The highlight of your day


my highlight was my son came over and spent some time with me.


Enjoying fresh waffles and yummy strawberries, the simple things are the best.


It’s so nice when the family is around you :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@lutra We had strawberries with vanilla ice cream today :grin::yum::yum:
Sooo delicious :shaved_ice::smiley:
Delicious klingt wie die Apfelsorte :laughing:


It is not really a highlight for me
But because I’m actually a funny person And absolutely love to laugh at myself :thinking::laughing:
I cannot withhold this from you…

I dyed my eyebrows for the first time ever :flushed::flushed:
Now I have eyebrows like Theo Weigel…
For those who don’t know him… :scream::scream::scream:

I can not laugh anymore


breathe!! yes, so much better, for past few weeks allergies have done me in! but today I can breathe

finally got to laugh today.


Be kind to yourself and laugh every day!
It’s good for health!


The weather is nice, I am at home with my mom, we are doing good.
What more to ask? That it will last like this a little longer …


The highlight yesterday was having Chinese take away again. It has been months since last had it.
Also watching this:

Highlight from today I’m not sure yet… It’s early afternoon here.


@dudie Thank you, that saved my day! Can I have an apple turnover?


Sorry I ate them all 2 weeks ago but they are really easy to make yourself. I sometimes do that for Christmas, New Year or a birthday when I’m not making cupcakes. Pro’s to making them yourself is that you can eat them when they are still warm. You can reheat store bought ones but those sometimes get too soggy when re heating.


@dudie The problem when making them yourself, you aren’t making only one piece, but there is no one except me that likes them.
We had a McD in our city but it moved, and now they are all near the autobahn, the best diet ever for me since I have no car.


Wouldn’t it be possible to freeze them?


@mirjam_465 I don’t think the crispiness will survive.


Might be. Only one way to find out I guess.
Otherwise, could they survive in the fridge for a night so that you can eat the rest the next day?


Maybe you can freeze them before baking them? We sometimes buy an Apfelstrudel from Lidl and these come prepared but not baked yet. Still tastes good…


I don’t mind too much not having them, there are plenty of other apple pie recipes, where a lot of “helpers” stand in line to finish it. :wink:
There is one recipe especially with a thin dough and a lot of apples and you eat it warm with cream, ice cream, yummy


I would also like a piece :smiley::yum::yum:


ok y’all where do I get the recipe sounds delicious, and bet there is a way to freeze them. that one lady on yt I will check her out today!


Me too! :pie:


Why do most English recipes cook the apples?! I never do that! Am I too lazy?!:see_no_evil: I use this method to make apple turnovers. Usually without the raisins and vanilla extract. And I wet the corners and using a fork and usually to make the sugar stick on top I use a bit of an egg mixture.

And it’s puff pastry, in The Netherlands you buy that in a pack of 10 squares usually.