The highlight of your day


I have , here anyway, did get thje winds of a hurricane a few years ago, yes it was scary.


Because there are usually far more complaints about subtitles than compliments, I always appreciate those viewers who leave positive comments about subtitles. They usually thank the subbers for hard work or fast translations, or sometimes for the cultural notes, but I found this one that talks about the accuracy of translations on a project I served as a TE recently. As a TE, this is a great compliment, so this is the highlight of my day.

“I seriously loved this program and the translation was so accurate.”


We love you! And thank you so much for all the work you do when you can! Especially DOOM for a little while it was so nice to have you helping us! :purple_heart:


On Sunday I went to a presentation about Geranium plants /flowers (cranesbill) in a Botanical Garden in Bern. It was outdoor, about 20 people joined and the botanist war very excited. Geranium (original) plants were imported to Europe around 1600 from South Africa. They were expanded to England since British love their beautiful gardens and continued to spread later to other countries. Around 1900 they started to cultivate Geraniums in different colors, shape and flavors… These flowers were first planted by nobles and rich people “who could afford them”.

The City of Bern had once a directive in place that you were allowed to put in front of the windows only red geranium flowers :wink: I visited in spring the outdoor geranium exhibit and the amount of different kinds was over hundred including varieties with smells like lemon, mint, apple etc.

I later googled the plant and read that it has medicinal properties is used in cosmetics and perfumes and you can use it in the kitchen flavoring dishes and make lemonade.

I look now at this plant from a completely different side, when I was young I disliked the flower because every household had these. Geranium and Pelargonium (hardy) origin also in South America, Australia and other countries…

You can research this plant for further information.


Fragrant geraniums, I must definitely note for next year☺️
Thank you @simi11 :blush:
They look really beautiful :hibiscus:


1 hr massage with lavender essential oils - Deep Tissue Hurts but it makes you feel better - Must go drink lots of WATER!


Deep Tissue Massage is so good, I’m jealous. I haven’t been for so long… I always felt like newborn afterwards (it depends a lot how a person does a good job, not everyone is good)!
It’s a healthy massage since it removes toxins built up in your muscles and tissues.


Yes, it helps the lymphatic system so much! You have to drink a lot of water! It’s all new to me I have never done it regularly for health. Usually just once and a while. Trying to do better. The essential oils are so good for the skin too - lavender is my favorite


when the time is there, and this said flower starts to bloom, on the way home, I have to stop every time and enjoy this fragrance, it smells sooo beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
The irony is, I can’t find the plant that smells so wonderful… No matter what I sniff then, it just does not smell so :pensive:
This is almost maddening :dizzy_face:


My 2nd grandson :boy: turned today 1 year old, how time flies!:partying_face::birthday:
He’s very active in regards of discovery, rather than checking out his gifts he likes to explore people’s bags. :rofl: He’s not walking yet but stands up and holds onto something. - I wonder what he will be when he grows up :wink:


I don’t know what happened, but today I had an over abundance of energy. most energy I have had in a very long time, got some things that I needed to get done. Being a diabetic has its ups & downs, I get so upset with myself, I don’t have the energy to do anything, BUT today a big spurt of energy, sure would love for that to come every day!!


Lifting weights at the gym! I am getting a stronger upper body! It’s hard but I did it and my trainer actually said I had good form on my crunches today. :purple_heart:


I was wondering where you were at because I didn’t ‘‘see’’ you around. Keep up the good work!


Again! I know this darn bird but he makes me happy!!!

@angelight313_168 I actually watched drama today instead of staying on discussions! I am really enjoying Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman I can’t stop watching it! I just started it and I’m already on like Eps 7. So I’m here I check in every once and a while!! We don’t have a big discussion like DOOM going anymore - have to find us something else to talk about! hahahahahaha!


my highlight was I could wake up this morning


What’s Scent of a Woman about?


“Scent of a Woman” (2011)
I watched it in 2011 and really enjoyed it. Synopsis and cast at link:


It’s kind of odd to say this, but the highlight of my day is between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM my time. I am a “night owl”; I have been one for years. Since getting to know subbers and since discovering I can have an impact as a member of the Viki community, I truly have found a way to use my gifts and interests in ways that bring me joy.

I was delighted at the beginning of this week to be able to tell a woman I met at church about Viki. She was the Taiwan-born wife of the pastor who preached in the absence of my pastor who is on vacation.

I passed her sitting in a pew as I came in to the sanctuary and said, “Good morning, how are you?”

She responded, “Fine, thank you.”

I said, “You have a beautiful accent, but I have an American ear.”

She said, “I’m from Taiwan.”

The one sentence I can say fairly well in Mandarin popped out of my mouth, the one that I understand is NOT really typical in daily Chinese conversation (yes, you guessed it): “Nǐ hǎo ma?”

Her face brightened as if I truly were a member of her family, and she said, “Oh, you speak Chinese!”

I said, “Well, that’s the only thing I can say.” Then I joked and said, “I can also say ‘Dim sum.’”

We went on to have a very pleasant conversation, and I told her I love watching Asian dramas on, and she said, “Oh, what is that?”

I told her, and she seemed happy to know about it.

I guess the way I look at it is that Viki, in its own way encourages people to remember what all great religions and philosophies promote: human beings in their vast variety DO form a family, a community, a tribe, and the connections are strongest in the small, daily things we all have in common.

We eat, we wash clothes, we read a favorite book, we garden, we spend time with people we care for, we take our cars and computers to get them repaired.

One of my mother’s favorite sayings was: “Life is so daily.”

Yes it is, and the fact that it includes women AND men from all over the world is astonishing and delightful to me . . . even if it means I end up drinking coffee and eating snacks when other people are fast asleep.


awww this is so cute!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hoping all our German friends here are safe and sound. Saw terrible flooding happened in Germany/Belgium other parts. Soldiers are evacuating the ppl. Terrible destruction to homes and cars.:cry: