from Snow climates - bunch of wimps, can’t even take a summer day in San Francisco. :rofl:

What was it Mark Twain wrote. " The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco ."

San Francisco weather."The%20coldest%20winter%20I%20ever,knew%20from%20whence%20they%20spoke.


Is that what they call those? Those are good but I can’t get them here. :sleepy: