The highlight of your day


Ooo! Try this recipe I got from Future Neighbor! I wish he WAS my neighbor! Then I’d help his wife be the taste tester! :sunglasses: He has a TON of DELICIOUS recipes on YouTube.

This sauce is good on chicken, beef AND seafood and pork.
Put a little sesame oil in a wok,
Stir fry the veggies until almost done. still bright green - set aside
Put in the chicken with a little sesame oil, salt and pepper and cook till done.
put the veggies back in and add the gochuchangand green onions.
Stir it till hot throughout and serve.

I like hot stuff so you can reduce the chili if you need to do so.
Mix this together before adding to wok.
About 2 TBL gochuchang from the tub. The squeeze bottle stuff has other flavors already added.
About 2 TBL Korean chili flakes.
1 TBL honey
1 TBL sesame oil
1 TBL Mirin
1 TBL soy sauce
toasted Sesame seeds

Oh! But the highlight of my day is that it pays to make friends with the restaurant owners in town! I ask for off-menu items a lot. :sunglasses: The owner of Great Wall makes a run to Salt Lake every month or so for ingredients that are not available in Pocatello, Idaho. He picked up some taro bao for me! YUM!




The highlight of my day would be to find the delicious dipping sauce for dumplings…anyone knows?

Thanks for this recipe I’m gonna copy and save it. I’m dying to find out how they make the sauce that they make for the steam dumplings (haven’t had them since the pandemic I was afraid to eat out). So many ppl can be sick and cook so is kind of dangerous.

Anyway @porkypine90_261 or anyone please; the sauce for dumplings I had was dark, and had a sweet-bitter taste. I see some red pieces inside and I know are tiny pieces of green onions, and I think they add sesame seeds, but I’m not too sure. Does anyone know the name of this tasty dipping sauce? Can I buy it on line? What is it called? I haven’t found it yet in Asian place/supermarkets by my area. When I ask them for it, they give me a nasty sauce that looks almost the same but I end up throwing it away bc it taste really bad.

The Chinese restaurants by me closed a long time ago, and they were the ones who made that great dark dipping sauce, but I never asked them if I could get it in stores. I tried a Taiwanese sauce, but it was nasty (it looks exactly the same but the taste was disgusting).


There are so many dipping sauces out there and if it was a personal recipe from a restaurant you may not find it.

I’ll look some up for you and get back to you.

Try these to see if they are what you are looking for. :grin:


You get to the point, I love dragonflies

This one was sitting on my leg and as it happens, I didn’t have my mobile phone nearby, but when it flew away I quickly fetched it :slight_smile: well, it didn’t turn out so well, unfortunately, but that does not matter :laughing:


It looks exactly like this one. Thank you so much! I’m bad looking for stuff.
I found the perfect dumplings for that sauce at BJ’s You made my highlight of the day!


Now you have to do the taste test. :smiley:


Last Friday, I encountered at a garden center this friend. He was quite tame and I pointed him to other people as you don’t get to see such every day and they like me took pictures. The young employees man said they call it „Heupferd“ (in German), he then carefully took him and brought him outside. So here he is, how shall I name him, any suggestions? (I have younger species on my balcony as well)

It’s a specie from the locust family. They also molt/shed. It was about 8-9 cm long so between 3,5-4 inches. These eat plants but also small insects abd larvae, the second pic shows something small white, was that perhaps his lunch?? :joy:


Maybe not, looks like it just came out of it’s cocoon.

Did you take it home?:woman_facepalming:t5: If so, why? :woman_shrugging:t5: :laughing: :smile:
Looks like a Grasshopper to me :cricket: I caught them, and let them go when very young :smile::smile: now I stay away from such critters.:wink:


Either he did recently molt or he caught some cobweb. No the employee took him out, he was I’m guessing feasting on some eggs from another critter or who knows. They lay eggs in the ground. I have a young one on my balcony I visit and say hello :laughing:

Well the correct latin name is: Tettigonia viridissima , the great green bush-cricket as in German it’s called Grünes Heupferd / Langfühlerschrecke and “Heuschrecke” means also locust so as I’m not an expert I can’t tell.


Lol :laughing: reminds me of living that life.


You could call him FLIP

There are so many wonderful creatures that nature shows us :heart: of course you don’t want to have anything to do with some (spiders) and yet they are fascinating beings.


Oh, spiders I hate them unless they are miniscule and flies any flies are so annoying. For fruit flies I set a small bowl of either apple cider or old sour kombucha with a drop of dishwashing liquid and they love it and bath in it and die… sorry for them, but it’s either me or them who take control.

When you live in nature, you can witness many interesting happenings with animals, birds or insects. I also had a grey fox family under my shed one year, the other year it was the groundhog family with young ones, those were so cute. And several bird nests too :heart_eyes:

Last night I went to 2 events, one food stall and drinks on a bridge in Bern, because at the end of bridge they are doing street repairs so bridge is closed for traffic… it was a riot and perfect sunset. Just had to get covid tested.

The other one was a slide light show on the Parliament building to commemorate 50 years of women’s right to vote. Historical pictures of how often Swiss women tried to get “right to vote”, demonstrated and fought for this right and not only this but also for equal rights as women.
I’m so stunned that as the last country in Europe, Switzerland allowed only in 1971 the women to vote!!


I knew they were late but didn’t that it was this late - wow, the Swiss women’s voting right is actually younger than me. In Germany it was in 1918.


That was ages ago, back then I was a shift worker and liked to drive home through our moor after the night shift… I still remember that as if it were today :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I just had to stop…
The sun was just rising, it was a warm spring day, wisps of mist hung in the air they were so light, I heard birds chirping but I think through the mist it sounded calm, almost quiet and then deer crossed this path, I was so happy and hardly dared to breathe, the deer were not afraid, they just went their way, for me it was a moment I will never forget, and am glad to live in the country :heart:

I didn’t know that :astonished:
I’m a country bumpkin and it never ceases to amaze me that, From a human point of view, things go wrong :worried:
We live in the 21st century and we are so behind


Yesterday I got myself up at 7:30 am (never happens after watching drama all night)
and went to YOGA at 8 am at the gym!!!

Dancer pose one of my favorites


Could not find the chili oil to make my dumpling sauce…:cry:

Tried [amazon] and they keep saying to re-order it, and is not going through. Now, I have the dumplings, but not the sauce! ughhhhhhh

I have to try an Asian supermarket far from my area but they must have it there! Wish me luck tomorrow!


The men continuously refused to agree, they believed women belong to the kitchen and not mingle with politics… some still do believe so, sadly. One lady said, that only men with a moustache and a bald head were allowed to be in the parliament (back then), and although they (women) were allowed to have a seat, they had to watch every step because the men still wanted find a fault and scrutinize them… sounds like in Rome, although throughout history many women ruled the world, so why in modern times they weren’t allowed to be equal???

A friend of mine who is now 75 needed her husband’s approval signature that she was allowed to work outside of the house… pretty backwards when you look at it today, and that was 1970.


Make your own. Soybean oil/sesame oil and dried chili peppers. You can heat them together to get them going if you are in a hurry. Don’t boil it. Just heat it up to infuse the chili into the oil. but it’s better to let it infuse at room temperature.


Yes these moments where mankind meets animal are pretty precious. I was fortunate to see deer family often when I stayed at a friend’s house in wooded area. Also wild turkeys walked around the house, and another friend had often black bear who came to empty bird feeders in spring. I saw once a praying mantis while picking blueberries. One thing I regret is, that I have never seen a moose, although few young ones got lost in the city several time. :frowning:
In winter I used to feed a lots of birds in my backyard and I did the Cornell counting birds twice. One year I had a flock of 22 mourning doves, it was quite often food fight and squirrels were a menace. I also had very often red tail hawks, one gobbled a dove early morning…

The Audubon society who takes in injured small animals had peregrine falcon and an American Eagle. After a Herb and Garden Day event I walked around to look at them and a caregiver asked if I want to feed them :laughing: Of course I didn’t want to miss such opportunity and he handed me dead mouse, I had the special glove and held the mouse and he flew and sat on my wrist and devoured the mouse…

The eagle was to shy to come near me, and he was so huge and beautiful. (He had an injured wing and can’t be in the wild anymore) I have still fond memories.
Treasure every little encounter you get, it’s very satisfying to connect to the wilderness!!


If I can’t find the real thing; I will try to do it again, but I tried a while back and it taste really bad.