The highlight of your day


A young lady who I have just gotten to know recently (one of my good friends daughters) asked me to come to her graduation. It was outside and hot but I was honored that she asked me to come.

Very talented special young lady too


Day 2 of transplanting veggies and flowers on my balcony and cleaning after. My balcony is small and like a “noodle” oblong. I planted potatoes a month ago, now I have 2 cherry tomatoes, a cuke, a pepper, some beets, kale and arugula. For flowers I have lavender, nasturtium, calendula, sweet basil (I thought it was holy basil/tulsi but it’s not :frowning: ) and red hibiskus, then some herbs… I wanted get nettles in the woods but that’s for next time… my hands and back are sore :sweat_smile:


Talked to a friend last night for like 3 hours that I have not talked to in FOREVER.

Talked to a friend for 3 hours today that I have not talked to in 5 years.

CALL someone and hear their voice - oh WOW what good Therapy! I laughed and laughed.


another surprise for me, but was enjoyable, my son came and got me & my little dog, and we went to one of the state parks, we walked and was before it got too hot. it was really enjoyable, course I am tired, and my little dog asleep most of the day. but was so good to get out and really do that today!


Oh so fun! I love state parks!


Watching Father and Son drill five Holes in a Wall
I have so enjoyed myself…
Highlight ever :rofl:


@frustratedwriter Thank you, Mary, for liking the comment I almost forgot about deleting it, process is started.
Have a nice Sunday evening!


Highlight of my day is that I was finally able to make an appointment to get vaccinated. No idea if I get Pfizer or Moderna though. I’m happy because at first there was a huge chance I might get Janssen but they decided to not give that to my age group anymore at this point.


Congratulations! Please, don’t take the Janssen it was proven it gives blood clots to younger women. MODERNA is the best, and I waited longer so my daughter could get that one, bc she’s very delicate. I got the Pfizer one, and my youngest and oldest son, expect some body aches, headaches and a lot of pain in the injection area (hopefully not). My sons missed 3 work days, and we were in bed for 3 days. On the third day you wake up brand new. My daughter got none of those side effect and only soreness in the injection area with moderna.


I’m not really worried about getting sick from the vaccin. So far I only had a sore arm or felt a bit feverish for a few hours at times when I took vaccinations for travelling. If that’s all it’s no big deal. My mom got Astra Zeneca (Covidshield I guess it’s called in some countries) and my dad got Pfizer, they both are fully vaccinated and my mom had a sore arm for a few hours and that was it.


I forgot to mention the second dose was the one that put us all in bed (except my daughter) even my 20 and 18 years old grandkids got sick from second dose. I am so happy that You’ll get vaccinated soon that’s what counts. We are anxiously waiting for under 12 to get it bc my granddaughter is only 10 and wants to be vaccinated so bad and breaks my heart bc she says; ‘‘grandma I don’t want to die I need to get the vaccine’’ so my daughter and I, are devastated bc we know she’s so scared. but I have faith she’ll get it too.:pray::pray::pray::pray:


@dudie Toi Toi Toi For you
That the symptoms do not become bad
:sneezing_face::sneezing_face::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:.Rather such :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::tada:



Did you get the vaccine?

Congratulations @gaby_heitmann_975. I get so happy when I find out they got it bc it guarantees we have a chance in life.


Yes, on the 18th I will get the 2nd vaccination with Astrazeneca…
After all the trouble around this substance, I was very tense, but except for the pain in my arm :muscle:I had no symptoms… Let’s see what makes the next vaccination :blush:


I had a neat surprise yesterday, my son & daughter in law came from Maryland to visit, they will be here till sunday! what a surprise!


yayyy!! Hope you have lots of fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
To all of you who’ve taken the vaccine, I’m glad! They’re not offering the vaccine to my age group(only over 18) so I’m still waiting here^^ Hope you all recover from the side effects safely!


Make the best of it. Is wonderful to be able to meet our loved ones. My heart is destroyed bc my daughter from Florida won’t come to NY for a long time until things get better in Flda. and in New York too bc we still have to be on guard.


see, I also have another son in Maryland, not seen in 4-5 years, a huge misunderstanding, and he has ptsd as well, so there you have it. But my other son came which is awesome in itself, his wife too. so I do understand angelight.


Ok so my highlight is kind of dumb but going to the chiropractor - I thought they were just wackadoodle - until I found one that was REALLY good! I have had a problem with my piriformis muscle and hip for 10 years after a (ok you can laugh) bowling accident! I am super competitive and at a work function and was bowling strikes (I’m 5’1") and I pulled the muscle from my ankle through my sciatic up into my neck. Then after PT and even doing years of Yoga it still hurt me everyday. It doesn’t hurt anymore! It just makes me so happy not to have it bothering me! Yippie for good chiropractors! :heart_eyes:


one guy pressed my spine till it popped, but felt soooo good afterward. don’t knock 'em till you try.

oh my goodness I can even feel the pain, and yoga didn’t help? interesting. yeah with me getting older, my hips & lower back gives me fits sometimes( I mean they hurt) I am surre its due to me getting older, but bet if I did go to a chriopracter and they pop those bones, bet I’d feel better too. and glad you feel better too!@!