The highlight of your day


Thanks for your concern. :hugs: We did have rain (and storm) in my area, but luckily not like that.


So my highlight yesterday - My girlfriend’s 16 year old daughter called me and asked me to come right over she needed her Auntie! I was not sure what she wanted but figured out she was coloring her hair. She did purple like me previously but decided to go pink. I have done makeup for years but I have never actually dyed someone else’s hair! We did platinum blonde! And it ended up making her hair blonde and pink! It looks so cool - I’m a genius - it was an accident - I was not sure that I was doing it right but it turned out really well. (at first it looked so bad I was worried)

I talked her out of dyeing it black so I am definitely a genius! hahahahahaha! Black dye is like tar!


Glad you both are in safe zones! I guess knowing that is the highlight of my day because nothing else really happened today… I’ve been trying to focus on studying in these highly humid conditions :sweat_smile:


Your concern about us is the highlight of my day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For all the souls who can now no longer be with us :cry: :heart: :cry:

And for all the souls who are fighting for their lives all over the world :heart: :heart: :heart:



Yep, you do a good job of substituting hotties. “Oh, Minnie, honey, you look tired, why don’t you go take a nap, and why don’t you . . . yes, Wookie, you standing under that spotlight in a bespoke Italian suit . . . why don’t you bring your bowl of popcorn over here and entertain me while Minnie naps? And on the way over, could you hand Yoonie a tissue? He gets so sensitive about not being picked!”



My highlight of the day? Hearing from @gaby_heitmann_975.

You are a wonderful, kind soul, and Knowing you are ok makes me feel better. I was anxiously waiting to hear from you. I didn’t add my prayers are with all of you bc when I say anything religious they give me a lethany. Also bc some ppl are not religious and they get offended and I respect all ppl’s belief whatever it is.

1,300 are missing, and I’m praying they are safe somewhere else. There are 100 bodies recovered, and in a way is a relief bc not knowing where they are has to be the worst feeling for their loved ones. The world is going through a global warming and this is all expected. I got rid of my hairspray and no longer use hairspray. Little by little I’m getting rid of anything that can harm nature in any way.

Many Blessings to you and your family and to everyone all over the world.


Hoy he sonreído, como cada día, por estar aquí viendo un nuevo amanecer. Creo que cada día , si la vida no te da otro motivo, puedes sonreír por eso. Mientras la vida te de la oportunidad de despertar otra mañana…tienes todo un día para buscar oportunidades para sonreír de nuevo. Tal vez es una tontería, pero hubo un momento que creí que no vería muchos nuevos amaneceres … a si que mi idea de felicidad y risas es sencilla.


Do you need me to bring in a new lineup!? Of Hotties?

I’m totally up for it!!! :purple_heart:




Me alegro mucho que estás positiva y que tu día esta lleno de vida y nuevos amaneceres. Aquí estoy yo, a la orden, estamos contentos de tenerte por aquí. Espero todos tus días sean llenos de risa, salud, suerte y felicidad por siempre y para siempre.


Thank you for your kind words
When the heart speaks, faith is near :heart:
Feel pressed from me :slight_smile:
Believe in yourself and remember
You are not alone, we are all not alone :heart:


Now I have to laugh
I do not want you pressed :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:
I would like to send you a hug :heart:



Don’t worry about it I knew you meant something else, and now I know when we pressed each other, we are hugging.

.Use this one is better with long sentence


I love my old dudes, but it’s nice to know which baby birds are maturing from this:


to this . . .

(Red Bubble)


It’s maybe 09:30, sun is shining and it’s ‘only’ 23 degrees c. Very few ppl around in the distance. Almost complete silence, only the sound of a breeze. This is when I know I’m home, this is what e relaxing start to the day should be like. :slight_smile:


It’s too gorgeous, my friend and I are sitting on the terrace. My friend plays on his Nintendo with headphones and I’m about to watch the penultimate part of Bossam :joy:
He has voluntarily put on the headphones :laughing:


Today I am not feeling that well, but it is the first day in a while that started with sunshine and the sun is still up and a clear sky.


@lutra Are you feeling better? How is the weather?


A little but still need to rest a bit.


Making BACON in the oven for bacon and egg sandwiches! So yummy!