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now… now… :shushing_face: :rofl: Go make snow angels! :grin:

It’s been dumping snow here too. I’ve been avoiding going out cuz it’s just too unstable walking on ice with crutches. But, I have an appointment Friday. Made the appointment cuz my doctor has been pestering me for years. I finally gave in. I think I will cancel it. (Doesn’t want to get her mamingas smashed anyway.) Been avoiding that for 40+ years! :rofl:


all righty now yesterday I saw a huge UFO but today its gone and won’t see for a few days, felt good to see it for a change! now predictions of freezing rain next few days!! but I won’t complain, cause rather see this “mess” than snow!!



I am profoundly sorry for what you are going through and I hope there is some way that you can get help taking care of your mom bc it seems to me that if God forbids something happens to you, caused by the stress, she will be all alone. There must be something that can be done that can relieve this struggle and it seems you are also not in top condition for the heavy lifting. I have been in hospitals so much that I could adjust the endless beeping of the IV’s when the nurses were too busy and help some move around. They must have videos how to pick up safely patients that fall from the bed without straining the back.

I saw the nurses (thankfully it was 2 of them) turn the patients on their side and slide a white thin blanket (too bulky won’t work (bed sheet) under their body as far as possible then they proceeded to turn them on their other side and slide the sheet under them. Once the sheet was under them they would slide the patient close to the bed and work out a way to put them in bed.

With a wheelchair when I bathe my mother in law before she died we put her in a wheelchair and when I wanted to pick her up I would kick hard where they put their foots to rest when you kick hard the wheelchair tilts forward and the patient falls into your arm if they overweight your back will suffer a blow but if they skinny is easier to wash their back and then put them back down.

You need to find a way to prevent her from falling maybe getting/buying the side rails we use for our kids when they are too young and call fall out of their bed… They are easy to install.

this is the bed rail I’m talking about


Why are you on crutches? I noticed you wasn’t around for a few days and was wondering what happened and was worried too. You saw in Texas 30 degrees below zero, ice and snow, they have no heat or water bc the pipes froze and they are dying from cold/some ppl froze to death in cars and homes (poor elderly that have no family). Weird weather is getting me nervous.

PS. You cant make snow Angels on wet frozen snow I’ll end up with pneumonia. Did I mentioned I hate snow with all the fibers of my heart?

But then again, you took a big chance waiting for your mamingas to be checked. I rather have them smashed than removed like my mother had to do, when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer Well, she was a heavy smoker and that she paid dearly for. Good news she has been in remission for over 20 years now.


yeah snow angels,

and you really need to get one of those home nurses that come in , would your insurance cover that though.


No worries, I know about lifting weights, I am just not trained and no longer used to do it. I can’t even tell if she fell, since she has no injuries, it is possible that she moved out of the bed and didn’t make it back again and then laid down on the ground. Nevertheless, I used a bed cover to put under her arms to pull her up to sit first and then get her up. I had some hours of back training as a woman over 6 feet tall, the back is a weak point.

She can walk with help, it was better when she could use her ergometer, I need to find a replacement with a lower seat, for her, not that easy, as she doesn’t need the fancy training stuff, she needs it to keep on moving.


You are 6 feet tall?


6 feet 2 to be exact.


hehehehe, a giant to me(5 foot)


My eldest female cousin is as tall as you, when we both are standing side by side we are the “extreme” of the family.


I hope no one laughs at you two!!


No one would dare, we are no Asians, but still she is the eldest, and I am the youngest so no chance. We both had to endure a lot because of our height, if our family were the same, booh … So, no.

P.S. Anyone else experiences repeated system edits while using quotes? After 3 times, it gets annoying.


Can you imagine me next to you at 4’10’’? omg up to your waist. My boy is 5’11’’ and when I annoy him he tells me; kid, go away lol


!!! Sorry to hear she fell! Along with bed rails you can also get floor padding. Or, a bed that drops to the floor so if she does roll out, she won’t hurt herself. See if a home health or hospice service can help you with a motorized bed.

My husband who was 6’1", was very ill at the end of his life. He fell a few times when he tried to move around on his own and I could not get him up because I lost my leverage because of bad knees. You can really hurt your back if you don’t leverage correctly. Be careful and ask home care workers if they can show you techniques to use so you don’t injure yourself. and if it comes down to it, give her a pillow, make her comfortable, cover her with a blanket and call the fire department. They do not charge to help you for people who fall.(It’s what your taxes are for.) What the firemen/ EMTs do is assess for injury, then roll them onto a blanket and several do the lift and carry back onto the bed. They had 4 guys lifting my husband because he was so tall. So don’t try it yourself next time that happens.

If you injure yourself, how can you take care of your mother? Be careful.


After looking at her carefully all day it seems she really didn’t fall, but went out off bed and just didn’t manage to get back in, my mom is 5 foot 4 by the way. As it must have been early in the morning I guess she was still tired and just laid down on the floor.
I will get back to you about the Firemen Department in Germany, which is a bit complicated. Till later.
I will edit this post so …
The Firemen Department in Germany is coordinating medical emergencies, but don’t necessarily come to you. They will if special equipment is needed, but in the normal medical emergencies they give the order to the ambulance service, and they will come to your place. The number to call for fire/medical/dangerous emergencies is 112, 110 is the police. But you can call the ambulance service directly as well, and they do come most of the time.
We do have a professional fire brigade, volunteers and drafted ones. Most professionals work in cities with more than 80.000 people, because they need to have a professional one, it may be that have volunteers as well, but the main firemen should be employed. In rural areas it has volunteers and drafted firemen if needed, and it is right most of the financial support comes from the taxes.

We do have a proverb literally translated - Caution is the mother of the china box. - I don’t know if it works for you in English, anyway caution is kind of my second name. :wink: Because I know that I need my energy for the long haul.
1 am again, going to get some sleep, because sleep is precious. :sleeping:


@lutra if you can somehow organize a visiting nurse, in Switzerland they have Spitex and some services like nurse care is partially covered by the health insurance. They don’t have to come every day but have them come at least to show how you can do things the easier way, they have the knowledge. I had these when mom was sick and dying, it was a great help to me.
I don’t know what they offer in Germany but you could also inquire at the City Hall or call health insurance. Don’t take everything on you, you must also stay healthy, I know it’s hard. Good luck!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


my sons pat me on tne head, and say oh thats all right, aznd thewy are like 5’9. to 6’


The day before yesterday I saw the first brimstone butterfly (Let me remember this name for what we in Germany call a “Zitronenfalter” literally citron butterfly, when an American tells me that the word “Schmetterling” sounds too hard for a filigree animal like a butterfly …)
Anyway watching that little thing dancing in the sunlight, I thought how crazy it is it feels like it was only 10 days ago when temperatures were around minus 15 °C at my place, and today we expect 20° C - I mean don’t get me wrong I am not really complaining, it makes me happy and is energizing, but at the same time you think - that’s climate change isn’t it?
Still that yellow little thing made me breathe easier, spring I am so ready for spring you can’t imagine.


Wow! You have butterflies already? Snow will be on and off here in the mountains through April. Only hardy plants attempt to grow now. There’s nothing for dainty butterflies to eat yet. Enjoy your flutter bug. :upside_down_face:


Finally my 100 K subs are in the bag :blush::heart_eyes: I’m still wondering when my 50 K badge for Chinese subs will appear… it should happen soon! (I know many of you have much more, yet you might remember when you achieved your first 50’ and then 100’ :wink:)
To you all, happy subbing and segging!
Update: there is no 50 K Badge for country titled dramas like Chinese or Korean, the next is 100 K as well, lol.