The highlight of your day


Thanks a lot! lol I call them dumplings; but I bought potstickers so I can use the sauce for the potstickers.

They do give measurements on that recipe (I had not look into the whole recipe). Thanks again.

Now, to enjoy my new menu bc I am so sick of chicken since I no longer buy pork, and much less any kind of red meat… That’s my highlight!

@feyfayer @porkypine90_261
I finally felt better today, and got up to steam the potstickers (found out they are from Taiwan) make long story short although the sauce looks exactly like the picture, the taste was so salty it made me sick :joy::joy::joy: I suffer from High blood pressure and salty stuff sends my BP up the roof, and right now (3 am. in the morning) had to get up to drink my BP and migraine pills. Well, lessons learned. I think I added too much of the chili and garlic oil …:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


I spent 2 days helping a friend! Sometimes just being there is a "highlight!"


Not everything went badly today, the top thing is eh…
I have holiday :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What is the holiday?? or just the weekend?


14 days free Ali, where I don’t have to go to work


Excellent!!! I’m so glad for you! What fun things will you do??


Wenn das Wetter gut ist, dann wollen wir zu unseren Inseln (Amrum, Wyk a Föhr) mit dem Fahrrad und diese umradeln :grin:
Ansonsten vielleicht noch in Tierparks
Und noch mehr Zeit mit meinem Pferd verbringen🥰

If the weather is good, we want to cycle to our islands (Amrum, Wyk a Föhr) and go around them :grin:.
Otherwise maybe to zoos
And spend even more time with my horse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aw - I’m a horse girl! So lucky!!! I miss Germany I went in 2018 so beautiful.


Today I’ve visited what I can only describe as a Flower Paradise. It was beautiful, so beautiful. :cherry_blossom: :hibiscus: :heart: :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous! Just breathtaking


I love Blackberries :yum:
Very beautiful pictures :blush:

Where were you in Germany :blush:
My horse is sooo beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was on the river started in Vienna Austria and ended in Amsterdam - 1st time overseas.

Passau was my favorite place but I went to: Cologne, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Heidelberg, Wertheim, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau

I was in Cologne on Palm Sunday and got to go to the BIG Cathedral for Mass it was FREEZING and I’m not Catholic and It was in German but I loved it - boy’s choir and everything.

Post a photo of your beauty! :horse:


Das sind auch alles herrliche Orte
Im Kölner Dom hab ich auch schon meine Nase gesteckt :joy: da war so viel los, das das irgendwie nicht so toll war… Ich mag keine Massen an Menschen und dann wurde der Dom auch noch saniert, aber war trotzdem faszinierend von der Größe

These are all wonderful places too
I’ve also poked my nose into Cologne Cathedral :joy: there was so much going on that it wasn’t that great somehow… I don’t like crowds of people and then the cathedral was also being renovated, but it was still fascinating in terms of size.:sweat_smile:

Ich habe schon einige Bilder von ihr hier reingesetzt, :slight_smile: mache ich noch mehr, werde ich bestimmt bald verflucht von Vikki vielleicht :joy:

I’ve already put some pictures of her in here, :slight_smile: I’ll do more, I’ll probably be cursed by Vikki soon :joy:


Curse me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



What is the beauties name? My friend has a ex-champion jumper - Dewey - and I’m his auntie


This is Sandera, a former trotter :sweat_smile: she knew how to canter rather than trot and was therefore sorted out…
She is now 21 years old and I don’t ride (but would like to start again slowly) so we’ll see what happens :blush:

@kdrama2020ali good Night :slight_smile:


Gute Nacht


Sorry to hear that! Maybe you can use less soy sauce next time or try low-sodium soy sauce :slight_smile:


Oh, so you think it was the soy sauce? Maybe that’s why when they serve the dipping sauce in restaurants, they serve it in a tiny cup, and I did mine in a small bowl…:thinking:

The headache went away so that means the BP went down. Anyway, thanks bc I didn’t think it was the soy sauce, although I always complain about the saltiness soy sauce adds to different dishes I have done before. I’m gonna add less soy sauce next time. Thanks again. Going back to bed.,:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
@feyfayer .
PS. IT was the soy sauce/rice vinegar combination. I made a few more potstickers? and only added the chili/garlic oil, and it was simply delicious and absolutely no saltiness. When it comes to trying new dishes sometimes we need to taste the food first as we add ingredients, instead of adding all the ingredients at once. Lessons learned…:grinning:
Btw, the soy sauce is suppose to be low sodium imagine regular sodium? A time bomb.


Again so beautiful flowers :cherry_blossom::rose::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: