The highlight of your day


Don’t know what it was about the eighties pop music and references to Catholic practice and symbolism, but this is a very touching song.


So, I messed up my left wrist with thumb, but that’s not a highlight.:unamused:
It happened when I finally got rid of my old wardrobe that mom kept and I thought I could use it, but it was falling apart.

With the hot weather, I decided to vacuum my car, it was so “dusty”, but now looks like new!:blue_car: Black interior is just like “doom”, just as my black kitchen floor! :cold_sweat:

And while watering my Aloe Vera, I broke one leaf, just my luck indeed, I plastered the gel on my face and it looks as if I’ve gotten a facelift :heart_eyes: So yes, that’s a highlight :rofl: “A date with doom”? :star_struck:


Opened Google’s homepage… and the Doodle Champion games have begun! It’s a cute, pixelated, Japanese game you can all play… pretty easy, too!! Just click on the Google Doodle(the stylised form of Google you should be able to see) and it’ll start your gaming :smile:


I didn’t know what you meant with Doodle Champion so I went to google and made the screenshot, I use more duckduckgo browser. I will do the game later but for others, here it is, just go on google :smile_cat:


Yesterday I helped set up for a 80s costume birthday bunco night! And the party was fun.

I dressed up in leg warmers, headband, neon T-shirt with I love the 80s etc etc.

We had a lot of fun!


Highlight? More painting done exhausted…but so happy to have finished one part. The rest will come in time.


Went swimming, first time this summer, it was so nice!! Now 10 days rain ahead unless weather will change :cloud_with_rain:


Went out to the water and watched this beautiful sunset. And then saw the “buck” moon over the water and trees beautiful tangerine color. I couldn’t get good photos. I will try to post the sunset tomorrow but still I could not capture it the way I wanted. Gorgeous


ohhh that must have been gorgous!! :heart_eyes:


Oh my gosh I can’t even describe and I wish I could have captured it better and it was hazy which made it even more gorgeous I’ll post a few photos this afternoon.

Highlight today - My friend’s mother passed from Covid several months ago - unexpectedly - she was also from S. Korea! I was looking so forward to possibly traveling with her and I never got to meet her.
It has been so hard for my friend. I check on her ALOT because I totally understand what it is like to miss your mom.

We are getting a pedicure today that I promised her when she felt like it!


Beautiful highlight to your day and your friend. Such a beautiful thing to do at a moment someone needs it the most. Blessings to both.


Highlight of my day - my open laptop fell from 1 m on the carpet floor and survived it has a metal body therefor it is heavy but …
The dvd-drive opened, and I had to adjust the frame of the screen again. It’s running fine. Sigh, that was a close call …



You threw the LAPTOP without meaning to!!!..


The part that is correct is

It slipped from my lap, normally I have it plugged in with the cable, but we had a small thunderstorm, so I disconnected it and when it fell I tried to grasp it and in addition sprained my thump a bit …

P.S. Is that a scene from the movie Overboard?


No I think that is from Big Bang Theory the show! But I love Overboard the original movie with Goldie and Kurt Russell.

Oh no I’m sorry you got hurt - where is the gorgeous guy and first aid kit…


Well, my interesting highlight of today was: changed my living room around to disperse negative energy, cooked rice, beans and barbeque ribs by 11:30 am; so my boy could eat later on.

By 1 pm was on my way to the Roosevelt Field Mall (far from where I live) and I found so many sales, and I also did some food shopping, but forgot to buy the milk. lol




Just watched Stray Kids “NOEASY” Thunderous Trailer.

Felix is narrating… the background music for the guys is loud and aggressive, then it cuts to Hyunjin’s etheric visual… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :sunglasses: I just love Stray Kids… :sunglasses:

Made me giggle. And then there’s I.N. with those candy hearts under his left eye. Wonder what method he’ll use to get those off? :joy: :rofl: :wink: :rofl: :rofl:


I LOVED THAT ENTIRE TRAILER!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: This comeback is gonna be great! Full of real comedy :joy:

My schedule is packed! First D.O.'s comeback and then this one! His genre is laid back and aesthetic.

I’m thinking— dance and party hard to SKZ and then come relax with D.O’s smooth R&B vocals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, well have not watched BBT, and already wondered how there was a laptop in Overboard? You know that there is a K-drama based on the movie? It has no license for my region for the longest time I guess …