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Here’s a recipe. It seems to be a really tasty one. :smiley:


Yup, homemade chili oil is pretty easy to make, especially that version :smile:


Well, I don’t agree with that, in the sense that the only chili I like is the one from Schezuan? or from South Korea, and those are the ones I can’t find. I tried several Asian chili, and they have an after taste that gross me out. I also have to be very careful bc they add shellfish to certain chili products and that can be deadly for me. I always try to buy the products from SK that sadly, lately has become so popular with the ppl in my area, that they don’t last long in the shelves of the supermarkets/vegetable stores. I hit the lotto when I find my fave SK kimchi.

Correction: Szechuan


It finally rained!

I know parts of the world have been inundated with rain and left underwater, but my part of the world is being consumed by wild fires and is in extreme drought. While we aren’t personally in direct danger from fire, our skies are heavy with smoke. I’ve been praying for a rainy day for a very long time, and it finally came today. It’s strange to still go outside while its pouring and smell smoke, but hopefully it will ‘scrub’ it out of the sky a bit as well as helping with firefighting efforts.


I was praying today for rain for those places that have all those wildfires (even in Greece/Turkey). It has been raining here so much that I pleaded if the rain could go already where it’s needed the most. I hope it rains until the fires are put off, and the air can be clean from all that smoke. I don’t get along too much with the rain, so hopefully it stays where is needed the most bc over here; we have more than enough already.


I was basically doing the complete opposite - praying that our heat and dry weather could go where it was needed. :pray:t4:


hahahaahahaahahahahaaha You know as the saying goes: some people see the glass half full. and others see the glass half empty. No matter what, as long as it works BRING IT ON!

Btw, we have a heatwave coming this whole week but…right now is raining cats and dogs!


Unfortunately our dry and hot weather will be back tomorrow, but for today I am enjoying the relief.


What a bummer; I thought it would stay longer. I’ll keep :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

PS. Raining and Cloudy all day long today Monday Aug.9. ughhhhhh


The one from the Woks of Life that @porkypine90_261 shared is the Sichuan style chili oil, which is usually made by pouring oil over chili flakes + aromatics (you do need the right type of chili flakes though, cause it makes all the difference. I think they will explain that in the recipe as well).

Korean chili oil is also not that difficult to make (maybe I’m biased since I’ve made a lot of different chili oils?). But again, make sure you have the right (Korean) chili flakes :smile:

I’m the same :tired_face:



Thanks a lot. Finding the Korean Chili is what has me stuck in making this delicious dumpling dipping sauce. We had a Chinese place (close shop 2 yrs. ago), that made the most delicious dipping sauce for steamed dumplings, and when I asked them for the recipe; they told me they got their products from China, so that is why I wanted to find the Szechuan Chili Oil (I doubt that will ever happen), but hopefully I’ll find the Korean one bc right now we have so many products from SK in my area, but the only thing they fly off the shelves the minute they put them up (I think they stay overnight waiting for the supermarket to open) as ridiculous as that may sound. lol

This is the sauce I love and looks like> amazon doesn’t have now (I tried to order it)



This 5-Minute Szechuan Sauce recipe is an irresistible blend of spicy, sweet and savory flavors. And it works perfectly as a stir-fry or dipping sauce.



I make two different Chile sauces - Red Chile from dried pods and Green Chile from Hatch Green Chile - A Southwestern thing but so yummy - Something this Southern girl can’t live without!


‘I Need Romance’ just got released on Ntflx! I have been wanting to watch this drama since the very beginning.


Let me know what you think of it, are there all 3 seasons?


I think it’s just season 1 for now. I got a notification a while back that it was coming, but I can’t remember if it mentioned the other seasons would follow along eventually.


I spoke too soon. It’s not even the Korean version, it’s Thai. Not that I won’t watch it and probably like it, but what a buzz kill. :disappointed:


Perfect excuse to pick up Thai food somewhere.

Miss Willow’s House O Snax is in negotiations with a chain in Bangkok called Thai Deeply which specializes in spicy chicken thighs served 27 different ways. Delivery takes about three months to any address worldwide with a mailbox. A gratuity of 27,000 USD is appreciated. Marriage broker services extra.





@porkypine90_261 @feyfayer
I bought these today


I also bought Rice Vinegar and Kikkoman soy sauce. My fear now is how I mix them? I bough dumplings from Taiwan so I’m ready, but unsure how much I add to what? Also which one I use the first or second chili oil?


PS> No luck with Korean products…:cry:


Check the recipe @porkypine90_261 gave :wink:
It’s very easy to mix.

As for the first sauce, it’s Japanese (Momoya), and I see that it gets used for gyoza (potstickers), so I would use that one.

The Lao Gan Ma (old godmother oil) I would use like a condiment, in dishes or on top of rice, vegetables or meat.