The highlight of your day



Do you also cut a little ginger with it? Or with Lemon /Zitrone?

No, we never mix the peppermint tea with anything. Thank you for the suggestion!
I’ll try it next time.


It was jut the American sugar maple, the Japanese maple that is quite expensive can be trimmed, sometimes it grows shoots on the trunk that are supposed to be cut off I was told, but to be sure ask an expert.
Such seedlings I’m talking about:

and this is a full grown maple tree, they grow “helicopters” seeds and seed very easily, I had 2 very old maple trees, probably 150 old they were beautiful to look at them especially the fall colorful foliage but oh the work to rake all the leaves in fall :tired_face:

Just last Sunday I went to pick nettles in the forest near me, I got stung few times although I wore gloves, I picked a basket full and they are drying now. I use them for tea infusion as they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. It is said drinking it or rinsing hair with the infusion will decrease graying hair. :slight_smile:

Be sure to pick the right nettle as there are different species or look alike nettle in particular the one with yellow flowers isn’t a nettle and won’t sting (I think), then there is the wood nettle that grows in US and Canada has a different shape but apparently same benefits.

And you can make this fermented nettle tea and use it as pesticide. - I tried to grow nettles in my garden, but not much luck, I think they just like to grow wild.


Highlight of the day is that these fit again, I couldn’t zip them last autumn/winter but now they fit perfectly around my calves:

And an other highlight this week was that I finally exchanged my 2 Viki QC giftcards and got those for cheap.



Mine is I woke to another day. I went to work as I woke with parents and child from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade which would be from 4years old to 14 years old. One little boy said to me Im so happy to see you again can you walk me to my class grab my hand and on we went. As you stated and what is going on in the world this little smile of this young boy my day. I work as a liaison for home to school also i am on a support crisis team for our students. Sorry to ramble. But that.


Such a really beautiful maple tree :heart_eyes: We have a red maple and it already makes a lot of work when it loses its leaves, How does it look there with such a tree, but it is really so beautiful :blush:

For this we have a cherry laurel tree (Not a real laurel) in the garden, The also wants to go everywhere, but the beautiful thing about this tree, he smells so wonderful :blush:

Thanks for the tips with the nettles, we have a lot of them afterwards It’s worth it :blush::blush:


Don’t apologise for “rambling”…I love reading about the little joys of life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: this is one of my favorite threads here!


me too! that also makes MY day as well!

talkng about rambling?
my son came over yesterday, I don’t know how we even started this conversation, but from believing God, proving him or not, to outer space, the universe, t5o parallel universes, to are we even real, I mean some waaaay out conversations! middle earth, yeah Atlantis, then he mentioned Lemuria and the so called new discoveries new seas and so on, but still, a conversation maybe weirsd, but I really enjoyed the conversation! very interesting indeed! p/s he isnt a young kid, age 56. a consparicy theorist nut. but the rambling, I loved it!!


highlight of my day: I was looking out of my seventh-floor pigeonhole apartment window all bogged down with life’s worries and all the bad news going around in the world…and suddenly I saw a fire truck pull up and firefighters got out. They freed a bird tangled in some threads up in a tall tree. It suddenly made me feel light, because such things still happen even in these times :blush: The moment the bird was free and flew away, there was lots of applause from other people stuck in their own apartments!



It’s a beautiful message that you are not alone, and that life does goes on. This will pass and everything will come back to normal don’t ever lose hope about that. It was a message of hope for you and those who witness such a beautiful work of love.


I saw just recently some stories on youtube like a guy saving a baby bear cub, and mama watching, and well I won’t give it away, but he didn’t have to worry about fish!!! and there are a lot more
we aren’t alone but sometimes sure do feel like it. I know calling someone, visit someone, walking the dog helps a lot, just reaching out helping others is a good thing too.


I just got back from Aruba!


Thank you.


If you want the short version, scroll down until HIGHLIGHT
Yesterday in telegram style regarding my laptop:
Battery full, battery low, re-charged, battery full, battery low, no re-charge after some fumbling, re-charge, battery at 17 percent … Shut down - give it a rest, start again - hurray unannounced Win update, re-start, 2nd hurray another Win update, even there was one a day before … annoyed - left with 2 percent battery a little fumbling, nothing happens, another try, a little smoke, pulling the plug - 1 percent - zero percent - me devastated.

Today - calling my computer shop, closed only contact via e-mail hurray, only have my laptop to write emails - in times of computer and internet, no phone book at home, calling the directory assistance the good old fashion way. LOL First number - this number does not exist - hurray another time just wonderful. Now getting all the numbers of computer shops in that one street 5 in total. First the one with the number that did not work, now there service number … whatever, does ring but doesn’t sound “healthy”. Next one because of “C” working hours from 11am to 4pm. Me HELP. Next one "at the moment we are not available - Me SIGH - next one - just ringing. Next one 10am to 6pm - Me well another 1,5 hours to go.
10am I am calling the last shop on my list, they need to make appointements because of “C” but there is one available on noon. YESSSSSSSSS!
I told him the story bat-power-smoke, he tried another PSU, mine even had the blank cables at some point, and tada (drumroll version light in German) it’s up and running. 50 Euros but what the heck.
It was only the PSU broken and not my laptop, back again after less than a day offline, felt like at least 2 days (haha, just caught myself saying something like this), it is a bit of a scare not to have internet access in these days.
Wish you all failure-free devices! See you around.


Yayy!! My dad took apart my desktop CPU to clean it and now it won’t work when I turn it on :sob:
I know he’ll fix it as soon as his work lets up, but oh well it’s been torture😂


Haha, I can relate wholeheartedly. Fingers crossed!


My smartphone broke…
There is everything on it, over 2000 pictures, just everything :scream: I had extreme heart palpitations…
The repairman has managed so far that it worked again… But he still said, "make a backup, that will surely come again. At home I found out how to do it, after all you don’t make a backup every day… Everything done, data was safe, Not 10 min later the smartphone broke again… But it was no longer bad, the pictures were saved :heart_eyes:


My Highlight for today, Closingtime, weekend and Vacation :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:
It was also time, I had the feeling that I would not make it to the vacation :grin:


2 hours to get over here.


in about 2 hrs it is “21 Uhr” aka 9 o’clock aka 9pm


I’m a nervous wreck about that but so far, so good.

PS. Thankfully nothing happened and it was just anxiety.

Yesterday I went out and after a horrible more than a year locked in a nightmarish time, everything looked so normal bc the mall was full, people were happy and my daughter and I, had a good amount of talk through our mask with so many ppl. (although we have the choice not to use the mask since we’re fully vaccinated we do). I think putting the guard down is too soon, and that’s what got us in trouble back then.

We came back home at 9:30 pm from 11:00 am we left, and we’re so happy happy to see/feel normalcy again, but what’s most precious was to see hope, happiness and appreciation between everyone. Everyone was so nice and talkative so it was a dream come true day. Today relaxing and looking forward to many happy days…:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: