The highlight of your day


Ooohhh a video :astonished:
And that when I was fighting so hard with the kilos, never mind… Another try next month​:smirk::sunglasses:
I’m just stating that I don’t have a strong will :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


mmmmmmm can smell the cinnamon now!!


I never measure the mixture and really you cannot add too much cinnamon in my opinion.:yum:


I have not made the apple pie in a while, it’s not on the internet. I will need to look up the recipe in the old analog way :wink:

But cinnamon sounds great @dudie cinnamon cream is tasty as well. Or some vanilla in the cream. LOL Who started this?


So I still want a piece, But now a huge piece…
My mouth is watering properly
It’s kind of a little bit mean somehow :laughing::laughing:
I will get over it, Sometime :upside_down_face::joy::joy:
Honestly It’s full a taste bomb :astonished::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Let me offer you some tea with it. :coffee:


Some highlights from today:

  • Went outside for the first time in more then a week or 2.
  • Removed the plastic protective seals of the cupboard doors. It was annoying but also so satisfying if it went off in one piece :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Today’s highlight: Everyone here making this thread lively

Thanks for Tiny Tim I had a good laugh


Laten we thee drinken :star_struck:

Before anyone else comes up with the idea that I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms​:crazy_face::crazy_face:
Withdrawal of sugar :woozy_face:


Dynasty season 3 out soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Auf Deutsch heißt es immer noch Denver-Clan, ist aber das neue)

  • the birds were singing almost the whole day :notes:


Gezellig! :slight_smile:


I suppose you’re not talking about the series from the 1980’s? :thinking:


No, it is some kind of remake or how they call it. It is new (first season started ~1-2 years ago and soon season 3 is out). That is quite cool because I was afraid this show would stop when it is getting really thrilling or maybe very delayed but happily I can watch it in end of May or early June :slight_smile:

It has much glamour and drama in it with the rich daughter of that Denver-Clan father but I like her somehow. She is quite entertaining.


My mom’s favorite series along with Dallas.


ok y’all you have convinced me to bake something. make biscuits or use the ones already made, roll the flour on a floured board, seperate the dough first in about 3 lumps. roll them out one at a time, cut in triangles, add sugar & cinnamon, roll them up.

(the already made biscuits, roll them out one at a time, cut in triangles, add sugar & cinnamon and bake as directed on can)

(now a hint, if you want get those crescent rolls, they do just fine and not such a big mess. )

place rolls on a cookie sheet. sometimes can spread butter on them, bake about 10-15 minutes, just to brown stage. pop them out and you got cinnamon rolls! tasty treat, goes with coffee or tea or milk!

I thought Dallas was good at that time. but I didn’t finish it.


It’s so wonderful :joy:


The thought of the day!!

I know you believe you understand what you think I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant! now I have confused y’all completely!! my highlight of the day!!


Someone who was sad to see smile is so nice :heart:
Sometimes just being there means a lot to some people :blush::heart:


so true gaby


I found my my old jumping rope again so I was like yay let’s start doing that again but they I noticed my stamina is way worse then I thought. Was out of breath within seconds :rofl:

And the kitchen is done except for some minor things. The past few days where so strange with a half teared down kitchen and the yesterday and today the living room was full with boxes, cardboard, plastic, kitchen panels, cupboard doors etc. All furniture was moved to the side or to the backyard. Now the old kitchen is still in the backyard but atleast inside it’s back to normal. Great!