The highlight of your day


Met some friends I haven’t seen in a while :blush:


I also had a highlight :joy:
I actually could not give any more hearts yesterday… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
I had probably forgiven too many and had to wait a long time :slightly_frowning_face: I did not know that the heart-liken is limited… Well, now I may again and better watch out :grin::grin:


I decided I’m not going to give anymore hearts from now on. They want to play that game like trying to control everything here like… UUUUUgh.

Everyone should stop giving hearts too, and let them have them all …since they want to hog them, let them have them all. Let’s see what they’ll do with them.


My highlight of today weather warning for tunderstorm/s, heavy rain, hail, stormy gusts … In the time between 5am and 11pm.
We had almost zero on all sides, just a few showers here and there, a little thunder and that was it.


I let myself instigate by these viki folks into this certification badge I learned even some coding now, lol. After some strange communication with a discobot I passed the demands of this bot, now I can finally go to sleep and I’m still wondering what a “highlight of my day” it was… I’m just laughing about this bot :rofl::joy:

  • If you read this try this “madness” out as well or perhaps you have already this “Badge” or nice certificate :wink:


today sons and I went to thrift shops, out to lunch, and farmers market, we had a great time, now son & daughter in law will head back home tomorrow, they are staying in a hotel not too far. my other son doesn’t live far from me. so we just had a great time today, spending a good time together.
so here is something funny, as for the thrift shop, found a bag full of yarn oh great! well, son asked do I really need it, what are you going to use it for and what about the other yarn you have( stack upon stack of it). anyway didn’t get it.


@frustratedwriter yes Mary, that sounds just like my kids would say that too. After my mom died I kept some things including 2 huge bags full of wool and when I moved I took my yarns too, now waiting for me to finally commit to create something I once wanted; sometime less is more :wink: Fighting!

I’m so happy for you that your kids are spending time with you; Covid time was tough with maintaining close relationships.:hugs:





they,son & daughter in law, going back home today, Maryland. and I did have a great time with them. I don’t want the yarn I have to end up like what you described! like you, motivation is the key here. those prayer cloths, prayer shawls, and other things I “plan” to do need to get started with them,

they did not let the virus bother them, here where we are, gas prices,2.89-290 here in nc and 3.00 in Maryland

aaw Kdrama ,was beautiful here, almost 9o


Rounded down a gallon in Germany would be around ( sorry -uncle internet provided me the British gallone - so it is not 7.70) it is around 5,40, with a prize around 1,70-1,80 USD per liter. You would still call it a lot, but that is because we have a different system and many taxes are on gasoline. Diesel is a bit cheaper.


:joy::joy: me too! That robot was hilarious, though!
Highlight: I saw a rainbow outside!!


@lutra Yes in Europe gas for cars was and is always so expensive. The US has also a nice tax on gas and cars are made to use more gas than in Europe, although they could build better gas/mileage engines… they just want the tax! They have some hybrid and electrical cars as well, but those are expensive and lots of folks drive really “old” cars, in my state if a car was like 15 years old, you wouldn’t pay any car tax :wink:

@frustratedwriter So 1 gallon is 3.785 liter and in Switzerland currently they increased the price because they are increasing tax… thanks Corona, there is nothing for free. So 1 liter gas is approx. $1.90 and a gallon approx $ 7.40 or more like lutra said… But many cars are smaller and much better fuel efficient.

I recently read that palm oil is now added to gasoline as corn ethanol is added in the US.

My highlight of today, I had a really long FaceTime chat with my daughter who’s across the sea and it wasn’t raining!! But it will entire next week… :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: get Noah’s Ark ready!! :canoe:
And no I won’t be running like this guy, lmao!!


Haha really lucky this week.
One of my best friends happened to be in the neighborhood when I called her to asked how she was doing. So she drove by and I talked with her from a distance. Nice to see her in person again :smile:


I’m on strike with the hearts but I’m so happy for you and I hope you get to hang out one day with your friend. My highlight changing all the curtains and making sure they are summery ones. 90 degrees today with my A/C full blast.


Thank you, that was sweet of you to say :smile:

I used to do this in Spring as well, till I got different curtains. Now I just wash them regularly and keep them throughout the year. But it’s always a big task and very satisfying to do :blush:


I do this winter, spring, and summer more bc of how satisfying it is to do so. The part I love the most? Buying the new curtains.


well I will keep on passing the hearts


I like a good thunderstorm!!! And the rain was SOOOOO needed! BAD!
My baby dog is freaking out though


Sorry about the RAIN - Thing again! BUT LARGEST Rainbow I have EVERY SEEN!


wowww it’s so pretty!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: