The highlight of your day


? Oh. sorry, no. I just chat with her here.


I am the same …


I was puzzled for a moment, but yeah well …


She posted once her email… check her email on profile and likely you’ll find her on FB.

she mentioned that she is doing all kinds of projects… so perhaps she is busy, last post was on July 13th.


I saw that too, I am not on fb, I have no good experiences with sending emails without a notice first.


I was looking for the French hair coloring guy, I think he called himself Le Colorist…he had orange hair. I can’t find the YT videos, but I found this, it’s a beautiful color, but how long (how many washes) does it last… I think at Sally’s they also sell hair colors… not much of choice over the counter in Europe, unless I haven’t found it… I’m for light lavender/blue with gray, perhaps one day I’ll achieve this :rofl:

Ay! I found him checkout his channel!:heart_eyes:


Like @lutra I had a similar experience; so when @frustratedwriter said she was energized and accomplished so many things I started to get worried when I didn’t hear from her. I thought it was 4 days ago, but now I see is already 7 days. I don’t have her e mail and I don’t have FB for almost 2 years now. She does goes to visit family so hopefully when she gets back she’ll let us know she’s fine, and was just having a fun vacation with her family.


@kdrama2020ali I have to totally agree with @vivi_1485, this is so cool :star_struck::star_struck: And your haircut, looks so good :star_struck::partying_face::partying_face:


My hair is 3 shades of purple now AFTER 4 hours! It takes forever because you have to bleach! Then color. So my base color is dark black purple, then I have lavender and bright blue purple!.

@angelight313_168 it is a black purple, and blue purple yes!

@simi11 Purple does not maintain very well - All fashion colors are not permeant so I use VIRAL purple conditioner and leave it on for like 20 to 30 min then I wash and it fills back in my highlights. The color changes over time but I have learned how to keep it purple!

There is a product called Overtone you can use to keep one color! I like several colors in my hair at once so I can’t use Overtone


Sounds pretty.


Try to give your hair. a break after this coloring bc so many chemicals will cause so much damage to your hair. Take HAIR and NAIL vitamins it helps to replenish health of your hair. CLAIROL makes a great product to keep your color shining only sold at Beauty Supply store and if you can buy SALERM 21 Silk protein it smells delicious and makes the hair soft and silky.

PS. Try not washing your hair too much. It weakens the root and with time you can get bald spots (I use to be blonde so I paid the consequences of my excess with bleach blonde)


Going to eat German Food today with friends. We have a Wed lunch group at 11:30 every Wednesday for lunch! Really nice we hop around to different restaurants and cuisines


Yes! I do I have a Olaplex system that I use. I condition a lot - I leave in conditioner most days when I wear my ball cap! I’ll look for the Clairol product thanks I needed to go to Beauty Supply anyways.
I have very fine hair but I have healthy hair right now thank goodness.


“Guten Appetit!” Hope you will enjoy ii!


Danke Schoen

I will probably have Schnitzel


LOL I orderd one today as well, but I am in an Italian mood, I would love to have some Caprese Milanese, but I have to cope with a Schnitzel grilled with tomato and mozzarella on top and Spaghetti Napoli.


Damn that sounds so good I got hungry.

Highlight? I cooked early today for my son bc I haven’t cooked in 4 days? maybe more…so the poor thing is eating microwaveable stuff. Made arroz con gandules Bistec with onions and vinegar and just need to make the potato salad (is a good mix of flavors). Bon Appetit Everyone! I think today is ‘‘Eating Good, day.’’


If you bleach will the color hues appear more of a pastel color or how do you incorporate the black in the hair?

My daughter uses oVertone to color her hair green/blue on brown :laughing:


So to do the Fashion Colors you have to bleach to get them to turn out. So I did the Fashion Silver with purple highlights - to get the silver I had to bleach it platinum it took like 8 hours because I was wearing it fuchsia! So my base color is a dark purple and my highlights are light purple and blue purple. I do use a colored shampoo and conditioner that has purple pigment. The color in the conditioner picks up in the highlights.


It’s a whole science. My own hair is/was multicolored of blonds and dark blonds, I colored it with some herbal coloring Golden blond and got tired when my whites started coming out. So years ago I wanted ashblond and the hair dresser bleached it a bit to take out the golden/reddish hue out and put some purplish color/toner on it that gave it a cool ashy hue which I liked. She gave me a purple conditioner to use. I purchased in the States and in Europe the purple shampoos and conditioner. After 6 months use my hair turned almost platinum. I have a light skin and it doesn’t look well. In Prague I asked the hairdresser for an ashy color and we found a dark gray/light brown ashblonde with purple/rose hues, she wasn’t sure if my hair would pick it up and it did greatly. It was an Italian hair color brand and I haven’t found it anywhere yet. Then I used shampoo/conditioner product Plantur 39 for brown hair with caffeine and walnut extract which then continued to dye my hair dark blond now blond and somehow my darker hair appeared so I don’t have all white and I’m again at crossroads, I don’t want this blonde look! I was looking for a at home dye solution but can’t find the color I like.