The highlight of your day


Here I am, today (July 15, 2017) at 9:00 AM. I thought you would like to see what I look like because subbers (especially that slave-driving @kdrama2020ali) make me stay up all night.

My summer “do” makes me look like the Beeb (no, not THAT Beeb [BBC], the other Beeb).


(from his UK merch page)

It’s a good thing there are lyrics to help sort out what his song is saying exactly or approximately.

He’s a fairly newly married man who has deep spiritual leanings and a huge social conscience. I think of the song as saying that he wants everything in his life to be the real deal with no second-hand crap, no pretense, no game-playing, no illusions whatsoever.

It’s a bit confusing, with the chorus addressed to his listeners, and the verses addressed to the woman he loves, to try and figure out what exactly his message is, but after a couple of listens, the depth of the song emerges, and I am more and more impressed each day with his talent.

But I digress.

I don’t even look as good as my cat Mr. Jo, who is a Justin Bieber fan in his own way.

And it’s SOMEBODY’s fault.

(from Lee Min Ho’s official US website)

But I’m learning to live with my limitations.

And I did treat myself to a chocolate milkshake for breakfast . . .


What did I do again!

You are so BEAUTIFUL!!! And the guys mean it!!!

Did we turn back time to 2017 - You go GIRL!


Aww, the three cutest Korean (er, Chinese and Korean, um, 2/3 Korean and 1/3 Chinese-Korean, oops, 2/3 Korean citizens and 1/3 foreign nationals) happy celebrities around!

Whew, trying to sort that out has made me tired! More snax, please!


Don’t forget Canadian!!! But that’s not really a thing! I was so surprised to find out Henry was Canadian he is so phenomenal


For You @misswillowinlove

Highlight of my day!!! I love this song! Listen to it in my car almost everyday!


I can’t possibly. I live probably a four-drive from Toronto. So the possibility that I might run into Baby Henry out on the street is pretty high!




Extreme Baby Bird Factor!!!


:joy::joy: she isn’t a subber! Whose scapegoat has she just become??


Watching the Devil Judge a great drama recommended by me if you love Jinyoung (GOT7)… The cast is awesome just awesome !!!


Sorry. I assumed because of her intense knowledge and interest that @kdrama2020ali is somewhere in the subbing mix. She is still a slave driver.


“How did I get roped into delivering snax for Minnie AND Wookie AND Junho AND Yoonie . . .”

(from Shutterstock)


I learned something new! That’s so sad to think of, they live long too, which makes it sadder :confused:


:wave:t5: Join the thread where others are watching :wink::point_up_2:t5:


Highlight of my day: the rain has finally stopped today. We had quite heavy rain all day yesterday which was so depressing. But I’m not complainig because an other region in The Netherlands (and Belgium, Germany) had it much worse due massive flooding:

If there are Vikians from those regions, I hope you are ok.


Yup! This looks just like those video clips of the same happenings in :jamaica: Jamaica


It’s in many parts of Europe, whether tornado, hails, lightning, mudslides and tons of rain, rivers and lakes cannot take it any more… so much damage and sadly also many death… the weather forecast says next week it shouldn’t rain… let’s pray! :pray: :sunny:


I’m good! I’m just that good!

(@misswillowinlove oops I didn’t realize you thought I subbed - nope! But if I was honored to do that I would be among the stars :purple_heart::purple_heart:)

I’m a HOTTIE subber (should I stop???)


On a sidenote:
Yesterday a German news anchor was talking about Chancellor Merkel getting an honorary doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University, and she actually said “John Hopkins” like it is used in Korean dramas. So my thought was, maybe in secret she is a K-drama addict too. (Actually when it comes to the name of the university I usually “swallow” the S at the end of Johns …, I can’t do anything about it.)


Here in Scotland, we had a bit of flash flooding last week (nothing like Rhineland though). But other than that, we’ve had unusually high temperatures and burning heat from the sun for over a month. It’s as if we’re experiencing the opposite from continental Europe.

Hopefully, it will get cooler soon. I also pray that everyone in Mainland Europe is safe and well :pray:


@mirjam_465 and @damiechan are you both doing fine? Have you been affected?


Thanks for asking! :heart: I’m fortunate to live in a part of Belgium that’s not affected. Near the coast (and where I live), the sun is shining, and in the south of the country, there are floods. Like some houses are completely underwater.