The highlight of your day


When I read this, I immediately pictured you both on a Korean-style rooftop terrace with you watching Bossam as the sun slowly sets, painting the sky pink and purple and orange :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:


Me too! Totally! Like sitting on one of those middle table things they sit on!


How’s it Going??? Weather - we had thunderstorms and lot of rain - to go with my 2 day Heart Jail! :broken_heart::broken_heart:


Better, not a lot but better.
First day, blood pressure and heart rate were back to normal, but now it needs to stay this way.
I have never been under the weather like this year, I feel great when it freshens up, but horrible if the temperature increases by 8-10 °C.
We have sunshine like yesterday. Sunny but cloudy, yet no rain in sight, but until Friday we will reach 30 °C, so not my ideal “operating temperature”. On Saturday we have the next thunderstorms on the horizon, if nothing changes.
But for my health, today is the first time I am getting optimistic again. So and now I need to look for a good delivery service, I am still restricted from the oven.


Yes, the highlight of my day today was reading this thread

So entertaining!


Another one bloomed in the rain yesterday - died this morning!


These flowers are so beautiful
@kdrama2020ali :kissing_heart:


I always think of you when they bloom! :yellow_heart:


@vivi_1485 and @kdrama2020ali

While we’re watching Bossam, on Korean style and tables :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


wowwww… Did you take that picture? It’s soooo beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And it does fit Bossam’s color palette, too! :joy: Hope you enjoyed your evening!


I have a fad for plants, whether herbal or flowering ones. I love hibiscus shrubs, currently all the garden centers have these in so many colors and I already have the red one :hibiscus: :heart_eyes:

Anyway, I just bought a second red bee balm plant. My first one is in full bloom and yesterday, the second sunny day (after the rainy weeks), small bees were swarming the blooms; if you can, add this plant to your garden or balcony, it’s an important polinators’ delight even for humming birds.

I will harvest later blooms and leaves for tea. With the sunny week ahead:sunny: I hope that my cherry tomatoes will finally ripen! :tomato:

You can read interesting facts about bee balm (Oswego Tea) or also called Golden Melissa or Indian Nettle here:


stock photo

Off to go do this to my hair again!!! I love it! Purple for the win :purple_heart:

It has been purple/silver&blue/purple silver and blue and now purple and blue


wowww it looks so cool!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I must be blind bc I see dark black and dark blue in the picture. it could be a different shade of purple I haven’t seen yet?


It must be your monitor settings because I see purple streaks/strands.

The highlight of my day today is that I was in the middle of segging a fast dialog section of Fate when all of a sudden, they dubbed some other guy’s voice for ONE LINE in the middle of what he was saying. It sounded so weird to see the guy talking when some other voice inserted itself making him sound like he was momentarily possessed. :rofl:

Fate - EP 38 timestamp 16:17


It’s not a highlight but every now and then I think of our eldest and worry, so this is for her and I hope she is doing well.

Although it worries me that she said she was feeling so good … As it reminded me of my Granny, when she said it over the phone, she added that it felt like her last spring … My mom was scolding her, but not a week later she was gone. I hope, I am only spooked out, and she will come back and say she was without internet, computer, electricity or with her children … Still I can’t help being worried.


Those moments are so jarring and funny. I was watching something recently where the two characters were chatting outside and all of those natural outdoor sounds were present, but suddenly a couple lines of dialogue switched to audio that was clearly recorded in a studio.


Call her again and just chat.


That had to be a scary thing to experienced lol

I went to the minute and didn’t noticed anything, but since you were segging back there the sound is totally different from what I heard, as I watched the video minute 16:17 Episode 38. But I see this is happening in other dramas too.


I am talking about @frustratedwriter I don’t have a phone number of her, does anyone have contact over fb with her?