The highlight of your day



Thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart::heart:
This flower is so wonderful, You even took pictures of how the flower slowly awakens :cherry_blossom::slight_smile::slight_smile:
Feel very much pressed from me :heart::heart::kissing_heart:
So beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thanks Ali for the pics, this is extraordinary, I have never seen one and the fold of the flower is also interesting! The full bloom reminds me of the trumpet flower or the Angel’s/Devil’s Flower. I saw these in a vacation resort in Mallorca (Spain) for the first time and these were so huge! But they are apparently poisonous.


Well, last night @teufelchen_netty_266 let me know the UEFA 2020 soccer game France (Worldchampion) vs Switzerland was on :soccer:. I was able to watch it live on my laptop from the halftime. The game was extended for 30 minutes and both teams kept staying at 3:3 and they had to resort to penalty shootout and guess what, the last ball was saved by the Swiss goalie and that decided the win 4:5. Although the Swiss lead first 0:1 the French gained more goals 3:1, only towards last half time Swiss recovered to 3:3 and during extension nothing.

So although fans first were nearly tears of loosing, they then cried full of joy at the win and today of course it’s all over the news! So I think this was a huge event and history making for such small country like :switzerland:. Let’s see if they take it further at the Quartalfinals: “Hopp Schwiiz!” :medal_sports:


I always have a soft spot for the Swizz Team, because my paternal grandmother was from Switzerland.


This actually is a different flower (I have seen the trumpet flower before) - Thanks for sharing that one is pretty also- The one I have is like a Morning Glory - They are actually called Moon Flowers.

I also have morning glories I will have to take some photos of those.


Yes they are different, I said the Moon flower reminds me of trumpet flower cos the shape and folds has similarities also because of the long flower stem, but the trumpet flowers I’ve bloom upside down.


I was just waking up - so I wasn’t clear in my answer- I realized that was what you were saying oops- they are beautiful - my cousin has on of those orange trumpet vines…


Here is a morning glory this morning -
and the moonflower has already started to wilt (I propped it up to take the photo)

Aw - Update! The flower is completely wilted now!


It looks so pretty with all those tiny droplets! :heart_eyes: So sad that it wilts so fast!


they have an awesome odor too


all right I needed that


last sunday makes11 years that my son passed a way. I was cleaning out closets to throw old stuff away when I came across a box of things I saved of his. I found his cell phone and played his voicemail just to hear his voice. Sat along time had a good cry. Then thought of the joy he brought me.


I can imagine how touched you were and I’m very sorry for your loss, children aren’t supposed to leave before parents :disappointed_relieved: My mom passed away end of 2019 and I have 2 phones that have her voice mail, I have some videos on phone with her and my eyes get always wet when I look at it and I miss her greatly, I’m still in disbelief she’s gone. It is the memories and pictures or voicemail that keeps us going and it feels they are still with us. There is a saying: “You never know what you had until it’s gone”.
Wishing you strength and be well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: Enjoy the little things :blush:


This is so fascinating and at the same time a little sad that this flower blooms only one night. Now she has another year to unfold :cherry_blossom: madness
But the morning glorie blooms longer, right? This flower is also so beautiful :heart_eyes:
@ All flowers are so beautiful​:rose::bouquet::cherry_blossom::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes morning glories last longer! I didn’t want to make you sad by showing you the flower that had wilted! I picked it off the ground this morning. Sad and beautiful at the same time!

Another one will bloom soon though!!! :kissing_heart:


This is so exciting :hugs::hugs::slight_smile:


Throwing the ball for my dog! She is so funny! She runs extremely fast but when she is done! Right to the door she goes! And I have been sitting outside at night watching drama and the fireflies!



My highlight for today.
To witness how nature slowly builds up to release energies :blush:


would love to see the clouds of this tropical /hurricane coming Thursday


I have been in CAT 5 Hurricanes! Craziest thing ever! And I have been in one tornado! I seriously like being away from those hurricanes so disastrous. Waiting right now for a thunderstorm! Much more pleasant - most of the time!