The highlight of your day


I remember the BLACKOUT of July 1977 in NYC bc it was the cause of my early labor that even caused my baby to have heart murmur since the suffering I went through was too much for my baby. I remember it like it happened yesterday bc we were at the park on a terrible hot summer day and we had to get home walking under the darkness and the garbage of the world looting (they broke into our apartment that day too). I lost one of the sandals and had to walk barefoot bc we couldn’t find it so I was bleeding from the broken glasses all over.


You kids with your electricity and internets… xP


ok,ok, I fess up, no can do without computer!!


Well in New England it was more or less a standard that we would loose electricity, depending on where you lived and where the damage and how big the damage was during those snow storms. I lost couple trees and shrubs and lived through power loss with 3 little kids often by myself. I just used the fire place and also kinda camping cooking, later I had a generator to run small appliances except the house heating, although it was with gas it needed an electrical starter…
Anyone remembers Snowtober (snow storm on Halloween /end of October) and also Turkey snow storm, folks bought turkeys for Thanksgiving and next day no power to cook it; some folks were during 2 weeks with power loss, shelters opened up and people lining up at gas station that worked :wink:

Yeah, everything runs on electricity, I also had a power converter for my car so I could charge my cell phone and my laptop, at least watching movies, lol


LOL I had no internet until 2008, I was one of the last to get it, my other friends already had it, I used it, but in our library every once in a while. No, I didn’t even think about a computer or cell phone … I had a camping cooker when we still went camping. Now I don’t. Okay I would still have a grill, or I could make a fireplace in the backyard. The first thought would always be food, then water, then maybe heat depending on the season we would be in.

In my childhood was the last bigger blackout several hours and the freezer nothing like today, so at first it was a feast for us kids because all the ice cream went on the table to eat, if only we had bigger stomachs. :wink:

Maybe I should have written - I don’t want to imagine it.


In Finland it is common for people to have a mökki, a sort of cottage. Traditionally they are old homes from people who moved to the cities from the countryside. Since the country urbanized so late in the 50’s, most of these don’t how power running water etc. On their freetime ppl go to these and live there.

When I was a child I got scolded if I smuggled my phone with me. Though the mökki culture is changing, more and more of the younger generations uppgrade these with convineces.

Edit: This is the ultimate highlight for many finns, going off grid.


Btw, Utah also has a mökki culture :D.

However, I can understand her urge and I can se how it can help ones mental health.


I am not goping to go that far. 4 days was enough for me! jhopefully it won’t happen again, course storms still come around so hopefully they won’t hit hewre, you just don’t know about NC weather!!


today before mothers day, I got a surprise from my oledr son, a bunch of tulips, so pretty!!


Highlight of my day today:

I got $50 dollar RED LOBSTER gift card. Gorgeous red roses. $50 Cash and more to come…Tomorrow to celebrate with my kids. Maybe to see Macy’s Flower Show? Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there who are celebrating in their part of the world.


ok so we moms have super powers??


The highlight of Mother’s Day? Shooting by a man from another State ruined plans for Macy’s Flower Show. Rain ruined more plans; so earlier at home. Stomach full and happy though bc…

I think the best gift are not money or material things, but precious words from the mouth of your own children. My oldest daughter wrote me a poem declaring me her own Angel on earth. My oldest son called me SUPERWOMAN and the best mom a son could have. My youngest daughter said she would never want another mom, but me. My younger boy says his friends tells him how lucky he is to have a mom like me, but all he adds Mom, ‘‘I can’t deny you are very funny and you always make me laugh.’’ Ok…lmao That made my day.


that is awesome!!


My highlight, a smaller story :grimacing: I try to write them in english as good as possible :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Also… I like it so much… :slight_smile:
Last year in the fall my friend said that he had to remove all the peppermint plants from my garden (raised bed), including roots, he pulled one by one, which made me very sad. After a small war with my boyfriend, I had to accept that there were no more peppermint plants. :pensive: :broken_heart: I am not only honest and naive, I am also incredibly attached to things that enrich my heart and are also only plants :pensive:

Now I planted kohlrabi again, and what do I see? :face_with_monocle: Small sweet little plants, Plants that grow between the Kohlrabi…
:blush: My peppermint plants :slight_smile: :grin: :heart:

@lutra Diese Pflanzen sind wirklich treu :slight_smile:


Pfefferminz muss man richtig ausgraben, wenn man sie nicht wuchern lassen will. Oder man gibt ihnen eine Wurzelsperre, einfaches Herausreißen hinterlässt immer noch Restwurzeln und Pfefferminze ist zäh und hartnäckig. Gut für die Minze, dass du sie magst. Ich setze sie nur noch in Töpfe.


The weather forecast said the next 8 days - it’s going to rain, rain, rain …
Yesterday, not much sun but no rain, today sunny, cloudy, but it’s noon now and not a single drop of rain.

I do not mind the rain, we had too little in the past years, but this spring was unusually cold, rainy and windy. I have not put a single new plant outside. We are in the middle of the so called “Eisheiligen” (Frost Saints?) Normally gardening will be safe after this date with planting outside, I am not assured yet.


Why you had to remove the peppermint plant? I’m curious to know.

PS. We use peppermint plant a lot to make tea for stomach issues. it also helps to keep those nasty mosquitoes away.


Yeah Gaby, I learnt my lesson well, never to plant peppermint in a open garden, peppermint must be contained, I spent hours of weeding, the plant spread at least 3 yards or meters underground, I thought I removed them all, but it was a fight, they are hard to kill once they establish “underground” rooting and crawling :wink: I had later a chocolate mint I planted in a garden bed and they weren’t so misbehaved, I got another this year for my bday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
btw I fought with maple tree seedlings too, I cut them to the ground cos I couldn’t get the roots (so deep), and guess what they just keep on regrowing on and on…

same happened with my red birch tree, the tree service cut it by accident and it just regrew with more “arms” branches. :grin:

Now you plant your baby mint in a pot and no one can touch it :heart_eyes:


My highlight:
I Am Not A Robot is BACK on Viki!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My first and probably ultimate k-drama, this one embodies everything I love about KDramaLand.
Time for another re-watch, this one NEVER gets old for me. Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin, here I come!


I think he did not want to have them anymore because the peppermint is so proliferating, The raised bed is just a mini small :joy:
There was still enough room for the Kohlrabis…
She is back, the peppermint…:slight_smile:
Peppermint tea is so delicious
Angelight Do you also cut a little ginger with it? Or with Lemon /Zitrone? :yum::yum:

@simi11 That is a good idea to plant the cute babies in a pot :slight_smile:
So I can save them too :blush: thank you
Do you mean the Japanese maple?
The maple can be cut and it grows back?!
I always thought that is not possible :blush:
You never stop learning… :grin:

If someone has stinging nettle in the garden, cut them off and dry them,
Then feed the dry nettle to horses :slight_smile: